Week 1 Playoff Scores

Carlson 42 Churchill 35 final

Riverview 27 Trenton 25 final

Airport 70 East English 18 final

Flat Rock 42 Milan 0 final

Ida 3 Ovid-Elsie 14 final

SMCC 10 Loyola 7 OT final

Whiteford 59 Sand Creek 0 final

145 thoughts on “Week 1 Playoff Scores”

  1. I am a Riverview fan. I have been for over 50 years. Lets get that out of the way first. Are you people aware that some of the young people on these teams read this blog? Why is it so important for some of you to tear down a team instead of building them up? Trenton had a good year! They played Riverview tough for the entire game. They deserve a lot of credit for their year and the game that they played last Friday night. A LOT of teams out there don’t even make the playoffs and would have been glad to have just been playing last Friday night! Don’t spend your time tearing down a team like Riverview (or anyone else). Try building up a team, especially for the young people who will read what you write. And for those of you who have called the Huron League “weak”, FIVE of the teams got into the playoffs and only ONE lost (Milan) and that loss was to another Huron League team (Flat Rock). I’m sure you will have some excuse for still calling the Huron League “weak”, but I’m not buying it and neither are the coaches in other leagues that have to face a Huron League opponent. I’m really not stupid! I realize there will be people out there who just can’t help themselves from tearing down someone else, including me and this post. But please keep in mind what an effort ALL of these young people have put in to get to this point. Be mindful, once again, of ALL those who will read this blog.

  2. Can Riverview and Airport both loose next so they can just have a rematch the following week and this whole thing about who’s a better would be over.

    1. I already know u won't post this

      Lose*…loose means like a poorly tighed knot…let Riverview do their thing and let airport pretend like it’s 2003…let some people have fun, jeez… really can’t grasp people thinking of high school football so much its their identity….most these kids u talk of aren’t gonna play for the ravens or broncos…they’re gonna sell u a car

  3. Old School Airport Fan

    Shame on Airport running up the score just to break a record when they could have just run the clock out. No sportsmanship what so ever. Kept their starting QB in for almost the entire game. Hope Divine Child runs it up on them.

    1. Airport didn’t even attempt a pass in the second half. All Nye was doing was handing the ball off to backup RBs. What do you want them to do, start taking a knee in the 3rd quarter? Quit your crying.

    2. New school airport fan

      Wow such a shame on airport for keeping their starters in till half way through the 3rd quarter to condition them for what a whole game will feel like, the back ups got the extra 2 touchdowns for the record, also what an airport dan to hope we lose.

    3. Airport scored 63 points at the beginning of the 4th quarter and they scored 49 in the first half. 3 touchdowns in the second half is running up the score? All of the starters were done by middle of the third besides Nye where he was done by the end of the third and all he did was hand the ball off to the second string. They stopped throwing the ball midway into the second quarter. You must have not watched the game. On to Divine Child, let’s go Jets!

    4. First of all you must of not watched the whole game because they took them out and you call your self old school airport fan but you really want us to loose? Classy airport is the most gritty team out there and there looking to dominate and shock the state

    5. You are just wrong. 3 touchdowns in the second half. One was right out of half then the second stringers scored the rest. QB didn’t play the 4th quarter and just handed the ball off the whole 3rd quarter. Airport was also done throwing the ball midway to the third quarter.

    6. An Actual Airport Fan

      Give me a break. Go look at the stat line. Mills carried the ball 6 times, Nye threw the ball 5 times… total for the game. If Airport was trying to run up the score the stat line would have looked way different. Would you like Airport to kneel the ball out for the whole 2nd half? 2nd and 3rd string all scored… 7 different players scored. I don’t understand why people come here to just complain. Starters haven’t played a fourth quarter since the SMCC game in week 4.

    7. Current Airport School Fan

      What are you even talking about!? The Airport team played a game and had opportunities to beat said record all season! Does anyone realize that almost all our starters have yet to play an entire game! Airports last two or three scores came from our underclassman, 2nd and 3rd stringers!! Airport is deep….and as far as our starting QB staying in doesn’t every non starter wish they could get passes and hand offs from the starting QB to see what they can do?
      I don’t know why I waste my time replying because it won’t fix stupid!

      1. Yep, I agree. Some of those Detroit teams are so bad your third stringers score on them. All the good Detroit players go to King, Cass Tech, Belleville, Rouge all star teams. You can’t help it when the 3rd stringers are scoring on them. East English might have been the worst team you faced and all their wins were off of other garbage teams.

        1. I see the people on here talking about all star teams and taking all the talent but most Detroit teams are like most downriver and huron teams. They have football players and one or two above average players. The diference is coaching and environment. When you see those games it’s usually nothing to do with talent and just that the team looks a mess on the field. Rouge has had its share of blowouts and most come from bad coaching.

          1. I see the busses that go out for miles and the dean of students position were just coincidences then. Playing cover zero every snap on defense is not coaching lol

    8. Airport welcome to the top. People complain if you loose and people complain if you win. After a while they complain that you didn’t win by enough. Good luck to all the teams on here.

    9. Ur obviously too naive to know what airports true record is…nobody cares about some record u speak of, what points scored? Playoff margin of victory? I’m more than familiar w airport football and none of this matters….Airport from 02-04, that’s the record, meet that first, play for a regional, lose by 2 to the state runner up on a hail Mary, that’s the record…Airport has to win playoff games, we dont…we got a freebie rd 1…beat DC and compete in a regional, that’s the record…if we don’t this is just the same teams airport had for 15 years…good enough to get there but then nothing after…at least we went north not west this time, much easier to do.. win games, that’s the record

  4. On Riverview v Rouge:
    We’ve played them tough in the past. Last time in the playoffs we had a 12-6 lead late in the second quarter before a turnover for 6 and a big play put them ahead. We kept it close but lost.
    It’s not going to be easy, but there’s definitely a path and there’s a fire in this team. As competitive as I’ve ever seen w great leadership and athletes.
    As it’s been said, we were supposed to be blown out by DC in ‘17 and went in and won. The coaches are incredible and will have them fired up to play.
    We’ll have to play our best ball for 4 quarters but we can absolutely do it.
    GO BUCS.

    1. Love your optimism… but if you struggled to push Trenton around, you will struggle with rouge. They look like a d2 team on the lines . You are going to try to play bully ball but for once you won’t be the bully.

        1. That’s a lie! We have kids from Lincln park, Wyandotte and Melvindale too! Dont short us! In all seriousness Rouge hates playing Riverview and respects the hell out of them. I’m not sure who Rouge would have rather played. Trenton offense was crazy to. I won’t lie if Rouge plays like they did last Friday, 2 penalties, no turnovers, then no one will beat them. But that never seems to be the case against Riverview.
          Plus you don’t have to deal with the outside interface. Reciever, who just got invited to Army allstar game travels for visitsball over country after games. Most are disadvantaged and you could not imagine things that the teams has to deal with showing kids they have a better way.
          We’ll be their tailgating early cone visit.

          1. I’m sure you do and it’s probably why all three of those teams suck. You don’t go from being a 3-4 win program on the level of Romulus to a top team in this state year after year without recruiting the region. It’s a lot more than just coaching.

        2. The Rouge teams that started this run were 90% Rouge kids. Arguably the best player on the team now stays in Rouge. Don’t act like the little league teams where not good. Anyway I up Riverview and the first thing I see is open district. I’m guessing every kid on that team not from Riverview. If you have the same ability as other schools to get kids and don’t then don’t complain.
          It’s funny catholic schools recruit for years then public schools get to consolidate talent and it becomes the worst thing ever. Reminds me of how people complain about Unions trying to get their equal share while ignoring the executives who pull in way more. I just don’t get that mentality.
          Anyway again Riverview will be tough. Anyway it goes I will be voting for the winner the rest of the way. If you can’t be the champ losing to the eventual champ is a crappy consolation.

    2. Former airport player who hated Huron but then ended up living with some in college and they were awesome

      This is one of those games you’ll be able to tell fairly quickly whether or not it’ll be close…u hear about Rouge like teams in the past have talked of some team in their path nobody has really seen as if they’re more or less a college team…starts at the line, if u get a push u got a chance, if they run circles around ur defense and are just too fast it may get ugly…Airport played Harrison one year thought they had a shot and it was clear in 2 mins they didn’t, Huron played OLSM one year and didn’t have a shot but then ida went out and lost to Rouge by 2 or something…it’s high school football and they’re kids, some get hyped up like they’re more than that but they’re just 16-18 year old kids…hope the pirates play tough and don’t back down that’s all u can ask…and airport didn’t run up the score to the above comments, if u think that idk what to tell ya….that was just a horrible team who didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs, just the schedule they had allowed it to happen, that was a very very bad football team…DC won’t be that way

  5. Clinton will beat Smcc by 4 scores.. the falcons will not be ready for what is coming their way.. Remember 2014? We haven’t going to be a beat down like that.. 50-6

    1. So SMCC football player parent trying to fire up the team, just a couple of notes:

      SMCC played Clinton last in 2018, SMCC won that game 38-28

      Clinton upset SMCC in round 1 of the 2015 playoffs 14-10 after a last second catch by NFL player Matthew Sexton

      SMCC did beat Clinton in 2014 by a score of 50-14.

      PS. 2014 Red Wolf, you guys were the Redskins back then.

      Leave the motivation to the coaches. Kids read too much garbage online already.

      I think it will be a great game on Friday if both teams play to their ability levels. It sounds like both teams did not play well in round 1 but found a way to win which is what good teams do. Go Falcons!

    2. Former airport guy who hates cc but at the same time respects em, goods good and they've been good

      Clinton probably wins but cc has a knack for making things interesting…well coached…maybe Clinton wins but don’t chalk it up so easy

  6. The Trenton/Riverview game was a terrific game to watch. Several plays in this game that go the other way would have affected the outcome. For Trenton, it summarizes their season as they lost another highly competitive close game in the fourth quarter. My biggest take away was the respect that both the Trenton and Riverview players demonstrated after the game for each other; wish more people on this discussion board would find such respect in return.

  7. People are silly on here with the riverview hate lol. Little lesson for you guys here

    Last time riverview played Trenton in the playoffs was 2017, that game finished 34-7 in favor of the view but was 10-7 at half. Tough game that made people question how view would do in the future rounds.

    View went on to thwack a great Carlson team with multiple future d1 players that year and than Aidan Hutchinsons Divine Child in the regional.

    Before we call riverview dead in the water let’s remember the outlook of a team can change very fast.

    Goodluck to everyone still in and for those of you that are making excuses enjoy the copium!

    1. Carlson only had 1 D1 player on that team, and it was their first year in the new T system. Keep on yappin nonsense to prove a point though

        1. Nobody is arguing the scoreboard. Just stop trying to boost up your point with false information.

          Carlson has only been relevant for the last 5-6 years and has never won a district . Hanging your hat on that while trying to fluff it with a “multiple D1 players” statement is sad.

          View has had a string of great seasons including a very deep playoff run. Anyone who can’t see that is blind or biased. Just leave it at that.

          1. Hey my bad, could of sworn there more D1 guys on that team, how about we say good Carlson team and than an Aidan Hutchinson lead Divine Child

  8. I would like to hear Chris Schultz take on the game. I’ve heard two narratives, “ Trenton handled riverview well, should have won but costly mistakes “ “ Riverview was dominate as always and had some costly turnovers, but they would easily win the DL “

    1. Riverview really couldn’t solve the Trenton offense, and Trenton couldn’t stop the Riverview offense when it mattered most. There was a big swing late in the first half where Trenton really capitalized early on Riverview mistakes and probably could have gone up by three scores, but that fumble, and quick score by Riverview, then another fumble by Trenton and quick score by Riverview made in 21-19. Two turnovers, two immediate TD’s off those. Trenton should have just ran the clock out and went halftime with the lead. Whoever had enough time to score at the end would win and 35 seconds wasn’t enough for Trenton. Their big mistake was scoring too fast and leaving that 1:45 on the clock late. From a costly mistake standpoint, teams were equal there. Both teams had moments where they really could have put the game away but didn’t due to fumbles. I think the Trenton record is a little deceiving looking at all the close losses they had. They are a good football team that could have won and that’s coming from a Riverview fan. With a slightly better defense, Trenton could easily have gone 8-1 in the regular season because that offense is very good. They ran the football very well and never punted the entire game. They were stopped twice I believe on 4th down.

  9. This is bonus football and if your team is still in it be greatful. To many like to point out other team’s shortcomings than brag about how their school played. Once the playoffs start very few league teams play one another because of the diversity of sizes of schools within the HL. Every team struggles and a 5-4 team can give a league champ fits once the playoffs start or you can hang 70 on a 5-4 team. Enjoy it while it last, because only one team hoists a trophy at the end of it all.

    1. Nobody ever said they were the greatest team ever. Considering it’s a young team that lost nearly every starter from a year ago, it’s been a great season. Trenton runs a perfect offense to beat a team like Riverview. Those turnovers Riverview had combined with those long Trenton drives were the formula it took. Trenton also exposed Chelsea, Carlson, and Southgate too, so I guess they all suck too right?

          1. Downrivertraphouse

            Overachieved…..win your district and regional last year. Following year you win your league and first playoff game. That’s over achievement? Like Trenton’s defense with 145 left on the clock…you got caught in the trap!

  10. Everyone just forgot airport destroyed the downriver league champs (Carlson). My god, downriver league fans are so delusional it’s actually hilarious.

    Riverview would beat any downriver league on any day of the week period

    1. They just squeeked by the 4th place team in the downriver league and very easily could have lost. If they play Trenton 10 times, Trenton wins more than half. “Any day of the week”

      Did you watch the game? Trenton was up 19-7 and driving to go in again, then fumbled on riverviews 20. Riverview going down 26-7 is almost impossible for them to comeback from a deficit that big…

      1. You are so delusional man. Riverview also fumbled when they were about to go up 2 scores. Trenton doesn’t win more than half they actually lost 100% of the times they played Riverview this year lol. Again, Carlson lost to Airport. Enough said buster

    2. Airport has one solid season and you guys just don’t know how to handle it. Let’s see what happens week 1 next fall, my guess is Airport is back to very average football. Enjoy it while it lasts!

      1. One season? They were 7-3- last year. You seem very. Airport was a powerhouse 98-2011 and was down forn 6-7 years but has bounced back with 3 winning seasons in the last 5.

  11. I just looked at Rouges schedule …. They have a tough , tough schedule. Their Losses , Belleville, favored to win D1, Grand Rapids catholic central a top team in D5, and St edwards who is a top Ohio team. They played 3 potential state champs. I havent seen them play but I assume they will be huge and very quick and fast! I’m sure they will have a few D1 kids too.

  12. That was a tough loss for Milan. Seems like FR might have exercised their losses to SMCC and Huron tonight. Love High School football playoffs.

  13. I see the Harper Woods all star team struggled and barely got past Croswell Lexington tonight. Maybe they aren’t as invincible as some people think. If Airport gets by Divine Child (and that won’t be easy) I like their chances against Harper Woods.

    1. Former guy who got hammered by DC baseball repeatedly

      Idk what Croswell Lexington is all about but I’ve seen them in football and baseball rankings for a few years now, might have had a good class coming thru…divine child appears very beatable so let’s just focus on that, then we can worry about a team supposedly superior athletically…don’t know, beat DC bc we can’t in baseball so let’s ruin their season for once first

    2. Not a surprise. That team is legit. Look at their record and who they played. No Huron league team would wam fro play them. Just saying

    3. There’s no comparison between Harper Woods all star team and DC, trust me. If you haven’t actually seen Harper Woods, you have no idea. They’ll swat the jets pretty easily. Don’t use East English as any type of measuring stick. That schedule they played is atrocious, just look at those opponents, their records and who beat them. If they were in the Huron League, they might finish dead last. That might have been Airport’s weakest opponent all year.

        1. I don’t hate Airport. They’re a very good area team, but they probably won’t beat a hand picked all star team. That’s just reality.

      1. Ok first off I wasn’t comparing East English to Harper Woods. I watched HW last night and they did not impress. I know the name of the game is survive and advance, but that HW team last night would not beat Airport. And you mentioned the teams that beat East English are atrocious? King or Cass would beat Harper Woods easily.

    4. Divine Chils beat East English 35-8. We won 70-18, I think Airports chances to win are good if the offense plays like it has been. Near unstoppable all season, and the defense has improved up front a lot.

  14. The Huron league champ got out physicaled by a 5-4 . 4th place team in the downriver league. I think this puts to rest that Riverview does in fact play a very poor schedule against schools 1/2 their size.

      1. Same. SMCC came up empty on 3 trips inside the Loyola 20. 1 INT and 2 on downs.

        Loyola played very tough and determined. Loyola QB was sharp throwing the ball too.

      2. Trenton was about to go up 26-7 but fumbled on the 20…. They never punted. Riverview only hit their trap when Trenton went to a 4 man front because of the pass… Trenton seemed like the better team, just more mistakes…

        Now imagine if riverview had to play Carlson, Allen park, southgate, Woodhaven, in the sane season.

        1. Riverview was about to go up 2 scores when they fumbled on the 6.
          It goes both ways.
          It’s crazy how salty some people are here.

      3. Pretty rough take. Trenton has a 1 point loss to an 8 win Southgate team, 5 point loss to an 9 win Carlson team and an OT loss to a 9 win Chelsea team who could be a D4 contender.

        You can try to find fault (and you will because all teams have them) w the Pirates but all they’ve done is go 9-1and host a district title game next week.

        Takes like this are buried under the Pirates wins, trophies and titles. No one will remember your take but they’ll remember the full trophy case.

        1. Trenton played more than just Riverview tough this season that’s for sure. That offense is very good. I think I prefer that one to the spread too because of the way it eats clock, not to mention some very good deception that had me fooled in the crowd.

        1. Yes, DEE is just plain bad. Their qb is elusive but they are awful. The Detroit Public School League is really bad besides Cass Tech and MLK.

    1. So what’s the excuse for all the other teams that beat Trenton in tight games this year, or the excuse for how the Huron League co champ beats the big school downriver league co champ?

      1. Jack, a long suffering Huron League fan!

        Interesting take! The Huron League went 4 and 1, the only loss was to another Huron League team. The Downriver boys have just 1 team left standing.
        Take a look at the Allen Park score, they got it handed to them last night. Southgate out too.

        And yes, Riverview will struggle with Rouge, anyone would. Rouge is one of the best teams in the State, at any level.

        So, no I don’t think the Huron League is weak!

    1. What was the final score of the Airport game? I’ve seen 3 different scores – 2 right on here. MSHAA website says 70-12 Airport.

  15. SMCC 10 – Loyola 7: end of 1st OT
    Loyola had ball 1st, drive ended with incomplete pass in end zone on 4th and 6.
    SMCC converts 22 yd FG to win.

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