Week 1 Our Thoughts, Not Yours

As usual people, these thoughts are from Frank and Chris. Frank is usually serious, Chris not so much. Please have a sense of humor and stop submitting comments to the blog when I make an obvious joke.

Airport: I told you, people.

Bedford: Maybe I shouldn’t have referred to Canton as “Can’t Win”

Carlson: Never easy when the game is expected to be at home and you play elsewhere. With that said, Jets were simply better.

Dundee: Vikings had their chances, but missed conversions bite them in the butt

Erie Mason: Saw that one coming from a mile away.

Flat Rock: The Mighty Rams escaped on Thursday.

Grosse Ile: Too much T for the Red Devils.

Huron: Someone forgot to bring a pillow.

Ida: I said Ida’s offensive line was a non-negotiable. The real test comes in The Woods

Jefferson: I don’t know what to say.

Milan: Huge win for Big Reds, number two coming in week 2.

Monroe: If any team needed a week 1 victory, it was the Trojans. I’m happy for them and their fans.

Riverview: Sounds like the Pirates could have scored a “Hundred Burger”.

SMCC: Not an unexpected result. Rule one when playing them(the visitors on Thursday night); ask for the eligibility list and a roster.

Summerfield: Another year, another Dafoe brother making plays for the Dawgs

Whiteford: Bobcats survived a scare. Were they looking ahead to my Blue Streaks?

Bonus: I can’t recall a Week 1 that was this jacked up by Mother Nature. The Week 2 forecast looks much more like football weather.

5 thoughts on “Week 1 Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. And I told everybody Airport was gonna win by double digits. And you know what? I think they might do it again this week.

  2. Man I feel bad for #6 of the bears… young man is a unit but unfortunately he is on a team with very little varsity experience.

  3. My Week 1 Thoughts:

    Airport- Who knew they had enough power to beat Carlson like they did? Thats huge.

    Bedford- Canton definitely put the Mules to Bed

    Carlson- Not a good game. Bounce back Week 2

    Dundee- The Vikings will be fine. The Huron League in my opinion is gonn be way better than the LCAA

    Erie Mason- Huge week 1 showing by the Eagles, but can they show out like that all season? We’ll see

    Flat Rock- Huge week 1 win for the Rams, I’m sure Chris loves this just as much as I do

    Grosse Ile- Is it an even year?

    Huron- Speechless on this result, Huron should be able to bounce back week 2

    Ida- I’m sure Franks jumping for joy over this result

    Jefferson- Lots of work to do ahead of the Milan game

    Milan- Hey, a wins a win over your bitter rival, whether it be by 1 or 100

    Riverview- Not even close. They should definitely schedule a Downriver League school next season

    SMCC- They don’t look like a normal SMCC team. Who knows what they have planned for the rest of the season

    Summerfield- Good win over the Lakers

    Whiteford- A wins a win


    A few things on my Bonuses

    1. Southgate Andersons message to Trenton was hillarious, for those that don’t know, Trentons new Football stadium says “Wecome to Trenton High School”. Anderson had a banner that said “We come to Trenton to give you the L you’re missing.” Anderson ended up winning by ONE point.

    2. My prayers go out to everybody effected by Thursday nights crazy weather.

    3. Riverview/Airport will most likely tell us who wins the Huron League in Week 2.

  4. There seems to be alot of controversary with Warren Collegiate asking for the game to be delayed to 6:50pm so 2 carloads of players could show up to play the game. Is there a time limit/rule in place? I also noticed Warren Collegiate did not send in a roster?

  5. Excited for the riverview-airport matchup this week. Should be interesting. It’s a lot like OSU-Michigan, until Airport actually knocks them off, hard to think they can. 11 years since they last beat them, and the last Huron League team Jim Duffy needs to beat. Airport is capable, but we will see.

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