Week 6 Picks

Frank Vajcner, Gary Hauf and Chris Schultz Make their MHSAA picks for week 6 along with guest picker and sports writer Doug Donnelly. Check out below to see how well our experts are doing this season.

Season Record (Last weeks record)

Frank: 38-14 (8-2)

Chris: 46-9 (11-0)

Gary: 42-13 (9-2)

Dundee 3-2 @ Clinton 5-0

Frank: George Clinton 42 Social House 103 14

Chris: Clinton 40 Dundee 21

Gary: Clinton 44 Dundee 28

Doug: Clinton 50 Dundee 12

Whiteford 5-0 @ Erie Mason 2-3

Frank: A White Ford Bronco 48 Frog Leg Inn 20

Chris: Whiteford 46 Erie Mason 14

Gary: Whiteford 50 Erie Mason 14

Doug: Whiteford 49 Erie Mason 10

Jefferson 0-5 @ Grosse Ile 1-4

Frank: Lonnie Pugh High 28 Verna’s Tavern 20

Chris: Grosse Ile 21 Jefferson 20

Gary: Grosse Ile 28 Jefferson 14

Doug: Grosse Ile 30 Jefferson 22

Ida 2-3 @ Onsted 1-4

Frank: The Alma Mater 45 Austin Davis High 20

Chris: Ida 32 Onsted 12

Gary: Ida 36 Onsted 14

Doug: Ida 28 Onsted 14

Summerfield 4-1 @ Sand Creek 1-4

Frank: Summertime 28 Pound Sand 20

Chris: Sand Creek 22 Summerfield 21

Gary: Summerfield 20 Sand Creek 18

Doug: Sand Creek 34 Summerfield 14

Flat Rock 4-1 @ Milan 3-2

Frank: Speedway 38 Dragway 14

Chris: Flat Rock 28 Milan 12

Gary: Flat Rock 41 Milan 13

Doug Flat Rock 28 Milan 7

Lincoln 1-4 @ Bedford 1-4

Frank: Bedford Falls 14 Lincoln Logs 6

Chris: Bedford 10 Lincoln 6

Gary: Lincoln 3 Bedford 0

Doug: Lincoln 14 Bedford 13

Riverview 4-1 @ SMCC 2-3

Frank: Lloyd Carr High 35 Ray Lauwers High 14

Chris: Riverview 40 SMCC 20

Gary: Riverview 35 SMCC 21

Doug Riverview 35 SMCC 16

Airport 4-1 @ Huron 2-3

Frank: Airport 1975 34 Huron River 26

Chris: Airport 34 Huron 14

Gary: Airport 45 Huron 13

Doug: Airport 42 Huron 6

Pioneer 2-3 @ Monroe 3-2

Frank: Shocks & Struts 28 Bob Seger High 14

Chris: Monroe 24 Pioneer 14

Gary: Monroe 21 Pioneer 18

Doug: Monroe 32 Pioneer 26

REMAX MASTERS Game of the Week

Carlson 4-1 @ Trenton 4-1

Frank: Rock of Gibraltar 35 Engine Plant 24

Chris: Carlson 28 Trenton 24

Gary: Carlson 30 Trenton 28

Doug: Carlson 44 Trenton 28

14 thoughts on “Week 6 Picks”

  1. I miss GreyBeard. He had a lot of class. Not sure what the hell happened with the rest of the Riverview people. Lose a game and get all butt hurt about life.

  2. Haven’t heard a peep all week from Huron Dad, he was chirping about Airport a few weeks ago. You can come out of hiding. We are all friends here. I’m sure if Huron pulls the upset tonight the entire city of New Boston will come out of hiding like after last year’s game.

    1. In fairness EM, Huron and all of New Boston hasn’t had much reason to hide over the last decade. They have qualified for the playoffs 7 times and advanced to the D3 semi-finals during that time frame. They have also won 3 straight against the Jets and 8 of 10. Does most everyone expect the Jets to win tonight? Of course. Also, for the record I believe Huron Dad is a ficticious name used by someone from another school.

      1. You’re not wrong Chris, Huron has had its best run in school history the last decade or so. I just remember last year I made a comment before the game “Airport should win because they appear to be the better team” or something to that effect. Nobody argued pregame. After the game they all came out of the woodwork and torched me lol.

    2. Are you guys going to plant your airport flag on the 50 yard line tonight? I hope not, Huron has a nice field.. Win with class airport.

        1. You can do anything if you want to, like dominate the Huron league .That’s why I said Huron has a nice field. Duh.!!!
          You must have missed our victory over number one Flat Rock last week.
          Sorry SMCC your next.

          Go Bucs

      1. I didn’t agree with the flag plant but definitely didn’t lose sleep over it. And if you guys get upset by SMCC tonight are you only gonna talk about the injured kids that didn’t play? Lose with class Riverview.

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