Week 2 Scores

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Bedford 24 Skyline 14 final

Milan 29 Jefferson 12 final


Bronson 8 Summerfield 9 final

Whiteford 22 Ida 7 final

Airport 48 Riverview 19 27 final

SMCC 19 Huron 13 final

Flat Rock 35 Grosse Ile 6 final

Dundee 41 Erie Mason 18 final

Carlson 47 Edsel Ford 7 final

Monroe 13 Ann Arbor Huron 25 final

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  1. Congrats to Airport, it looks like the Jets have taken control of this league. Flat Rock will keep it close as they have the best running back in the league in #40 Booms.

    My question for the Friday night games, how did Jefferson get blown out by Mason and then keep it close with Milan without their head coach and defensive coordinator present at the game ?????

      1. I wasn’t at the Riverview game but I watched Booms single handedly score or contribute to every score Flat Rock had versus Grosse Ile. He is quick and strong.

        1. The problem is my 4-year-old daughter can score on Grosse Ile that doesn’t say nothing wait till he comes across a defense that’s actually good

        2. Easy Rammy, FR should have lost to Dundee and just beat a very down GI team.
          They have 6 or 7 turnovers in 2 games.
          That won’t get it done against AP, Riverview. SMCC or Clarenceville.
          They are decent, but sloppy so far.

    1. Milan turned the ball over at least 6 times and had at least 8 to 10 false start penalties. The Jefferson QB is going to be a good ball player. He has a lot of heart! That was a grind out win for Milan. Jefferson kids showed a lot of heart. They never gave up.

  2. Looks like a down Bedford team, beating Skyline by only 10 points, but the score could’ve been significantly different as the mules fumbled at the 5 yard line and gave up a fumble recovery for a touchdown. But Bedford isn’t looking good. Gotta step it up if they don’t want to get embarrassed by Dexter and Saline.

  3. So much talk about the big game last night and deservedly so. But if anyone can put me in touch with the Huron League Bookie that would be great. I been making some serious bank off his ridiculous point spreads for Airport the first two weeks.

      1. I thought it best to let the other teams fans trash talk each other for once and just let the Falcons fly under the radar (pun intended). Yes since you brought it up – a very good win for CC.

      2. Huron got robbed by the refs, 12 players were missing, blah, blah blah.
        Happy now Gary?
        Seriously, it was a real good win for the Falcons.

  4. Yes last night was a great win for Airport but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There is A LOT of football left to be played including another big game vs Flat Rock next week, which will be the first time wey played a good passing offense. Great start to the season but calling this the best Airport team in a couple decades is way premature.

    1. I think this Airport team is better than the last one that won the HL. They were good-don’t get me wrong. But I think this is a special group!

  5. I went back and watched the Whiteford/Ida game.
    Whiteford D pretty much handled the “Non-Negotiable” Ida offensive line as Frank would say.
    They struggled to get 2-3 yards per carry. Just weren’t able to get any forward momentum. I believe Ida had more passing, than rushing yards, which goes against their offensive scheme, and would be surprised if they got 200 yards total. The defense was on their heels all night as Whiteford would regularly churn out 5 to 6+ yards. Turnovers did hurt Ida, but you just can’t do that against a really good Whiteford team.

    1. Young quarterback from ida is going to be a player to watch moving forward. Get him some more experience in big games and he will be a stud

      1. Looks like they had some exchange issues between him and the center at times. He was also under a lot of pressure every time they had to throw. The O line wasn’t blocking well. They will be fine, just need some time and experience. Not many teams fare well against Whiteford.

  6. Big win for the Jets last night. They looked great. Should be a great game with Flat Rock next week. I thought the game was hard to watch with all the penalties that were called. Both teams need to clean that up, but I think they were just competing.

    If you followed the blog at all, I personally picked Airport to win this game, but if you think Riverview, missing Lockhart, Adams, and Thompson didn’t hurt the Pirates then you’re crazy. Riverview has an excellent program and a next man up mentality, but quite frankly, this would’ve been the equivalent of Airport not having Mills and Nowak

    Once again, I picked Airport to win the game, and I have picked them to win the Huron League. Please don’t think I’m making excuses for the Pirates loss I’m just stating facts.

    On another note, fan bases are passionate. But boy, some of the stuff coming out of the stands towards the officials was pretty ridiculous. It’s just a flipping game people. They are human and make mistakes. But some of the stuff I heard is reason we have an officials shortage and we may see Educational Athletics disppear someday.

    1. The only bad part about attending a high school football game is the whiny fans that treat officials like crap. If these guys in the crowd can do a better job they should give officiating a shot. And while we’re on the subject shout-out to Frank. He moves around pretty good for a big guy 😆.

  7. great team win by FR. Brian Booms with 5 rushing touchdowns and was electric all night. Teigan Donovan with 3 sacks and it seemed like he was all over the place on defense.
    Great win, but big game next week!!!

  8. Jets don’t get too high on the win.
    Remember when Huron smoked you last year at your house. Huron could have run it up to 50.

  9. Congrats to Airport. Not taking anything away from them.

    I keeping hearing Riverview had 5 key players out to discipline reasons. Any truth to this?

    1. Story keeps changing. I heard QB out first 4 games and one of the backs hurt this week in practice. So, I don’t believe it was 5 at all.

  10. The jets are very good this year. Before everyone crowns the jets, Remember they have not played a team that can actually throw the ball. This will change next week!

    Airport coming off two emotional wins, no respect for the rams.

    1. I do agree that the Rams can throw the ball and score on the Jets. But, I’d think they have to score in the 50’s to beat them. The Jets offense is gonna put up a ton of points on all the league teams this year. Too many weapons to defend. Great running game and passing game.
      Flat Rock has both going as well, so this is for the all the marbles next week. But, I think Jets by 14.

        1. “We talking about practice”!
          Old Allen Iverson reference for the old folks on here.
          But, seriously I could give a crap less about a scrimmage. That’s like preseason football. I’ve heard so many times about this or that team that looked horrible or good in a scrimmage and then go on to have a totally different season.
          Flat rock has a stud QB and excellent passing game and will hit some big plays for sure. But, it comes down to them stopping jets offense and I just don’t see that happening. Give me the Jets and I’ll lay 21 pts.
          Jets 42, rams 21.

          1. I WILL 100% TAKE THAT BET!

            NAME THE WAGER!



        1. Not a chance Rams get 50!
          They have played GI (which lost by ton to Ida) and put up 21 against Dundee.
          Come on man!
          Jets, beat Carlson and the View.
          Both defending league champions, so big difference in opponents so far.
          Should be a great atmosphere though, with the rams opening game on new field.

  11. Stop the presses!
    Player of the year goes to Jack Mills of Airport!
    No one I have ever seen in the last 40 years, has dominated in the HL on both sides of the ball like this MAN!
    The MAN dominates both sides of the ball.
    Absolutely nothing he can’t do. Effects every single play on offense and defense! Not sure what his exact stats were tonight but 4 TD’s 3 rush and 1 rec, maybe 200-300 yds of offense and probably 20 tackles on the other side of the ball. CRAZY GOOD!

    1. They did not have top 5 out. Were missing a couple like every team typically does. Jets lost their starting center before year started and plugged in a freshman.
      Did not matter one bit if they had couooe of those kids in. Jets are a better team and would absolutely beat them in a rematch.

  12. I’ve been a part of this blog for 8+ years and I can finally say Airport is the real deal this year. I feel comfortable saying they have some real beef on that line! Mix that with a damn good group of skill players that have been together forever and you have one hell of a team! My shootout prediction was a little one sided…

    1. Trollin the troll

      Don’t jump the gun too fast buddy, the View is thin tonight. Starters come back next week and Coach Mac knows he has to put #5 back at the helm. First win in 11 years enjoy while it lasts!

        1. Flat Rock is not that good this year. Airport will runaway with the league after tonight’s win. View won’t lost a game the rest of the regular season.

        1. TrollingtheTrollButNotgettinTrolled

          The top 3 athletes being out 1000% change how the game goes.. If u don’t know football just say that!!

      1. Were all 11 starters out? A couple starters would not have made a difference in that game. Riverview has owned the HL for years so We will enjoy it because it’s obviously a huge win for Airport.

  13. Airport 48 Riverview 19. Mills 4th TD of the game after Nye hit Zajak on a huge pass play. Thank you and good night!!!

    1. Not so fast. Huron is not that good this year. Last week was against a good team. By the way Michigan Collegiate website said they won 68-3 last week. ???

      1. Normally not one to complain but the officials at the airport game seemed lost for both sides. If you are going to call a penalty you should be able to tell the coach which # it was. I’ve never seen so many flags that needed discussion. Not the reason view lost but definitely didn’t help.

  14. AA Huron answers right back after a long kick return to Monroe 45. After five running plays, they score and fail the 2pt.

    Huron 12 Monroe 7, 9:34 left in the 3rd.

  15. Gandara runs back opening kickoff of 2nd half, Monroe leads AA Huron 7-6. A beautiful run and some huge blocks!

  16. Airport 31 View 19 half. Jack Mills best player on the field. Airport winning in the trenches. Riverview fortunate for a blocked punt keeping them in this right now.

  17. Power is out at Summerfield, game is postponed with Summerfield leading 6-0 at halftime. Game will resume tomorrow at 1 pm.

    1. Airport 48 Riverview 19. Mills 4th TD of the game after Nye hit Zajak on a huge pass play. Thank you and good night!!!

  18. FR is sloppy tonight, Grosse Ile forced 2 TOs so far, plus a dropped pick. FR defense is the reason they’re up.

    1. Stop with the foolish talk about starters being out. Every team goes through that. Did not matter who view had on field tonight, they were totally dominated! The T offense could not run anywhere against the defense of AP. Passing (which is not big part of that offense) made couple big plays and a blocked punt got the first TD because they had to go 8 yards.
      This just happens to be the year that AP is just as physical as view and have several good playmakers on the field. I know it’s been 11 years and maybe it goes back to another 11 after this year. But, this is the Jet’s year to run the gauntlet. They are a pretty complete team. The Rams will give them their next toughest test of the year and then the softer schedule rest of year. Good luck to all the teams on the blog the rest of the year and pray for good health for all.

      Jet fan

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