Hope and Concern: Jefferson Bears

Next up in our series is the Jefferson Bears who will be led this year by veteran Rob Beaudrie.

Biggest reason for hope: The Bears return a good amount of production in Malachi Prybil. The all-purpose back will be counted on heavily as the new offensive system is installed. Gabe Hall is a returning starter on the offensive line. Gabe will lean on his experience and serve as the anchor on the line of scrimmage.

Biggest reason for concern: 2023 will be a year of growth and transformation at Jefferson. Head Coach Rob Beaudrie is taking over at the helm and will implement a system not seen in the beaches since… well, never. “Process” and “stay the course” are part of the everyday build and implementation. How quickly the Bears assimilate will determine their success.

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1 thought on “Hope and Concern: Jefferson Bears”

  1. As always, the Bears will have some great skill players this fall. There success will be dependent on how the offensive line plays.

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