Week 2: Our Thoughts, Not Yours

As usual people, these thoughts are from Frank and Chris. Frank is usually serious, Chris not so much, although he has some serious thoughts this week.

Airport looked very very good on Friday night.

Not much to say other than a win is a win.

Carlson looked angry this week.

Nice rebound for the Vikings, and a nice individual breakout performance (more in Player of the Week Nominations)

Just another reason why it was a good move going from the LCAA to the TCC in football.

Booms was booming, but the Rams need to clean things up to beat the big boys

The Red Devils need to find a way to score.

Better focus on the success of the last 13 years or the previous 55 years before that may come back to haunt you.

You can’t win when you turn the ball over five times.

Bears kept that game closer than anyone expected.

The Big Reds are 2-0, but major questions remain.

It appears the River Rats’ turmoil was greatly exaggerated.

Hats off to Coach Mac for being a positive influence on young men. His integrity is to be admired.

If that isn’t the epitome of gutty, gritty, and resilient, I don’t know what is. (Frank)

Two days to get a win, but it still counts.

Bobcat’s defense shored up after a shaky Week 1 performance.

Bonus: How will people handle streaming only college football games? 

Finally, I know it’s been a minute since you have had major success, but fans please lay off the officials, would you?

32 thoughts on “Week 2: Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. Riverview would have won that game easily with everyone playing. Trust me the pirates would of won. Airport is ok. They finally beat us in like 15 years and now they are world beaters..

    1. They beat one of the better programs in the downriver league and another program that should be in the downriver league. It’s a great start!

    2. Hey Jake do you want some cheese with that whine? Those skill guys wouldn’t have done much more when your line didn’t get a push all night. Riverview is a really good program but Airport is just better this year.

  2. This Airport team has a group of young men that have been through it all together in 4 years on varsity. There won’t be any let downs. I’ve always said for many years “where’s the beef” for the offensive and defensive lines. The beef has arrived and it’s grade A beef!!! These boys will win in the trenches of every HL game. Combine the beef with the skilled position players and you have a 2 dimensional weapon for every team you face. Trust me when I say this team is that damn good!! And I’ll be trolling all year long!

    1. I’m gonna stick with being cautiously optimistic for now Troll but I hope you’re right. I wanna see how the Airport defense does against Junge and that FR passing game Friday.

      1. I am very interested to see how the lines match up in the airport/flat rock game.

        I did think the jet line play was much better than riverviews although this may be the smallest Riverview team up front in years.

        Flat rock is very big up front and have arguably their best offensive and defensive lines in decades. If one of the teams can gain an advantage upfront, I think that will bode well in determining who wins the game.

        If there is no advantage upfront, it’s going to come down to the playmakers on both sides of the ball. I would not bet against Jack Mills for Airport, nor Graham Junge from flat rock. It should be a fabulous game.

        1. Chris I’ve heard good things about FR up front. It should be a good matchup in the trenches. Looking forward to a great game on Friday night.

  3. I’d like to see Airport and Riverview play again in the first round of playoffs just to settle the debate about a couple kids missing from Riverview.

    1. Having Max Lockhart, Ian Adams and Louie Thompson, the score may have been a bit closer, but the ultimate outcome would not. Riverview lost in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Only 1 starter returned from O line, #72 Gavin Labadie and 2 from D line, #72 and #67 Brayden Evans a Sophomore. The lines are young, inexperienced and smaller. This year’s Airport is just better. No excuses. All great runs come to an end.
      I say this all as a Riverview fan.

      1. Very classy Swampfox.
        I too agree with that assessment. Was disappointed to know that they had those boys out that game because I’d want to see our opponents at their best.
        I just think this is the year the jets break the streak and win it all.
        It’s will come back to View in no time at all I’m sure.
        Good luck the rest of the year and knock off some of those downriver League teams in the playoffs.

        Jet fan

  4. My Thoughts:

    Allen Park seems to be the underdog of the Downriver League
    What a good win by Carlson
    Anderson fell off a bit but they should be okay
    Trenton with a huge statement win
    Woodhaven should be okay, but they have a huge matchup next Week against Allen Park
    Roosevelt looked good this Week
    Airport is definitely in the running for the Huron League
    Flat Rock is in the running for the Huron League as well
    Airport and Flat Rock should definitely be Game of The Week
    Grosse Ile has a lot of work to do
    SMCC with a huge comeback win over Huron
    The Chiefs are a surprise 0-2 team
    Jefferson tried to beat Milan but Milan was too tough
    Milan is an underdog, but can they beat Airport, Flat Rock or Riverview?
    Can Riverview bounce back against
    Dundee gave a statement win over Erie Mason
    Ida took a leap backwards but I think they will be fine after next Weeks game with Clinton
    What happens in Monroe stays in Monroe
    Bedford didn’t blow out Skyline like they should have but a wins a win
    Erie Mason took a huge step back last week
    Whiteford is showing that they’re a contender
    Summerfield with a 1 point win, a wins a win

  5. My concern is the Jets are on cloud nine and if you don’t come to play every week you can can get beat. This Flat Rock team is much better than people realize. The QB is legit and they are well coached. I saw them play in a scrimmage. Airport needs to not be driking the rat tail oil and I think we will be ok. But if they do, it could be a long night. Going to be a great game in Flat Rock in Friday.

    1. Jets are on cloud 9 but they will take care of business. These kids have grown together over the last 4 years-been through it all together. They’re a tight, tough, and talented group. I’ve always said in the past “where’s the beef” in Carleton because there were some smaller sized lineman for many years. Not anymore! They will beat anyone in the HL in the trenches!

  6. Excuses from Quarry

    How does Riverview normally win games? By being physical up front and winning the line of scrimmage. Just so happens the other night Airport gets the better of them on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Every starter on Riverview’s offensive and defensive lines played. So enough with the excuses! But now I’m sure the Riverview faithful will tell us they were missing half the starters in the trenches.

  7. How many starters were out for Riverview last Friday, and was it due to discipline?
    I just hear a lot of rumors and wondered if that is what happened?
    Taking nothing from a great Jets win, they played a great game and appear to be the team to beat in the Huron league this year for sure!

    1. These comments are so strange. Why would a child’s discipline between him/her and their coach/school be anyone’s business? Child doesn’t play in a football game for any number of reasons, end of story. Who cares why?

      1. I agree, doesn’t matter why any kid missed action. I wish I wouldn’t have put that in the comments when I originally asked.

        We play airport this week and I was just trying to determine if Riverview was at full strength when they played Airport and typed away. I have now heard at least 3 of there top players were out.

        I wish I would have worded that differently.

  8. I feel like the only question that remains for the big reds is how many points on average they will win by this year.

    1. Welcome back Milan step Dad!

      Missed you after the beginning of last season when you took a little break.

      I’m glad your back in action!

      Let’s goooo!

  9. Another week another big game coming up for Airport. Playing the best passing offense they will probably see in the regular season should be a good challenge for the Airport defense.

  10. Once again, a great week on the blog.
    Thanks for all you guys do.
    Can’t wait for the FR vs Airport game.
    I have seen both of Airports games, and they will be a force to be reconed with.
    It sounds like FR can put points on the board. If the Rams defense steps up, it should be one heckuva game.

      1. This will be a great game! If Rams can win the line of scrimmage they have a shot. If they don’t do that, then I think Jets win by 2 scores. Great athletes on both sides of the ball for each team this week.
        The 2 best QB’s in the league scaring off.
        2 of the top RB’s as well. Then you add all the playmakers at wideouts!
        Oh, and should have great football weather on a brand new turf field. Wow, getting excited for this one!
        Good luck to both schools and pray that they all stay healthy.

        Jets fan

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