Week 2 Video Picks

Watch as Frank Vajcner, Gary Hauf and Chris Schultz are joined by former Monroe Trojan Head Football Coach Nick Notario as they make their week 2 picks and discuss a few of the week 1 games. We experienced technical difficulties and had to split into two videos

Video 1
Video 2

5 thoughts on “Week 2 Video Picks”

  1. Nicholas Notario

    Thanks again for having me. Sorry about the internet connection. Was all set up upstairs with perfect internet connection until I had a “sudden change” and 2 year old Cam woke up screaming. (It was 9pm and the kid has never stayed up past 7:30). Knowing my opponent (4 year old daughter Marley) if she woke up it was game over for me for picks for the night so I had to move to the basement where obviously connection wasn’t as good.

    My shout out at the end of the video was to all the coaches including assistants around the region. It takes a lot of time and effort to coach and I’ve been there so continue what you’re doing for our youth. Also shout out to your wives. We know it’s not easy in the fall being the wife of a coach.

    Parents enjoy all of jt. It goes by fast.

    Also shoutout to FNV. It’s a great website and atmosphere you’ve created. I love how you let there be some “chippiness” in the chat while keeping the big picture in mind. What a cool thing for high school football.

    Final shoutout is to the region players. Respect the game it doesn’t last forever. Play hard. Play fast. Play physical. Play together. Listen to your coaches. They are there for you no matter what. Respect your opponents. You’re not going to win every game but when you lose you better not like it and you better learn from it. Finally enjoy every second of it and HAVE FUN!

    Thanks again to the crew. Players stay healthy and have a great week 2!

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