Week 3 Picks

Frank Vajcner, Gary Hauf and Chris Schultz are joined by former Dundee and Airport AD Tom Oestrike for this weeks MHSAA picks.

Season Record (Last weeks record)

Frank: 14-5 (6-3)

Chris: 16-4 (7-3)

Gary: 13-7 (6-4)

Nick Notario (Guest Picker 9-1)

Carlson 1-1 @ Taylor 0-2

Frank: Trade Center 38 Swift 13

Chris: Carlson 40 Taylor 12

Gary: Carlson 42 Taylor 10

Tom: Carlson 41    Taylor 21

Clinton 1-1 @ Ida 1-1

Frank: The Alma Mater 31 George Clinton 28

Chris: Clinton 22 Ida 20

Gary: Clinton 24 Ida 18

Tom:  Ida 22.   Clinton 21

Blissfield 1-1 @ Dundee 1-1

Frank: Social House 103 28 Hathaway House 24

Chris: Blissfield 21 Dundee 20

Gary: Blissfield 28 Dundee 25

Tom:Dundee 28   Blissfield 24

Erie Mason 1-1 @ Northwood 0-3

Frank: Frog Leg Inn 38 North Pole 20

Chris: Erie Mason 28 Northwood 14

Gary: Erie Mason 34 Northwood 12

Tom: Erie Mason 38 Northwood 28

Whiteford 2-0 @ Ottawa Hills 3-0

Frank: Michael Geiger High 35 A White Ford Bronco 30

Chris: Whiteford 30 Ottawa Hills 28

Gary: Whiteford 26 Ottawa Hills 22

Tom:  Ottawa Hills 35 Whiteford 27

Springport 0-2 @ Summerfield 2-0

Frank: Summertime 38 Spring Forward 20

Chris: Summerfield 26 Springport 6

Gary: Summerfield 22 Springport 6

Tom:  Summerfield 30 Springport 8 

Bedford 1-1 @ Dexter 0-2

Frank: Dexter’s Laboratory 27 Bedford Falls 21

Chris: Dexter 28 Bedford 14

Gary: Dexter 32 Bedford 20

Tom:  Dexter 17 Bedford 14 

Lincoln 0-2 @ Monroe 1-1

Frank: Shocks & Struts 48 Lincoln Logs 7

Chris: Monroe 34 Lincoln 12

Gary: Monroe 50 Lincoln 0

Tom:   Monroe 34.  Lincoln 10

Huron 0-2 @ Milan 2-0

Frank: Chase Molnar High 28 Dragway 21

Chris: Huron 21 Milan 20

Gary: Huron 28 Milan 7

Tom:  Huron 19 Milan 13

Riverview 1-1 @ Jefferson 0-2

Frank: Lloyd Carr High 48 Verna’s Tavern 14

Chris: Riverview 40 Jefferson 6

Gary: Riverview 50 Jefferson 0

Tom: Riverview 42 Jefferson 6

Grosse Ile 0-2 @ SMCC 1-1

Frank: Ray Lauwers High 42 Tyler Swick High 14

Chris: SMCC 26 Grosse Ile 6

Gary: SMCC 28 Grosse Ile 14

Tom: SMCC 28   GI 6

REMAX Masters Game of the Week

Airport 2-0 @ Flat Rock 2-0

Frank: Airport 1975 31 Speedway 28

Chris: Airport 28 Flat Rock 27

Gary: Flat Rock 39 Airport 37

Tom: Flat Rock 48 Airport 47 

44 thoughts on “Week 3 Picks”

  1. I’d just like to say, I’m thoroughly enjoying Franks nicknames for the schools. Trade Center and Swift sent me. 😂😂😂

  2. Over confident airport will drop this game .
    The excuses will start flowing .
    Booms will run step to step with mills .
    Passing will eat airport tonight.

  3. Huron League Bookie

    For the REMAX Masters Game of the Week the Huron League Bookie will be offering a special over/under play for the game. o/u is set at 50.5 for Flat Rock vs Airport

  4. Huron League Bookie

    Huron League Spreads

    Airport -6.5 vs Flat Rock
    Huron -4.5 vs Milan
    Riverview -34.5 vs Jefferson
    SMCC -16.5 vs Grosse Ile

      1. 42-35 Airport is my prediction in the game of the week.

        Flat Rock will outcoach them on special teams and score on a fake punt or kick return. Buck has always been good for something tricky in the kicking games. The rest of their scores are in the passing game because Airports DC, Coach Anderson will shut down the Rams running attack. Coach Anderson would be a shoe in for assistant coach of the year last year and this year based on how much he has changed Airports defense.

        After this game, Airport just has to stay healthy the rest of the season and prepare to play Tecumseh or Adrian week 10.

        1. The defense is good because they have some dudes on that side of the ball this year. Sorry but not much to do with Anderson.

          1. Yes Airport has the players, but I wouldnt take away from the staff.
            The motto has been and always will be(especially if you are a parent) players win and coaches lose, but the staff at Airport has done a great job early on.

          2. Good point Gary, that has always been the parent credo, “When we win, it’s the players fault. When we lose, it’s the coaches fault”. Is it a rule, no. However, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that from a parent, I would be retired by now. I hear at my school and I hear it at the grocery store when someone who follows the blog recognizes me they want to talk. It’s not a dig at parents, its just human nature.

          3. All I’m saying is it’s easier to look good as a coach when you have the studs to coach. And of course it’s always the coaches fault when a team loses. That’s the world we live in nowadays. It’s nothing to do with execution and all to do with the little Johnny’s playing time. “We lost because they didn’t give my kid the ball enough”. Ha!! The world of entitlement in youth sports and varsity sports can be unreal at times. I do think the Airport staff is doing a great job. I’m not trying to take anything away from them. They’re also doing a great job at the lower levels and the junior Jets program. It’s kind of unbelievable if you think of the turnaround of the football program since Duffey took over.

          4. Airport is much better these days because of the enrollment. something like 2700 kids. They have passed Huron and are only 100 or so less than Riverview. With that many kids any of us should be good. The small schools that win is definitely credit to the coaches. All of us know, talent makes a coach look good. Airport now has talent with the increased enrollment. They should be good with many years to come.

    1. Airport vs FR rivalry is alive
      You guys probably should not have put “T.O. “
      “ Tommy O”
      in that situation..
      Any other week but Air vs FR
      Give him FR vs Jefferson and see what he says or vs GI or Airport vs anyone else..
      He was at Airport but we always felt he was a Dundee / FR dude at heart .. that’s what he compared us to…we own Dundee and FR… he was a very good HS player at FR but at Airport the guy was out of place….
      Could you see a Duffy at FR?
      GO JETS!!

      1. I hope Chris brings T.O. back on as a guest picker in the future. Coach O has been an AD in the area for awhile, a Head Coach in football, an assistant coach in other sports, and helped Coach Macelvany turn around Dundee back in 2015. Not to mention he had a nice high school career. Sour grapes from the folks in Carleton and some in Flat Rock apparently.

        Chris, Gary, Frank, LOVE the idea of a guest picker every week. Coach Notario was awesome as well.

        I would love to see Coach Redmond, Coach Giarmo, or even my boy Coach Sikora come on the show! thanks for all yall do

        1. LOVE the guest picker each week. Yes. it would be great to see some more former coaches in the region like Redmond, Walentoski, Sikora, etc. Even some former legends like Tracy Richardson, Dave Steffen, Stergalas. Keep doing what you do guys.

          1. We got a good one lined up for this week as well. Harvard grad at that.
            Many people use his website throughout the season…

            Stay tuned.

  5. Monroe and Lincoln will probably be closer than the picks. Yeah Lincoln lost to AA pioneer, but the pioneers are much much better than last year. Lincoln’s offense is struggling, but their defense is solid. Nevertheless, I think Monroe will win. It just won’t be as easy as they think.

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