Friday Night Scores

Please submit MHSAA scores as they happen. We will try and get them posted as they come in.

Airport 31 Carlson 10 F

Bedford 17 Canton 35 F

Milan 7 Lincoln 3 F

Riverview 700 Renaissance 34 F

Whiteford 28 Blissfield 21 F

Summerfield 14 Our Lady of the Lakes 7 F

Ida 41 Grosse Ile 7 Final

49 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. A little info for Jets4Life
    We beat Divine Child in a home and home. They dropped us after beating them 4 times including ending Hutchinson’s hs career.

    Let me repeat: they wouldn’t re up w us.

    We also played Romulus until they weren’t good anymore then we picked up DC.

    We’ve also picked up Monroe who is a decent team and is D1.

    Sorry we thought Renaissance would be tougher considering their schedule.

    Point is, we’ve not ducked schools. We’re not afraid of competition.

    I like the Flat Rock program, Coach Reaume and I know a lot of the players through the years. They’ve all been great and friendly to my kids so I won’t quite get as rude as I’d like but I’ll say this though:

    Your narrative is garbage and simply has no basis in fact. A lot of schools, especially bigger ones, who don’t gain an advantage playing us. Not that can’t beat us or we wouldn’t lose, but beating a D3 school doesn’t help a D1 school does and if they lose to us, it does more harm. A D1 loss could be better for them than a D3 win.

    So look at the scores and see how lopsided it was but that’s more to do w the quality of our teams and not the quality of our opponents.

    1. @GREYBEARD…

      I’m not sure I understand the reference to Flat Rock? Your aim in that comment is to Jets4life who I’m assuming is Airport. FR folks been quiet this year so far.

      FR respects Riverview’s program 💯.

      We have you in our sights this year, and it’s gonna be special when we knock you off this season!

      That’s because your the best on the block at the moment & for awhile now. That’s respect, nothing else. All of HL goal is to knock you off. You make our league better.

      But I think this particular response of yours is with jets4life who doesn’t represent FR to my knowledge.

      FR is focused on GI this week. We don’t have a beef with you until later in the season!

      1. Totally my bad.

        Someone told me a FR fan was going off and I was a bit…overserved as I typed. So I typed with a little mental disconnect. Haha.

        Appreciate the gentle correction and I apologize.

        As far as Airport is concerned, I won’t say too much because Jack Mills is a great kid who is tight w my son and from what I can tell, Nye is a good kid too.

        My sober self is doing a bit better behind the keys right now. Haha. Again, I apologize.

        1. It’s all good GreyBeard….

          Over served and victor replying got us FR folks in hot water last year with the coin toss comments 😂 that was all in good fun but some folks thought we took it to far.

          The beauty is as the league becomes more competitive and each team challenges each other enough all season the better off we are for playoffs.

          Let’s bust each other up all year then root each on after season.

          A little smack talk is part the fun.

          With that being said… FR IS IN THE HOUSE and taking you down this season.!!!!!
          We shall see you mid season !

    2. Well said !!!!
      Riverview is a young team that will have to grow up pretty quick to compete in this league. I can tell you all that we will show up every Friday and compete. Coach Mac will have the boys ready to play. Bring it on Huron league!!!

      Riverview Dad

  2. Chris, who cares about the dispensaries! It’s not 1970. Let people do what they want and mind your own business. It was voted in by the people of Riverview. Like they always say, stick to sports!

    1. Well JJ, do some researc to what marijuana dispensaries do to neighborhoods and usage in schools. I have no problem with marijuana, Use other than I wish they would’ve put the age at 25 because of what studies show in regards to brain development prior to that age.

      1. I can respect that. It’s always been in schools unfortunately along with alcohol. I don’t think it’s leaving anytime soon. Anyway, best blog in the state of Michigan. Always has been

  3. Kinda bummed to see not many people from Milan follow the blog anymore! Seems that since Hines has been gone that the team just don’t get no love!!! So here it is, Great game Big Reds!!! Good luck to you and all of the teams this season!! #Milan #BigRedAlumni #FormerFootballParent

  4. Well it didn’t take long for the snarky comments on who scheduled who in week one. First of all if you are going to play the childish game at least be man or woman enough to attach your name to your post. Please remember what this site is for. The men that run this site put a lot of time and energy in to what is here. High School football is a big part of these young men’s life and they follow this site. They do not to see adults berating what school plays who in what week. With the new playoff qualifying rules, schools are going to start scheduling schools that they think will give them enough bonus points to help them get in with a 5-4 record or in some cases losing records. Hopefully all the blog schools made it through week 1 with no major injuries and let’s get on with week 2.

  5. Except for one long TD run by Carlson in the 2nd quarter, Airport’s defense played really well all night. Airport was able to get a lead and get Carlson out of its comfort zone. And despite the final score Carlson’s defensive front had a solid game, getting good pressure on Nye. Airport’s defense completely stifled Carlson in the second half. Couldn’t ask for a better start to the season. Another huge game on deck next week.

      1. Jets4life I can’t recall them completing a pass off the top of my head. I know they dropped a couple passes and other than that the QB was under pressure all night when he dropped back.

  6. Airport great game.. head coach needs to
    Not run the QB so much late in the game up 2 touchdowns. #7 stud… I’m so proud of these boys!

    1. Riverview had a chance to play brother rice, Catholic central, or De Lasale in their opener. They were scared, so they scheduled a PSL quality game. Shameful!

          1. Airport had Carlson scheduled last December. Riverview had no week 1 game going into the late spring. This is fact. “Mighty” Riverview was contacted by all 3 schools to play and declined. Riverviews coach made it clear they would rather not have a game week 1 then play the big boys. So PSL it was. Riverview was more concerned with the dispensaries then scheduling a competitive game!

        1. I have sources and ears all over the place. Sources from corn fields of Milan to the churches in Monroe to the mansions in Grosse Ile. A great reporter never reveals his sources. Brother rice lost 41-0 to Roseville last night too. Could have been a huge program defining win for the pirates. Instead we got what you saw last night. Just don’t act like a Detroit PSL team was the only school available and that’s why the game was played . Shameful that game was even scheduled.

          As for the Jets. One thing that is clear Carlson is not very good. This isn’t the Carlson teams we are use to seeing. They struggled to complete even screen passes last night. Jets were able to load the box and they had zero fear of Carlson trying to go over the top. Carlson did drop a wide open TD, but their passing game struggled . I am not willing to crown the jets yet. Pass protection was an issue last night. Until I see how they defend a team that can throw, we will have to wait and see.

          As for Airport being a trailer park.. sure in a rural area there are some parks, but there are many nice areas and homes here as well. The one thing we don’t have to worry about and something us Jets take pride in is creating a community that’s safe and sets an example for our kids. Riverview is now the marijuana Mecca of Michigan. Glad our kids don’t have see people lining up at 7:00 am for their fix on gummies and THC oil, and Mary Jane . Riverview has more dispensaries than gas stations. And we’ll all know what happens once the morality of a community goes into decline. There will be a trailer park in the glens park by 2025. The writing is on the wall.

          1. I believe they only approved three marijuana dispensaries in Riverview. With that said, easily, the worst decision ever made by the council of Riverview.

        2. That’s a pretty low cheap shot there (trailer park). Yes, we do have some in our district, as do many districts and that should have nothing to do with this conversation. Many districts also have lower rent multifamily dwellings (apartments) which AP does not. That is all beside the point. I wish everyone could live in a nice home, but that is just not possible is it?
          By the way, have you driven around the Carleton area lately. A lot of beautiful higher end homes popping up. So, shame on you for making a classless comment!
          And whatever school you are a fan of, good luck with the jets this year. If they can play some defense (much improved) they will be a VERY tough out for the rest of the HL.

        3. I could personally careless about this week 1 scheduling talk. Fact of the matter is Riverview is the 3 time defending league champion and hasn’t lost a regular season game in 4 years. Those are some amazing stats. I’m not saying Airport is gonna end the streak but they have a good chance. Airport played great last night and obviously Riverview’s offense was unstoppable last night. The fact the two league favorites play in week 2 should be fun. Looking forward to a great game.

      1. Riverview cannot beat those teams. Airport cannot beat those teams. No one on this blog could beat those teams. When did Airport last beat Riverview? 2012?

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