Monroe Jefferson Bears 2023 Team Preview

There is a new era in the Newport area, as Head Coach Rob Beaudrie takes the reigns of this 2023 Jefferson team. Coach Beaudrie is no stranger to the Huron League, having played and coached in the league previously. He also spent 4 years as the Head Coach of Erie Mason from 2017-2020. The Bears are coming off a 1-8 campaign in 2022. Assistant Coaches: Ken Hall, Noah Beaudrie, Kyle Hall, Cole Jennings, Blake Shipe, Nelly Fernandez, Larry Dorow.

Returning Starters:

Offense: Gabe Hall (OL), Chase Cousino (OL), Daniel Phipps (OL), Malachi Pribyl (RB), Jax Betts (WR), Tyler Vanderpool (WR).

Defense: Gabe Hall (DL), Chase Cousino (DL), Daniel Phipps (DL), Malachi Pribyl (DB), Jax Betts (DB), Tyler Vanderpool (DB).

New comers to look for:

Luke Beaudrie 9 QB – 5’8″ 155lb, Bret Gennoe 9 LB – 6’0″ 175.

Comments from the Coach:

“I may be new to Jefferson, but I am not new to this league. It is very tough, it is an every Friday night fight no matter who plays who. All the coaches are top notch and will have their teams prepared, I am very excited to be back.”

Offense: “Kids have worked very hard in the off season and are settling in with the new system, The kids need continue to learn and execute the plan as we set the foundation for the new culture. We have 4 seniors on the OL, they must excel and that will determine our outcome.”

Defense: “We have a fast defense, very athletic, but we must win in the trenches with our seniors up front to be able to contend in this league.”

“We obviously have a new system in place, patience and commitment is what we are looking for as coaches, but the mentality of these kids is something we can’t put into words. All these kids are sick of losing and that will hopefully push them to a different level of play.”

Coach Beaudrie sees the Riverview Pirates as the favorite until someone knocks them off.

FNV Outlook: The Bears have an interesting roster, as they only have 10 upperclassman of a 31 person roster… 14 of those are freshman. This would seem to be a tough recipe for success in the rugged Huron League, especially in 2023. This will be a complete overhaul from the previous system in place. The QB is asked to do a lot for Coach Beaudrie’s air and ground attack. With a freshman at the helm, young Luke Beaudrie will have to grow up fast. Veteran players such as Hall, Cousino and Pribyl will be counted on as leaders on both sides of the ball. The Bears will lean on their defense to keep them in games early, as the offense catches up. Look for the Jefferson to take strides this season, as they look to the future. I for one, think the future will be something to keep an eye on in Bear Country.

13 thoughts on “Monroe Jefferson Bears 2023 Team Preview”

    1. They have 14 stud freshman. When this group are juniors/seniors, WATCH OUT Huron league. The BEACH RATS WILL BE BACK.

      Remember what Duffey did with his skills positions and how that panned out for him last year and are probably league favorites this year next to Riverview? Airport will be down next year, mark my words.

      Huge numbers in middle school and junior programs(3/4,5/6). The bears will be back in no time AND for a long time.

      You heard it first here, Gary save this comment for 3/4 years please.

      1. Calm down man I was just asking a question. Instead of worrying about upcoming seasons, you need to worry about this season which hasn’t even started yet.

  1. Not knocking on Jefferson as every program is facing low turn-out…but having one team is just crazy. Can’t believe kids do not want to play sports in general but especially high school football. What I would give to have one more game. Just doesn’t make sense to me. Used to be every school had 3 teams with more than enough kids. I just don’t get it

  2. A winning culture will bring out more numbers! It’s been a long time since we have had anything consistent around this football program! I believe we have got the right staff in place! Nothing happens overnight! People obviously will not take us serious! This team might just surprise some people this year! Go Bears!

  3. The Bears will be a sleeper this year and a trap game for a few teams in the Huron league. After moving on from the previous era, the bears our poised for future success.

    This season worst case scenario predictions: 3-6
    Bears beat Mason, GI and melvindale.

    But don’t be surprised if you see this bear team squeaking into the playoffs at 5-4 this year with wins over Mason, Milan, GI, SMCC (yes, you read that right) and melvindale.

    Only time will tell, talk your smack after weeks 1 & 2.

  4. Detroit Beach Rat!

    Hopefully the kids don’t get discouraged. hang in there.. going to be a long season for the bears.. brighter days are ahead.. what happen out there? Why such bad numbers? Are the rats leaving the beaches?

  5. This is the Huron league not the TCC this team won’t win a single game this year.. especially with a freshman at QB in a new system.

  6. Only 31 kids in the program in high school and 14 are freshmen ? WOW…I hope them underclassmen hang in there and more kids come out…Huron League is no joke…that’s an LCAA roster

      1. Detroit Beach Rat 83

        2:27 won’t matter what your name is when you have a running clock put on you every Friday Night. There is more then just Beadrie men.. don’t you mean don’t underestimate the Jefferson TEAM.

        1. Seems like you are doubting the JEFFERSON TEAM. Running clock every Friday night??? I hope you make it off your couch and head to the field this Friday night to see in person your statement is incorrect.

          “Detroit Beach Rat 83” must be apart of the good ole boys club that was ran out of town.

          Bears by 17+, start the season 1-0 and prepare for Milan week 2.

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