Week 4 MHSAA Scores

Please submit your scores. We will get them posted during the evening.

Skyline 0 Monroe 58 final

Hudson 22 Ida 10 Final

Dundee 41 Onsted 14 Final

Saline 48 Bedford 0 Final

Ottawa Hills 54 Erie Mason 16 Final

Edon 18 Whiteford 58 Final

West Unity Hilltop 0 Summerfield 35 Final

Wyandotte 7 Carlson 55 Final

Jefferson 0 Flat Rock 56 Final

Airport 41 SMCC 23 Final

Riverview 49 Huron 21 Final

Milan 34 Grosse Ile 0 Final

75 thoughts on “Week 4 MHSAA Scores”

  1. wait airport seriously planted the flag at the middle of Navarre last night? That seriously happened? Airport has 2 wins against CC since 2012, and no disrespect to CC, they have beaten the two worst CC teams since 2012. What a joke. Can’t believe the coaches allow for that bs to take place. Talk about embarrassing, especially coming off of last weeks let down. It’s not like they just beat the 2014 CC team, or any other CC team for that matter. Embarrassing

    1. Personally I wouldn’t have approved but calm down they didn’t throw a litter of puppies into Lake Erie. Calm down SMCC Alum…..I mean Airport Alum.

      1. That post actually came from an email address that has been used as an Airport supporter in the past. And nobody would know that but us.

        Do people post under fake titles, yes, but doubtful in this case.

        I’d say half see it as ok, kids being kids, and the other half see it as embarrassing.

  2. I’ve had to delete comments quite a bit this morning. You can’t be so direct in accusing teams of cheap shots or depicting coaches of acting like babies. Take another approach. I’m just not going to post that stuff. It may be true, but it may also be one man’s observation.

    1. It’s Freedom of speech.
      Come on now.
      If you let 82-0 through and the
      Stfu. That’s worse than any comment. Plus Chris defended the guy. A reply to that is only fair.

  3. Hey Gary the circus didn’t come to town but I was curious if you got the tail number of that Jet that mowed down Navarre field last night. And before any thinks I’m rubbing it in Gary knows what he said lol.

    1. The extreme majority of HS football programs wouldn’t even consider planting a flag in the middle of an opposing team’s field. It’s disrespectful in nature. A move Coach Redmond would certainly be embarrassed by. When you throw in the team’s record at that field over the years, it moves from disrespect, to what should be embarrassment.

      Airport players “tried” to plant the flag at the 50 yard line of Navarre Field. Maybe they should have tried the 12 yard line. Which would represent the amount of total wins they have in the series.

        1. Probably not one of my better moments.

          On the game, Mills and Nye showed why Chris and I picked them as our FNV POY candidates, prior to the year starting. Both are excellent players and performed as such.

      1. The young men were excited.
        I’m sure Duffy set them straight. He has Smcc ties.

        The tide is turning. Not good schools and private schools are shrinking quickly. Especially if the private school is struggling. Sorry to say.
        I am involved at a not so good school and it shrinks every year.

        1. I’ll take SMCC the next 7 years…. Great 2 year run airport in winning nothing! Most likely not even a playoff game…enjoy the big victory…

          1. Yep next year SMCC will be the more experienced team, so we’ll see what happens. As far as the game goes 1st quarter Airport looked like the less experienced team with the fumble on the kickoff and the personal foul that led to CC’s first TD. Biggest key to the game like you guys said on the radio was the Airport INT with CC driving then Mills big run that led to the big pass play TD to give Airport a 10 point lead at the break, definitely a momentum killer for a young CC squad. Airport then imposed their will in the second half. Correct if I’m wrong I believe they scored TDs on 6 straight drives. Anyway nice win for Airport and SMCC will be fine down the road with all the young talent.

      2. Great response by Gary, but I don’t have any issue with Airport doing that. Of course, I don’t think I would let my program do that, but we haven’t won many games since we started the program.

      1. I agree Gary, here is where Dundee’s problem has always been as one of the biggest schools in the LCAA and is now the biggest. I have been supporting the Vikings for awhile now since Coach Mcelvany took over years ago then Coach Ayre done a nice job picking up where he left off. Unless they schedule tough non-league, they are always going to have to fight for anywhere between 6-8 wins a year to make the playoffs. Yes they did schedule Flat Rock this year so kudos to them but with Flat Rock being the same division size, it doesn’t help them a ton. They really need to schedule one bigger school to help their cause in my non expert opinion.

        Dundee still has to play:
        Madison (home) which will be a rout for the Vikings

        AT Clinton, loss

        Hillsdale (home), toss up but I will chalk it up as a win since Dundee is at home

        AT Hudson, loss

        Ida (home), my heart says win but my brain says Ida always finds another gear at the end of the season

        I hope the Vikings make it in but I don’t see how they can at 5-4. Surely not at 4-5. While Mason is a good rivalry game for them, the current playoff system does not benefit Dundee by playing them. If they scheduled someone like Milan or Tecumseh because my father who works in the school system has told me Dundee could very well be closer to 600 students within 6-10 years as more businesses move in and subdivisions pop up. Dundee is already the biggest school in the LCAA, its time to step up to the plate. Go Vikings~

  4. Confused by Jefferson Coach. Kept going for it on 4th down in his own end down 40. Not sure of the strategy behind that. Felt bad for there QB he took a beating.

  5. 4:41 3Q – Milan 34, GI 0

    Braeden Gotts scores on a 1 yd run, XP blocked by Grosse Ile.

    Lukas Linzell scored the TD that put Milan up 28-0, a rushing TD.

        1. Not measuring on turf.
          That’s ridiculous.
          College does it and pros do it.
          If coach requests it, they should do it.
          Only takes a few minutes.

          1. A little more at stake with college and pro football. What was the score when they decided not to measure? Would it have impacted the game? For years I’ve seen officials on turf fields eye it up. it’s very simple. And most coaches know what the answer is anyway. If they insist on it , most times are just trying to slow down the game.

          2. score was 0-0. 5 minutes left in first quarter and it would have given Jefferson ball at FR 40. So yes they should have given them a measurement. Blaming refs is a loser mentality but I would say coaches had every reason to complain about that one. Of course every call against Jefferson after that made the fans lose their minds.

    1. Are you kidding me. Coach Reaume is the worst sportsman ever. Tonight will be remembered when we get better and your bad again.
      Up 35 to 0, continuing to pass like crazy, calls time outs with less than a minute before half to try and score 1 more time even though it’s 35 to 0.
      Passes 3 straight times. Finally we intercepted it. Ridiculous.

      I think he put in second string in 4th quarter.

      Jefferson coach was upset because there was 2 bad calls right in front of our bench.
      No measuring on a close 4th down call really got it going.
      Not sure what that was about.
      Just measure the damn thing already.

      Coach Reaume is far from a sportsman. Ask the refs.
      He has a history.

      Good luck to your team. They are pretty good this year. Probably be good no matter who is coaching. Definitely have some talent.

      1. It’s called a full game for a reason…you don’t like what the other coach is doing….stop it. Don’t complain about it. He has things he needs to work on as well…yes an Onside up 5 scores may be one thing, but it is a facet of the game, that in a closer game or playoff time they will need to have used in game situation…last time i checked the kids on Flat rock team practice everyday as well…

        And since you so graciously put it “when we get better and you are bad again” remember years ago the coin was flipped and flat rock couldn’t stop Jefferson..guess the shoe is on the other foot for the foreseeable future.

      2. Buddy Coach Rob Beaudrie made it personal at the beginning of the season when he said there are two Huron League games they can win, against Flat Rock and SMCC. He also made it personal when he said Flat Rock’s all tricks. He made it personal when they cheap-shotted Graham. After that, it was all gas, no breaks. Let’s avoid making it personal next time.

        1. I can’t imagine coach Beaudrie said Flat Rock was a win at the beginning of the year. As far as the late hit on your quarterback, again I dont believe he’s coaching that or encouraged it. It was definitely a late hit and I’m sure your coach has no problem with his guys getting an unsportmanship penalty for sticking up for him. If it make you feel better puffing out your chest beating an undermanned Jefferson Team go ahead and party. Glad this game featuring the best team in the league beating one of the bottom team has so much attention. But I love it. Pride come before the fall.

          1. When your team leads the league in unsportsmanlike penalties, you’re coach isn’t doing enough to discourage it.

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