Games Being Moved Around

Some games have been moved around because of last night’s rains and impending heat and storms tonight.

SMCC game time moves up to 6:30 pm today (Thursday)

***Ida @ GI (Friday) 4:00pm Cause: No Power.

***Venue Change: Bedford vs Canton is now @ Bedford. (Friday) 7:00p

***Venue Change: Airport vs Carlson is now @ Trenton HS (Friday) 7:00p.

***Mason @ Jefferson now being played on Saturday Aug 26, 7:00p.

3 thoughts on “Games Being Moved Around”

  1. Was just coming to say the same. Dudes are on it.
    Kinda glad Airport/Carlson got moved back a day. Keeps everything even for next week’s matchup

  2. See that’s why you guys are the best in the business. I heard heavy storms were supposed to hit Carlson tonight. So I thought maybe they move the game up earlier. Thanks for the update.

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