FNV Week 1 Video PIcks

Watch as Frank, Gary and Chris talk about the games and make their week 1 picks. Please give Gary some props for battling through. He has been under the weather for a few days. Please excuse the video quality

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12 thoughts on “FNV Week 1 Video PIcks”

    1. “Dave”, we got one wrong. Why didn’t you come on here and tell us about the D1 recruits prior to the game?
      You’re welcome to share your insights on every team we cover and their opponents. Send us an email address and we will send you the zoom invite.

      I assume you are a Canton guy, since this is the first comment you have made. Good luck on your season. You know your team better than we do.

  1. Looks like the YOU TUBE followers are at 357 followers.

    FRIDAY NIGHT VICTORS FANS I think we owe it to the guys to get there likes up to 1000. I believe they get some small amount of money if the likes get that high. It does not cost us any money or subscription fees. To my knowledge it is 100 % free to subscribe. It simply just helps them.

    In addition I will get donations for $1.00 for every like until the goal of 1000 total likes is hit.

    PLAYERS….. get together at each school and get your classmates to get the likes up.

    Let’s make this happen and show our thanks to the guys for spending all this time every week for our enjoyment.

    GARY is even playing sick this week sick this week!


    1. Thank you. I can go deeper here. 68% of the views of our latest video are from nonsubscribers. Currently we have had 295 views. That means 200 people have viewed this video and are not subscribers.

  2. McCabe called Canton “Can’t Win”?!?
    Chill, Mick! Lol. These are high schoolers (even if it is clever and pretty funny).

  3. Airport wins by double digits. Ida wins on the island. SMCC loses. Riverview wins easy. Flat Rock wins a close one. Huron loses. Milan wins. Jefferson loses.

        1. the Class of 92 apparently aren’t big fans of the Falcons, or you are the guy who sat the bench for Sanderson and now fundraise for Jefferson?

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