Playoffs Week 1: Our Thoughts, Not Yours

Each week Frank and Chris give their thoughts; Frank is usually serious, Chris not so much.


Airport: The Jets opened up multiple cans

Carlson: Marauders handle business, and won’t have to face Allen Park again.

Flat Rock: Second time around we saw the Graham Junge we all know

Ida: Streaks unable to convert two turnovers into points. I’ve seen that movie before.

Milan: Big Reds just didn’t have the horses.

Riverview: Ian Adams should get all his meals paid for in town.

SMCC: Gritty, gutty, and resilient will get put to the test next week

Whiteford: Has any blog team been referred to as a wagon? Bobcats fit the bill. 

There are certain fans who should read a rule book if they are going to complain about rules.

Ida won’t be going away anytime soon. 

Airport just scored again.

Thanks to a deer, I had to spend a night in DeWitt.

I think there is a better chance than people realize of an Urban renewal in East Lansing (see what I did there?)

Anyone going to the Lions game on Monday?

Airport just scored again.


Not sure I have ever seen a 70-Burger from a Huron League team

I really need to get out and see the Marauders play this year.

Looks like the Rams are out of their funk.

That was a long ride for the streaks to play a Friday district game.

Other than punting, do coaches have a play for 4th down and 67?

Eventually, Riverview and Ian Adams will hit you with the trap.

When did SMCC start developing kickers?

Whiteford is just on another planet.

Really Riverview, no double cheeseburgers? I heard people talking in excitement on the way in and you let us down.

I will be watching high school football in Venice Florida this week.

16 thoughts on “Playoffs Week 1: Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

    1. Working on it tomorrow.

      Got lots from the DC coach. It may look like a preview for just them. But I will do my best to even it up.

  1. kudos to Carlson being last DL team standing.However I think this past weekend showed that any DL team venturing outside of the league proved a point of how bad the DL league was this year. Ap running clocked -carlson 1 score game with a 5-4 team who played in a much tougher league.

  2. Ford Field talk is cool and all, I just hope they get a win this week. Harper Woods seems to be on another planet, but that’s why you play the game.

  3. Let’s go Huron League!

    Cmon Riverview put us Huron league on the map GET THE DUB…., this might be the only time I’m cheering for the T!

    Airport, CC, Flat Rock let’s take care of business!

    4-0 this week!

    1. I second that. The Huron League had a great first round, hopefully they can keep it rolling this week. Airport has a tough but winnable game this week. The run defense has been solid all year so hopefully they can keep that sophomore RB in check. Good luck to FR, Riverview and SMCC, I’ll be rooting for you.

  4. Would love to see Mills/Nye/Zajack and crew get to Ford Field. It’ll be a tough road though. DC has a talented so. RB And typically has a couple d1 guys on the line but I absolutely believe Airport can go toe to toe w them. Goodrich is no joke later in the bracket too but we can talk about them in a few weeks.

    As for View v Rouge: offense will be our best defense. I’ve said it on here before. We’ve played them and they’re not familiar w the T. They can struggle to read it so it’s more scheme than players but we have a lot of players too. I hope it’s a good game and the Bucs come out on top!

    1. Expect Rouge to do what Trenton should have done- 5 man front. Safeties at 5-7 yards. Chop the tackles down and block the guards from being able to get out.

  5. Airport has a real chance to get to Ford Field.

    Riverview great season, but tough, tough, task. Rouges O and D line will out weigh their linesby 80 to 100 lbs. Rouge has 10 kids faster than Adams.

    Carson needed 5 turnovers vs Allen Park to win by 2. Dexter ends their season.

    Flat Rock a Legit Chance to play in the Semifinal.

    SMCC not really interested.

      1. Adams 5’11 170 runs 4.6
        Rouge might have a few faster but the trap play hits fast and if he gets loose 4.4 or 4.5 will not matter.
        Rouge will counter with 3 backs as well led by Jomari Biggs 6’1 230 4.5 40 averaging 13.5 a carry. Was hurt first part of season. And of course 3 recievers all 6’2 6’4 and 6’6 and fast.
        But that T evens things up.

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