Week 5 Scores

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Madison 28 Dundee 48 Final

Bedford 14 Pioneer 20 Final

Grosse Ile 6 Airport 44 Final

Ida 28 Hillsdale 6 Final

Summerfield 16 Erie Mason 40 Final

Huron 49 Jefferson 20 Final

Monroe 35 Saline 42 Final

SMCC 14 Milan 7 Final

Sand Creek 8 Whiteford 48 Final

Anderson 7 Carlson 43 Final

Flat Rock 34 Riverview 36 Final

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  1. TheTrollThatTrollsAllTrolls

    Everyone talking about riverview losing to airport and having a close game with flat rock wait until next year when there whole teams back and better and every other team loses there seniors. This is airports year to win the leugue and they couldn’t even do it lol. Flat rock loses a lot of key players too who does riverview lose next year that hurts them? Bucs will indeed still be on top.

    1. Lockhart, Labadie, Singleton, Anderson. Dibrano could also be included, but there’s Lucas Thompson at qb who’s going to be very similar, who started last year. Dibrano is outstanding in coverage. I believe they’ll be a very good team next year. A decent number of sophomores playing right now on this team. The main offensive component, the backs all return except for Lockhart. This week should be Lockhart’s first game back since the game one injury. It took a few games for it to come together with this young team, but they seem to have things rolling.

  2. Just watched the view vs flat rock game. What a game. Fun to watch. Play of the game. BOOM. Literally carried 4 or 5 defenders on his back wrapped around his legs and his sides. If you have not seen this play try to watch it. Amazing. Huron league has had competitive games to watch with so many talented players. From Cooper Nye hurdling players, Boom strength carrying teams into the in zone , and Flatrock QB , Junge with his precision throws. So many names can go on the list throughout the league, not just the three way tie teams. Let’s cheer on our Huron league and enjoy the rest of the season.

  3. After watching the Riverview V FR game, i wanna give my honest opinion. The Rams need to wake up when it comes to the first half, i truly believe if they played in the 1st half how they do in the second, the game would have been theirs, and all other games wouldn’t be nearly as close as they were. I also believe the refs made a terrible call when the rams fumbled after the onside recovery, though that alone did not make the rams lose. They lost that game themselves. If they dont get their act together in the 1st half they wont be going very far in playoffs. And to all of the riverview fans, the league is currently at a 3 way tie so dont go saying you “own” the league, you barely beat FR after being up 22-0 haflway into the 2nd qtr, you lost badly to Airport so lets stop with all of the “we’re the best talk”

    1. View does own the league

      On track for a possible 3 peat and how many league game win streak until this season?

      Not even a fan but it’s just reality

      1. N/A. 70% of the teams in the Huron league are terrible. The league is weak. We ho B cares if you win a league title. It’s garbage football.

      2. Let’s clear the air for Riverview.
        You have NOT provide to be a power football school. Just stop. Your not! Sorry. Last few year you’ve had some above par team in the huron league. And div 4.
        Based on the last 30 years.
        1990 to 2000. 64-35
        2001 to 2010. 49-49.
        2010 to 2020. 63-39

        All time wins loses with some area teams.
        Riverview vs SMCC. 16 to 36.

        Riverview vs Trenton 11 to 15. So just stop about beating Trenton last year. Trenton would have beat you guys in the ground like a tent stake. Just stop with the bull.

        Riverview vs Allen Park. 1 vs 11.
        One win in 12 games. Lmao.

        So just stop about being a power house football program.
        You doing have one State Title.
        I doing think you have any state titles in any sport. I could be wrong on that one.

        Huron league Alum

        1. I was at the Trenton game last year. I disagree. Last years Riverview team would have won that league. That’s funny, you find two programs with a winning record against Riverview and you think you have something. They’re a good program, just accept it. Downriver, they are a powerhouse. 2 state titles and two state runner up in program history. For downriver where a lot of these schools have never even been regional champs, that’s good. Highest winning percentage here in 73 years is Allen Park at .668, Riverview second highest at .667.

  4. I have an idea for all the irrelevant Huron league teams. Final game of regular season The View vs a Huron league all star team. You will have 7 teams to pick from and we will still destroy you

    1. Dude you guys almost lost to FR if the Rams wouldn’t of fumbled and got drilled by Airport and now you guys are a dynasty team congrats on being in a 3 way tie in the Huron league

      1. If Flat Rock didn’t get every break under the sun and help of the officials, they would have never been within 3 td’s.

  5. I have an idea for all the irrelevant Huron league teams. Final game of regular season The View vs a Huron league all star team. You will have 7 teams to pick from and we will still destroy you.. directive U-verse, everyone in the bott
    The View vs everyone,

  6. Huron League Enrollment and Divions

    Riverview – 859 Students: D3
    Airport – 778 Students: D4
    Huron – 812 Students: D4
    Jefferson – 494 Studnets: D5
    Flat Rock – 470 Students: D5
    Milan – 611 Students: D5
    Grosse Ile – 522 Students: D5
    SMCC – 339 Students: D7

    Riverview really should be in the downriver league both size wise and geographically. They are surrouned by the downriver league. Trenton and Carlson to their south, Allen Park, southgate, Wyandotte to their north, Woodhaven and taylor to their west. Imagine them playing Allen Park, Carlson, Woodhaven, and even Trenton on a year basis.

    1. I would like to see Dundee in the Huron League. They are a very good football team, that runs an office from this century.

  7. Thetrollofalltrolls

    flat rock had 2 fumbles that they called incompletions, Riverview also had to errors with onside kicks Riverview should have blown flat rock out should have never been close, but with 3/4 of the players back bucs are hotter than ever and when the 4th key player is back in they are UNSTOPPABLE!! GO BUCS!

      1. when the receiver runs 5 steps with the ball and then gets hit and drops the ball that’s a fumble not a incompletion not how it works

    1. Just stop.
      View got beat by a Div 4 team, got lucky against a Div 5 team, the rest of the league is just plain not good.
      So stop it.
      You make yourself look classless.

      1. We could have of beaten Flat Rock by 3 TDS we didn’t get lucky and we would beat Airport by a lot we back to full strength now. Go Bucs 2023 Huron League Champs

  8. I’m kinda excited to see the Monroe/Riverview matchup this year. I think this is one of Monroe’s better teams in a long time. And those boys are BIG!!!

    1. I wouldn’t say better. A Coach that the kids will play hard for and they finally came to their senses and changed the offense back to what it used to be before they put that spread in.

  9. Not sure why Downriver rat boy keeps calling me out but you wanna talk let’s talk. I could see your point if Airport squeaked out a 1 point win but here are the facts: Airport led 48-19 when they pulled the starters early 4th quarter, they could’ve put up 60 if they wanted. Airport didn’t win the line of scrimmage, they dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides. And who’s crying? You been crying for 3 full weeks now. You lost to a better team, get over it. Just be glad you guys are D3 otherwise a playoff rematch would be a repeat. Also looks like you caught a break with your daddy Allen Park in D2. You need to lay off that Riverview weed a little bit.

    1. Helps when 4 key starters are out, not to mention the best player on each side of the ball out and the official extend drives all game with phantom penalties. Airport is a good team, better team imo. enjoy it till next year when they’ll be toast. Those guys out there playing will all be back next year.

    2. Helps when 4 key starters are out, not to mention the best player on each side of the ball out and the official extend drives all game with phantom penalties. Airport is a good team, better team imo. enjoy it till next year when they’ll be toast. Those guys out there playing will all be back next year.

    3. Trailer trash EM I Don t think you really understand football. With that being said I think both teams full strength would be a good game. Home field goes a long way as well. But enjoy this year because it will b a long time b4 airport bests Riverview again. Next year at the view spreads already 4 touchdowns

      1. @downriverrat you want to put your money where your mouth is? I’ll take Airport +28 for any amount your willing to put up.

  10. A lot of football is matchups. Airport defensive front is built more for a team like Riverview than a team like flat rock.

    Flat rock didn’t run the ball with alot of success against airport. The Dline isn’t pass rushers, it’s run stoppers.

    Key to stopping Riverview is Dline run stoppers, it’s obvious that they were stronger upfront defensively than flat rock. With that being said, flat rock scored 33 points vs Airport vs 34 points vs Riverview.

    I feel cheated by the football god that we didnt get to see how the game would have ended had flat rock not fumbled with the ball on first down from their own 40 with 2 mins left.

    1. That’s spot on. I said that before the game when I saw the film of FR that Airport had the stronger line. IMO the better team won last night because FR was gifted numerous times in that second half. FR took a giant swing in the second half and nearly every bounce and penalty went their way and Riverview still won. FR is not built to handle that running attack. Another thing is the speed of the Riverview secondary. In the first half, that coverage was right there.

      1. Riverview was clearly the better team but one play kind of stands out and it could have really changed the game. It was on flat rocks first drive, junge threw a beautiful 40 yard pass and the receiver caught it but lost possession when he hit the ground. They called it incomplete instead of a fumble caused by the ground. No clue what it was or wasn’t, not saying it was a catch, but had he been able to hold on That would have put them on the 10 on their first drive. Just flat rock getting on the board in the first would have been huge.

          1. When you play a good passing team that runs the same offense everybody else does, it’s critical to lay wood early and often in the secondary. Every chance you get basically.

          2. I never really saw “fear from flat rock” .. more perseverance and dog fight.

            I did see #5 wif on the Long td play pass to #14 on flat rock when he brown a tackle and took it to the house.

    2. Anonymous
      You are correct. Only real football people understand that.
      Sit down riverview.
      Airport beat you guys. Stop with the bull. This guy that guy didn’t play.
      That’s part of the game. You need backups.

      Huron league alum.

  11. Riverview essentially plays in league made mostly of D5 schools. In some sports it doesn’t matter, but football it does.

      1. I think the point is… Riverview is about 350+ students bigger than most of the teams they play. That’s access to another 175 boys, that their opponents don’t have. Let’s say only my 10% of them plays football that an extra 16 players, If just 5% are of those boys are good plays and athletes, that’s 8 good athletes additionally. I’m sorry but how big your school is matters.

        1. If not for school or choice kids, Riverview’s enrollment would be similar to Flat Rock. They really can’t help or predict what they’ll have each year. I’ve seen times where Jefferson and Airport were the two largest schools in the league. You don’t leave a conference you’ve been in for 43 years over a few hundred student change. Numbers aren’t everything, if they were schools like Taylor wouldn’t be the perennial underachievers they are. Riverview has a solid tradition with many coaches around who wore the uniform. People who played in the system come back and raise their kids there. The jr. Football program is a good one. They care more about football in Riverview than they do most places.

          1. The problem Riverview might face this year is having to go on the road the first week of the playoffs, even though they are 8 and 1. That’s where the enrollment disparity might continue to bite them. Meanwhile, you have SMCC who might host a playoff game with a 3 and 6 record.

  12. Just when I thought Airport fans were crazy with their comments about their coaches for losing a game, Flat Rock you never disappoint between your comments on coaching, officials, etc. More conspiracy theories then a JFK YouTube documentary, don’t go changing!

    I can’t believe it is week 6 already!

  13. I understand what people are saying about airport beating a not “100%” riverview team but I do have to say there has been many times that teams have played games without their top player/players. It’s football. Athletes get injured and that is all part of the game and why scheming is so important in football. At the end of the day a loss is a loss and a win is a win. Also some days teams just come to play and are more ready than other days. But this does not take away the fact that airport beat riverview. You can’t go back and see what would happen if they rematched. We can all agree riverview is a good football team, airport is a good football team, and flat rock is a good football team. All teams will probably make a good run in the playoffs and show that the Huron League is legit and has great athletes.

    1. I agree, two completely different type of teams. I’ve been at both games. Airport doesn’t have the athletes in the secondary to stop FR passing attack, Riverview does. On the other hand, Airport is a better team at the line of scrimmage than FR and Riverview. I don’t believe anything Riverview had could have overcome that officiating that night and with everybody in there, they lose by maybe one score, but it would be a much closer game, I still don’t think it’s enough. All three teams are good teams, no doubt. There’s a reason the transitive property doesn’t work in football, because it boils down to numerous individual match ups. Junge threw many good passes into great coverage that first half that were defended very well by Riverview. It wasn’t a matter of Junge not playing well, it was a matter of the speed in the Riverview secondary was faster than the FR receivers. At the line, FR was manhandled.

      1. Chris Schultz burner account

        This idea that Riverview d line dominated Flat Rock offensive line is silly. Would love to know the stats for Booms because he literally couldn’t be stopped. It’s only reason why FR was still in the game 2nd half. Booms had 2-3 TDs too. He ran well in Airport game as well.

        1. Flat Rock offensive line wasn’t the problem. Their QB had time to throw all night, problem was there were not many plays where receivers got open. Booms had success running all night. Should have committed to the run more in the first few drives. The Flat Rock defensive line got dominated all night. They made no adjustments other than having their line grub which just took them out of the play with no success.

  14. Hats off to Monroe. They lost, but hung with one of the very best teams in D1. Saline hasn’t allowed more than 25 points in game before this. I thought Monroe’s offense would struggle, but they rolled against a very good defense. They really wanted it tonight. More impressive than bedford’s win last year imo. Wish they hadn’t gone for it on their own 15 yard line though. Gave Saline excellent field position, which they scored quick.

  15. I told you Riverview is the best team with all their players . I told you they will run the table in the Huron league.. They best Airport easily if their players all played. Riverview is the best team in the Huron league. I told you.

      1. They don’t if Riverview has all four starters in that were missing. Airport beat them with their best offensive and defensive players not even playing. Could airport have beat Riverview without their top two players? It’s not the same team.

      2. Downrivertraphouse

        Tell any story you want to make your self sleep tonight. Airport is not that good. Flatrock is a lil better. But the view owns this league. And EM cry’s every year with out and valid reasons just that the jets are the best. Get over it and go to bed. You have been traped

          1. The trailer park Jets will not beat Riverview with both teams at full strength .. Riverview owns the league and owns Airport. Riverview will beat Airport by 3 scores. I hope they both make the playoffs so I can say I told you so to the trailer park Jets.

      1. IDK man, Riverview wins playoff games. Do some research. FR not so much. Leave the league if you cant handle playing Riverview, they’re not going anywhere

          1. Downrivertraphouse

            Bring it the trap works against downriver teams as well. Tho I would be interested in allen park there the best downriver team

      2. Like that state semifinal run in D4 last year right? Huron League has been home for 43 years. Over that time, the school has been as low as 600 and as high as 900. Jefferson used to have a much larger enrollment. Carlson fled because they got tired of never winning everything, fled to the mega and the worst division in hs football history just to make the playoffs for the first time in school history.

    1. Troll. Just stop Dude. You guys almost lost to Flatrock. Lol. You won’t win one playoff game.
      Besides Riverview and Flat rock the huron league is terrible.

      Huron league alum.

    1. Riverview should have won bye 2 scores… Flatrocks offense looked stagnit at best all game. The pirates made some mistakes and kept them in the game. But at full strength pirates own the huron league EM. Just a river rats opinion not yours

      1. If Flat Rock didn’t fumble on the first play after recovering the onside kick they would’ve won that game. They had all the momentum in the 4th quarter.

        1. Downrivertraphouse

          Flatrock had 5 first downs all game. Their offense struggled. Their 2 best kids made the mistake when they Mia qued and fumbled. Had nothing to do with refs. Airport and Flatrock will not ever win the huron league. This year was their best shot. Next year both teams will lose bye 30 next year against the view.

          1. Fyi quarterback and running back ..the 2 best players for Flatrock ( the 2 that fumbled the ball with game on the line) they are seniors. Flatrock will lose bye 3 scores next year. Riverview mearly loses no 1

          2. FR jv is 5-0 and manhandled Airport and Riverview, do I wouldn’t say they won’t be pretty good for the next few years anyway.

        2. And if my aunt had a penis she would be my uncle. You wanna throw out what if’s…ok what if the refs actually called FR for lining up off side 3/4 of the game…what if they would of thrown flags on the late hits in the 4th…what if they called FR QB for a false start every time he rocked backwards? So you see what if’s dont win the game. RV cane out and punched them in the mouth and FR did a good clawing back but RV was just better.

          1. Help from the officials. They did call the QB for rocking twice right after they called an incomplete pass after a 30 yard completion they called incomplete. If they call that complete which it was FR scores on the opening drive and the entire game is different. I give Riverview tons of credit. They play hard and hit hard but if it’s true that the head official is a Riverview school Employee that explains the no measure. Also, the fumble from the QB after the onside kick was recovered by the JUNIOR QB with his knees on the ground before 4 Riverview kids jumped on him and took the ball. Like I said I give the Riverview kids a ton of credit and the Flat Rock kids too for coming back but that’s pretty shady to have a school EE ref a game.

      2. Please don’t cheapen a great game.
        FR made mistakes and kept the View in the game too.
        Also, is it true that the head referee was a Riverview employee?
        Kids played their asses off on both teams.
        Don’t spin it any other way.

  16. Beautiful onside bounced all around but Saline ends up with it on the bottom of the pile. Final – Saline 42 Monroe 35… Trojans left it all on the field, super proud of the team tonight!!

  17. 4:28 to go Carr throws a 15 yd TD after Monroe sacks him at the 30 but got called for personal foul. Saline now up 41-28. Tough call at this point.

    1. 28-21 Saline over Monroe at the half. Monroe will get the ball to start 2nd half. Saline offense looks unstoppable, we will see…

    1. Adams and Pinkava 160 yard’s each, Booms 134 yard’s. Can’t people talk about the good things that happened and quit crying about the what ifs.

  18. So here’s one for you. 4 minutes left in first quarter. Jets blocked 2 punts for 9 points. 5 offensive plays for 14 more points. 23-0 with 4 minutes left in 1st quarter vs Grosse Ile

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