Week 3 Scores

Please submit scores at the quarters and half. We will get them posted ASAP

Carlson 0 Taylor 0

Clinton 40 Ida 21 final

Blissfield 33 Dundee 30 final

Erie Mason 18 Northwood 42 final

Whiteford 26 Ottawa Hills 21 final

Springport 2 Summerfield 27 final

Bedford 0 Dexter 44 final

Lincoln 0 Monroe 9 final

Huron 20 Milan 17 final

Riverview 56 Jefferson 16 final

Grosse Ile 21 SMCC 20 final

Airport 21 Flat Rock 33 final

84 thoughts on “Week 3 Scores”

  1. Coach Duffy, Coach Anderson, make some adjustments, flat rock did and started scoring at Will. Don’t run the same offensive play other coach Duffy 99% of the game switch it up you have other players. Airport Defense ramp up. You can’t take a running back like booms down just by hitting him you had him stopped in the backfield 20 times and he got out Because no one wrapped up. Airport coaches you’re in that position for a reason be smart don’t be dumb down by 6/4 th quarter 14 th and long after running three of the same plays up the middle you try for a pass play and your quarterback throws it to a guy being defended downfield instead of throwing it to the opposite side of the field where the guys wide-open WTH.

    Coach, Derek Anderson if you’re gonna be the defensive coordinator, make sure you cover all the receivers. When there’s trips right or trips left and you have two defensive backs covering the three guys do you think somebody’s going to be open? You need to trust your linebackers and not play Mills as a third linebacker move him over to cover one of the receivers. You made no adjustments to cost the kids the game flat rocks is Good but not better than airport. Bad coaching decisions bad quarterback decisions and running Mills up the middle the whole second half and getting away from our first quarter game plan cost us the game.

    1. Mills at corner? So have him be the running back and then chase receivers all over the field all night? Do you know exhausting that would be?

      I’m guessing the “spread” the ball around to others are the dad’s of the kids who can’t get open or don’t get the ball.

      Reminder… these are kids… not college and pro players. In 3 months all of their careers will be done . Easy on the criticism.

    2. From what I heard, FR took over the game with their physicality in the 2nd half. Is that a fair assessment?

      …. And if you reply, please watch the criticism, we allow “some” towards the coaches but it has to be constructed properly. Nobody wants to win more than the coaching staffs. Trust me.

      1. Great football game. Two great QBs on display tonight.
        FR had the ball most of the second half.
        Keeping the ball out of their hands is the best defense I know of.
        Airport got worn down and beat up the second half.
        FR the better team,

      2. The way it looked to us, airport came out from half time flat. I could tell who fr was passing to, they were doing a little dance.

    3. It’s high school football. It was a great game. If they would have converted on that 4th down you would have been praising the coaches.

      I just wish these two teams could play each other again.

    4. I get the emotions of winning and losing and personally love competition.

      When things don’t go right in competition you can see folks true colors…

      Quit ripping on your coaches publicly….

      Last week you guys had your team going to the final four and a better program and coaches getting high (well deserved) praise for having youth programs and developing the program to where it is.

      Airport starts out beating two tough teams including Riverview who is the top trophy in the league for years and after 1 loss you turn on them.

      Maybe you should write a book on fan etiquette next. If you think your comments on any way shape or form helps “The Team” your nuts….

      Airport is good football team, all coaches put in major time to have them as a good football team.

      Then the appreciation they get is some know it alls “opinion” with out a proven track record ripping them publicly.

      Based off your poor decisions to turn on your coaches publicly I can’t imagine anyone could trust any of your advice/opinions on any subject has any validity.

      1. Very well said.
        Look, Airport is going to go 8-1, host some playoff games and make a deep run in a very weak Div 4.
        Then the coaches will be geniuses again.
        Flat Rock is a better team. Period
        Get on with your life and enjoy watching the kids play.

        1. Very weak D4?

          First couple games might be of the easier variety. Depends on if Divine Child is in the same district. But not matter what, the Regional and semi will be very tough.

    5. Another arm chair coach.
      Got a lot of that out in Carleton.
      You’re going to go 8-1
      You get beat by a better team
      Just stop.

  2. Has anybody thought that maybe this is one of the best airport teams ever, they just ran into literally the best flat rock team ever? Junge is a once in every 25 year generational talent. If you smirk at this comment, wait till you play him. This rams team is by far has the biggest lines and talented that they have ever had on both sides of the ball.

    The rams use to have to depend on some razzle dazzle trickery, but have you noticed they don’t use any of that anymore, because they don’t need too! They play clean, well coached, and coach reaume has these kids believing!

    Coach reaume has done a great job and has a tough job, not many school of choice kids, small pool of athletes because of the size of flat rock and they have to compete with Woodhaven and Carlson facility wise and geographically. They are probably next to Allen park the top team downriver with around 500 students.

    Hats off to coach reaume and the rams.

    They are like the 1999 St. Louis rams, the greatest show on turf. He threw for I would say around 400 yards. If not 400 close.

    Airport destroyed both Carlson and Riverview Upfront. Airport won’t see an offense like that again this year.

    Airport is a great team, and so are the rams, a few different plays and that game could have gone a different way. But last night the rams were the better team for 3 quarters and that won them the game.

        1. I mean Hines was a better runner and athlete, but not a better QB. That’s the only one I can think of that would even be in the conversation.

          1. Milan’s QB in 2, Preston Thompson, Cooper nye, and Gavin muzzy just a couple names who were just as good….

      1. Man you’re crazy that kid has talent and knows how to win. You sound jealous you probably stunk it up in high school or never played the game

  3. I’m blaming the loss on the coaches…Ha! Totally kidding! We were just talking about that yesterday. Now everyone comes on here blaming Airports coaches. Ironic…

    1. Difference in the game:
      1) Only having 2 defenders covering trips formation…and never adjusting for the entire game. Ok! All those coaches on the field, iPad instant playback in hand. No adjustment. What where they all looking at?
      2) play calling after 1st quarter was all about being safe and not trying to loose instead of blow them out calls.

  4. Just a reminder to some of the other Airport people on here that jumped the gun by comparing this team to some of the top Airport teams of the past after 1 or 2 games. Now one loss doesn’t kill the season, this team can still have a really good year but now you can pump the brakes a little bit.

  5. JC, Grosse Ile STC

    MCC wouldn’t change the scoreboard after the game, pretty sad. Refs tried to give CC the game all night, even in the waning seconds of the 4th quarter. Our boys fought hard all night and earned a victory against the 16 MCC players on the field. Grosse Ile could roll a few wins off, maybe even knock off Airport on the way to the playoffs.

    Took down one former coach tonight in Geiger at MCC, Anderson will be next!

    1. GI played well. Symons and Pizzo are good football players. Not sure why the score keeper kept it 14-14. I sit next to him. It was nothing nefarious, I promise you that.

      1. Well said. Why do people always look to be offended? Even with a victory in hand? I don’t get it. Loser mentality.

        Pizzo had his name announced 1000 times last night. Good player. Congrats to him. He made the difference in the ball game on both sides.

  6. What was very impressive was there wasn’t a person in that stadium at the 6 min mark in the first quarter who didn’t think airport will be up 28-0 at halftime.. it just seemed like that kind of game.

    However, the flat rock kids just fought back and gained confidence. Airport converted a 3rd and 31 and I thought that was it. Then the rams clawed back and before you know it, it’s tied. Then the lead… if flat rock would t have fumbled on the 1 yard line, would have been a worse final score.

    That have suck a potent offense and so many weapons. It’s not just one kid, so many plays made by so many different kids.

    Hats off to flat rock coaching staff. After the first quarter they were unstoppable on offense. And the D did their thing!

    1. I was one of those jet fans and you are correct.
      We didn’t covert on that 4th and 2 at rams 30 or it may have been 21-0 and a different outcome. From that point on, rams were very tough. Really good athletes and playmakers all over the field for both teams.
      Rams do have lots of weapons as you said, and so does Airport. But, there was one big difference in this game that you did not mention. Rams won because Junge has a lot of time to scan the field and hit his weapons.
      Only one reason he can do that and it’s because rams O-line was fantastic! Not taking anything away from him, he’s a stud for sure. But, O-Line sure makes it easier on him. Then they same can be said about the Defensive line. It is always won or lost in the trenches and Rams were just that good tonight in that department. This team can make some noise for sure in the playoffs too. Should be able to host couple home games.
      Good luck rest of year and congrats on a great 3 qtrs of football.
      Jest will rebound and still go on to win rest of games and see what happens in the playoffs.

      Jet Fan

      1. The line played great.. but the scheme to roll him out helps buy him time and he is so athletic he doesn’t lose much accuracy at all when he throws on the run. Last year junge proved he was the real deal! Flat rock is just a good, balanced, tough team!

  7. Crazy how you don’t see all of those airport fans talking about how flat rock “isn’t as good as last year” and that they “have no chance”, too much cockiness can ruin big things

    1. Flat Rock was better team tonight. So congrats to them. But, let’s be clear about something. Both fan bases talk smack on here about each other, so try to win with class or karma could get ya.
      But, again congrats and huge win for the rams.

  8. No need to use these kids names. Nye played a great game, threw some dimes particularly in the first half. as a defender he made some great plays early in the game. Good football player and I’ve heard from insiders a even better kid!

    1. Hey , people got to see 2 real good QBs tonight. Enjoy it, they played their guts out.
      Flat Rock just a better team.
      Airport got worn down their D was on the field almost the entire second half .
      It was a great game to watch.

  9. As an Airport alum I’m embarrassed. Going for it on 4th and 2 from your own 28 with all 3 TO’s down 6 and 9 left…and that play call…not good. Credit to flat rock. They got punched in the mouth early and didn’t flinch. Flat rock has better athletes and a better staff.

    1. I’m a Flat Rock fan thought the same thing at least hand it off to Mills for 2 yards or use your qb to run but should of punted it

  10. Flat Rock defense adjustments in the 2nd half and kept the ball almost the entire 3rd quarter = good game for Flat Rock. Much respect.

  11. Airport should be pretty quiet on here tonight. I’m sure they’ll find a reason to give Gary grief for his flat rock pick. Lol.

  12. Ida scores again, trails Clinton 24 to 21 with about 8 minutes to go in Q4.

    Then Clinton gets an 80+ yard TD run, to make it 32 to 21 with 7 minutes to go in Q4.

    1. Oh EM, I knew it wouldn’t be long buddy. Get them boys back workin and ready to tie for the league!! View will take care of FR to go back to back to back to back💯

      1. I was driving home, you think I’m about to get a text and drive ticket you’re crazy. Like I said I’m always on here win or lose. I win with class and lose with class and Flat Rock was the better team tonight plain and simple. They pretty much took control of the game in the 2nd quarter and made the halftime adjustments. Junge was as good as advertised and his weapons are outstanding. They have all the tools to make a nice playoff run.

          1. I would agree with that Chris. Biggest play of the game was probably Nye getting stopped just short on 4th down when Airport was looking to go up 21-0. That point on Flat Rock took control. Again hats off to the Rams.

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