Preseason Our Thoughts, Not Yours

Each week, Frank Vajcner and Chris Schultz share their thoughts and some questions regarding each of the MHSAA football teams in the area. Frank is usually pretty serious, Chris not so much.

Airport: Offense fills the seats, defense wins championships

Bedford: Mules will have a lot of new faces on defense, but don’t expect a huge dropoff 

Carlson: The Marauders may start slow, but I’m sure they will get things Wright.

Dundee: I had someone tell me that we were sleeping on QB Ryan Zanger. I told them that I felt he is the best returning QB in the LCAA.

Erie Mason: I expect the Eagle’s tandem of Vaughn Brown and Korbin Herrera to be the most prolific in the area this season.

Flat Rock: On second thought, the Ram’s Graham Junge and either one of his tall athletic receivers; Adam Szalay or Alex Gillum might take issue with my previous statement.

Grosse Ile: The Pizzos’ usually put up good numbers on the island.

Huron: This is as low-key as the Chiefs have been about a season in a long time. Maybe they know something we don’t.

Ida: When your offensive line is a non-negotiable, your team is a contender to win the conference.

Jefferson: Tough to win in the Huron League with underclassmen. Those senior Bears will need to step up.

Milan: I would not be surprised if Bill Gaskell wins the FNV Overall Player of the Year award.

Monroe: Am I crazy to think that the Trojans could possibly flip the script on last year’s 3-6 finish and go 6-3?

Riverview: The Pirates are the three-time defending Huron League Champs until someone knocks them off.

SMCC: I’m not buying the sand bagging over on Elm Street. The Falcons will be tough, their schedule just may be tougher.

Summerfield: The Bulldogs’ will get a lot of production from the law firm of Wadsworth, Gomulinski, and Noland. You can thank me later for that one, Bulldog faithful.

Whiteford: No team from Monroe County has ever gone back-to-back for a state championship in football. Don’t be shocked if Whiteford becomes the first.

Bonus (Frank): This is also my ninth season of officiating. Please remember to treat my brothers in stripes with the utmost respect. We are probably going to make mistakes, but we will always do our jobs to the best of our ability.

Side Question: Please let us know when and where your team is scrimmaging on Thursday. We would like to do a posting of where the teams will be at.

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16 thoughts on “Preseason Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

    1. Flat Rock absolutely dominated Southgate Anderson. One of their receivers is a legit 6’4 and a huge match up problem for anyone. The kid is big, strong, and pretty athletic. I am not sure if the fade is defendable!!

  1. My (PROJECTED) League Champs:

    Downriver League: I think that there are gonna be a few great teams this season. I think the Champion gets a lot of recognition. Who will it be? I know there are a few people saying Woodhaven or Trenton. I’m gonna go with an underdog. Gibraltar Carlson.

    Huron League: Another great League. For once, I’m not gonna pick my Milan Big Reds. I think teams that will be in contention are Airport, Riverview, MAYBE New Boston Huron and MAYBE Flat Rock. I think that Jim Duffys Jets are gonna be fired up. Add a fired up Cooper Nye and I think Airport wins the Huron League over Riverview.

    Lenawee County: I’ve seen a few different teams in the run, but I think in the long run, it comes down to a huge week 9 matchup between Clinton and Hudson. I think Hudson wins that game and the LCAA.

    SEC Red: Not even close. Saline.

    Tri County Conference: Erie Mason and Ottawa Lake Whiteford will be fighting tooth and nail for this one. That matchup comes in week 6. I’d love to see them both win but I think in the end it’s gonna be Whiteford

  2. I think monroe going 6-3 is unlikely, I think 4-5. They have the same exact schedule as last year. I think AA Huron is the only team they’ll beat this year that they didn’t beat last year. Yes, they lost 40-0 but this will be a much different Huron team and not in a good way. If they want to make the playoffs, beating Jackson is crucial. I also think Monroe will be a trap game for Saline with their new Wing T offense. Monroe should be taking notes from Canton and try to imitate their offense ( which is also wing T) as much as possible. Canton has played Saline 5x since 2014, winning 3 of those times, and even in their losses were up by double digits at one point in the game. Of course Canton is Canton and Monroe is Monroe, but if Saline underestimates them and Monroe prepares well, they could stay in the game. But most likely the result will be the same as the last three times: a blowout win by Saline.

      1. Thanks for the correction. Still a run heavy offense (I believe), which I’m a fan of. I hope Monroe can hold their own against good teams this year.

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