FNV Week 9 Scores

SMCC 28 Country Day 27 final ot

Crestwood 6 Airport 35 final

Whiteford 43 Summerfield 0 final

Huron 29 Henry Ford 8 final

Erie Mason 14 Sand Creek 36 final

Clarenceville 26 Flat Rock 61 final

Lincoln Park 13 Carlson 45 final

Jefferson 40 Melvindale 36 final

St Francis 11 Bedford 28 final

Skyline 19 Milan 49 final

Riverview 27 Monroe 14 final

Grosse Ile 14 Romulus 30 final

Ida 14 Dundee 7 final

80 thoughts on “FNV Week 9 Scores”

    1. I see it like this in D3…

      (4-5) River Rouge @ (7-2) Southgate Anderson
      (5-4) Trenton @ (8-1) Riverview

      Other district:
      (4-5) King @ (6-3) Grosse Pte North
      (4-5) Warren Fitzgerald @ (6-3) Redford Thurston

      1. They try to keep the top point getters in each region in separate districts . However geography also plays a roll. The top ponts getters are

        Parma western

        Parma is literally so far from everyone else they have to go north. They want Riverview and southgate to be in different districts for the seeding. So the top seed is a reward. Normally that’s true, rouge and king play very difficult schedules.

        Either Riverview or southgate will have to go north.

        1. They don’t even know which team is which. They are just dots on a map. They don’t look at top point getters whatsoever.

          Geography and ease of travel are the only 2 factors.

          In other words, you could have the 2 best teams in the state in the same district. It’s happened before and will happen again.

          1. This is true. Last 5 years the winner of the River Rouge v King game went to Ford Field and they played eachother in first or second round each year.

        2. Anonymous 10:22 am, Where did you hear that? It may have changed underneath Will at the MHSAA, but under Nate it was all about geography. I full expect Southgate, Trenton and Riverview in the same district. From there, who knows?

          1. The seeding. When a district has conflicted geography, points and seeding are taken into consideration when determining matchups. When a team has to be geographically removed from a closer district. The southgate, Trenton , Riverview, rouge, king , is conflicted because Parma western has nowhere to go. So once of those teams has to be geographical displaced. Southgate #1 seed going north to play a lower 4 seed.

          2. Where have you heard that? Certainly not from the MHSAA. Coaches Association Member? Usually the most uninformed people around. Sorry, but that is usually the case. I have literally left meetings with Mark Uyl and the MHSAA outlining something regarding football and received phone calls with minutes from MHSFCA members giving me the scoop and it is wrong. I will stand corrected if Trenton, Riverview and Southgate aren’t in the same district.

  1. Ok Gary Playoff Guru,
    Big win for our Falcons today!!!! Who do you think we will be paired up with now that most of the games have been played?

    1. We will go west or north.

      We should open at home vs Detroit Central or Manchester.

      Hard telling what the MHSAA will do.

      We will find out tomorrow at 6p.

  2. Football Maniac, just checking in. You’ve been noticeably quiet on the blog since October 12th.

    “Also be happy that your falcons will get into the playoffs at 3-6 after losing to Jefferson and country day.” -Oct 12, 2023 9:56AM

    1. It was not a good night for SMCC’s kickers as I am sure you figured this out later. Sometimes a kicker has an off night. I would bet Coach Kipf has both of his kickers working hard this week to correct what went wrong.

      What a great game! Hats off to both teams!

  3. I’m guessing Airport will be the 2 seed in their district and host Adrian next week while top seed Chelsea hosts Tecumseh, unless Huron gets in they could end up in Airport’s district. Huron is currently #33 in D4. Gary would a SMCC win tomorrow put Huron in?

    1. I see it this way… wasn’t expecting it but with Vicksburg in and North Branch out… Airport likely shakes out with something crazy:

      #1 Airport hosts #4 Detroit East English
      #2 Redford Union hosts #3 Dearborn Divine Child

      I see the other district in the region as

      #1 Chelsea hosts #4 Vicksburg
      #2 Adrian hosts #3 Tecumseh

      1. That would be an interesting scenario PICK EM. Gary did mention Airport could end up west or north. Can’t wait to see how it plays out. I would prefer Airport being a top seed in a district but I think they can compete with these teams home or away.

        1. I would have given Airport the edge over Chelsea but that win over Dexter is really something. That game is probably a coin flip now.

          1. Trenton is not that good and the gave Chelsea everything they could handle. Trenton lost a lot of close games minus Allen Park, but Chelsea should have dominated.

            Airport can beat Chelsea by 2 scores.

    2. Airport is the #1 seed and will play techumceh. Chelsea will play Adrain.

      Riverview will be the 2 seed and open with Trenton then play I assume rouge . Rouge opens with southgate. Mason and walled lake western are in the other district. Brutal path for Riverview.

      Flat rock will play milan then winner of summit and Romulus

  4. Anyone complaining about Riverview or cc being in the league is soft. I can see an argument for riverview leaving. But I’m not saying they should. Stop complaining about who is in this league. Riverview and cc are two of the better programs and they’re vastly different schools. Oh well. Just shut up and let the kids play football! Nobody cares for your excuses as to why your team is losing or winning. It’s ridiculous.

    1. There is nothing wrong with the league.
      CC and riverview are great for this league.

      Huron alum class of 81
      I’m ready for wrestling. Season to start

    2. The thing with Riverview is enrollment is expected to drop. The usable part of the city is only 3 square miles and 40 percent of the school is school of choice, otherwise they’d be d5 or 6. It wouldn’t make any sense to join some league with all d1 and 2 schools and end up d5 or 6. The Huron League has always fluctuated with years where Jefferson, Huron, Airport being the biggest school. Jefferson, Airport, Huron, I’d expect those schools to grow because there is land in those areas to be developed. Even Grosse Ile has a better chance of growth than Riverview because that Island is much bigger than Riverview. Riverview is at its all time high when it comes to the amount of students they have. It’s not really the norm and probably won’t stay that way.

  5. Great night for the Huron League! Grosse Ile played hard for a half but injuries piled up. SMCC has their hands full tomorrow. MSMCC vs. DCD should not be a blow out although I would say DCD has the edge as the home team. I do have young family on the SMCC squad who have said that Country Day has an offensive lineman and wide receiver with multiple D1 offers which will test the young Falcons. They have been improving every week which a credit to their staff and those kids who didn’t give up.

    My prediction:
    SMCC 21, DCD 20

    Congratulations to all of the Huron League teams who were successful tonight! Five or Six teams making the playoffs again is impressive

  6. A big shout out to all the Riverview fans. Your team is ranked 19th in your division at 7-1 in the state going into the final week. Smcc is ranked 8th in their division at 4-4. It’s time you guys moved on to a league with schools your size where you will be mediocre every year let Erie Mason into the Huron League

    1. If you, or the View, isn’t happy with the 19th ranking…then the team can prove it wrong on the field come next week. Routing for ya. Win the D3 state championship, in fact, and prove the point system is wrong.

        1. “Bringing down bigger schools”…again…you’re highlighting not being happy with how many points you earn from beating SMCC….meaning you want to play bigger schools and win and earn more points. Thus, have a higher ranking come playoff time. We can round and round but it all boils down to the same thing….next week…if you really want to prove you deserve a higher ranking then beat a team with a higher ranking…and lastly…come next week, I’m routing for ya…

    2. Don't u dare let Gary let this not be seen on here its as truthful as it gets

      Riverview has about 850 kids or so, they’re not huge…I’m an 07 airport grad, we played d3 at over 1000 kids and were close to d4 territory at the time…also leagues been built this way forever, cc, FR Jefferson GI are small and everyone else is just a tad bigger…doesn’t matter…same schools for the most part for a long time…and a lot of teams have had runs…from what I know…Jefferson was the 90s and Milan wasn’t in the league yet but we all hardly beat em ever, airport was 00-04, cc was was 05-10, Milan had a run then Huron then riverview then u have years where GI and FR do well…can’t complain about size it’s so dumb…u have kids who just happen to have some classes who come together at the right time then some other ones at another school a year later…only thing u can gauge as facts is consistency, cc has it, airport HAD it when I played for about 15 straight playoff years, jeffersons had it…and on and on…in the end every single one of our teams hits a wall vs a school of choice or private school and get trounced by 30 plus nowadays, cc and d8 schools excluded they just dont get the same type of ordeal, but it is how it works…u play in the Huron league, beat Carlson and Trenton in the playoffs, next thing u know u got mark dell (future NFL player) in man coverage and lose by 40, not all schools get the same chance

    3. If anyone should leave the HL it’s SMCC. They are the outlier, not everyone else. I don’t think they should though because it’s so much fun listening to their fans freak out every time they don’t have a shot to win they league. Kinda seems like the program has fallen off a cliff since Giarmo left. Don’t see you guys being on top anytime soon. Even with the help of the lord and your tuition money.

      1. I’m not sure SMCC fans are complaining they aren’t “winning the league”. Sure, winning the league is a bonus when it happens, but isn’t the real objective winning at Ford Field? Most emotionally mature people recognize getting to Ford Field is the goal.

        1. Getting to the playoffs is the first step in getting to FF

          Playing a D7 school doesn’t help acquire playoff points for the rest of the HL schools

          CC benefits

          In 3-5 years there will be 5-6 schools in the area playing 11 man football

          The test will b playing 8 man

          Numbers don’t lie

          1. Here’s my 2 cents.

            If the teams complaining can’t beat the D7 team on a regular basis… which is almost everybody in the league. Minus Riverview the last few years, than there is nothing you can say or should be saying.

            Jefferson and Flat Rock are heading to D6 very shortly as well, if the trends continue. Flat Rock missed going to D6 by 4 students this year.

            Certain schools in the league have wanted SMCC out of the HL for years. I know Flat Rock is pushing hard for it. But if you can’t beat them, then it can look a lot like sour grapes… whether it is or isn’t.

            For me personally, I don’t care what league we are in. The only issue I would have is the travel. Hiking over to Jackson or up to Madison Heights and so on, for 9th grade or JV basketball, would get old.

          2. Gary-
            Totally agree with the logistics issues. My proposal is for Football only. It’s the only sport where points are acquired to get to the state playoffs. Balance of the sports- everyone qualifies.

            Football- Have the MHSAA step in, and based on enrollment have schools within a 35 mile radius play each other with a +1 up or -1 down division ranking.

            Balance of sports keep the traditional leagues.

      2. I can’t resist.

        SMCC is an outlier? Wrong. SMCC is the only D7 just the same as Riverview is the only D3. Wrong.

        SMCC fans freak out when not winning the league? Yep. Got me there. We play to win and expect to win every game. Don’t you?

        Program has fallen off? Give me a break. Love Sanderson. Love Giarmo. Love Kipf. Coach Flint is awesome. Tradition continues. 2019 state champion under Kipf. The JV team has an awesome coaching staff and lost 2 games the last 2 seasons (flat rock 14-13 and country day).

        Tuition money… boring story. Been on both sides and I would GLADLY pay more…investment all the way..

        1. Gary, this is the first I’ve heard of Flat Rock pushing to have SMCC removed from the league. Can you elaborate? Are you saying their AD has brought a proposal to the Huron League to remove SMCC or just that some FR fans like to whine?

          1. Im not trying to be a jerk, but why would people want SMCC out of the league? What league championships besides volleyball have they won as of late? If it is just about football and specifically enrollment hurting Riverview yet helping SMCC, I suppose I get it, but what is the solution? Nobody in the Huron League is going anywhere.

          2. It is well known that Flat Rock’s “athletic administrator” or whatever his title is, has pushed for SMCC to be voted out of the league along with 1 other school AD. The biggest schools in the league (Riverview and Airport) have never expressed any issue in having SMCC in the league which is why it’ll die every year. Like Chris said, aside from volleyball dominance, SMCC is always competitive but not dominant in every other sport league title race. The only team I could ever see leaving the Huron League is Riverview IF they decide to join the Down River League although no one is pushing them out the door.

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