Week 7 Friday Night Scores

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Reading 0 Whiteford 58 Final

Hillsdale 14 Dundee 15 Final

Huron 28 Bedford 21 Final

SMCC 27 Flat Rock 18 Final

Union City 44 Summerfield 6 Final

Carlson 31 Woodhaven 8 Final

Huron 21 Grosse Ile 7 Final

Quincy 27 Erie Mason 52 Final

Airport 50 Jefferson 14 Final

Milan 6 Riverview 42 Final

Blissfield 26 Ida 21 Final

Monroe 0 Dexter 51 Final

114 thoughts on “Week 7 Friday Night Scores”

  1. With FRs loss to SMCC, Dundee will need to beat Hudson and Ida to make the playoffs. That’s going to be a tough task for the Vikings.

  2. Riverview. Stop with the.
    I’m the greatest team ever.
    Your 1 and 11 against Allen Park.
    Your 11 and 15 against Trenton.

    So please Stop.

    Huron league Alum.

    1. Take a breath
      Great athlete – maybe a better B Ball player
      Gary – check me on this – but is this the game he hasn’t Shared snaps ?

      Magic man

      A lot of talent

    2. Ian Foster, good player but quarterbacks throw the ball. I guess next thing you’re going to tell us, is Riverview knows how to throw a forward pass.

  3. This is not talked about. Everyone raves about last years Riverview team. However, if you look closely at their schedule from last year. One team held them to 18 points . There was a team that held one of the greatest teams ever to 18 points. Anyone want to guess who that team was. The same team that beat them by 20 this year. The Airport jets… maybe Duffy just has the secret sauce to stopping the run.

    Congrats to the Airport jets!

    1. Duffy coached at cc, he understands the T…he also knows what gives it issues, makes sense he’s done well vs it….Airport put him in as a plant years ago so that he could do what he’s doing now against it…jets playing chess not checkers, them carleton people are smart

    2. Hey Anonymous.
      Who cares about last year.
      Huron pounded Airport in the ground like a Tent stake. 48 to 6. Last year.
      And it was at Airports home Field
      48 to 6. Dude. Who cares.
      And They let off the gas in the forth.

      No one cares about last Year.

  4. FR’s head got the best of them and bought into all the hype. They counted the win before even playing the game and over looked SMCC. They got snapped back into reality last night.

    1. That could be a possible scenario of what happened. The football program is on the rise and experiencing some success over the past year and a half and may have got in front if themselves due to not being used to playing yearly for a league championship year in and year out. If that’s the case it will be a valuable lesson to a very very good Flat Rock team that stumbled to the pitfall of looking past a opponent. I personally don’t think that was it, but can’t rule it out.

      Now that they have seen that trap I suspect we won’t see that from them again this season which will make them all that stronger for the final stretch.

      Another possible scenario is there still in a identity crisis. As of Thursday morning they had the leading rusher and leader Qb passing yardage in the region. So once they put together the smartest way to execute there weapons, look out! They will figure it out.

      CC had a great game plan and executed it. They slowed the game down and controlled the time of possession. Our game plan was either not executed correctly, the wrong game plan or we didn’t play well because of overconfidence as you mentioned.

      Whatever scenario it was I can bet YOU or the Huron bookie or WHOEVER wants to lay a bet that Flat Rocks ENTIRE team of kids along with the coaching staff will stick together and MAKE IT RAIN with there response.

      I HAVE A TON OF CONFIDENCE IN THEM AND THE PROGRAM from what they’ve accomplished up to now.

      This game hasn’t shook them one bit 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪

      Let’s go Flat Rock!

      1. They better do something about their defensive schemes and calls.
        That was not good last night.
        Not sure what they’re doing up front.

          1. Can’t score if your defense is on the field 75% of the game.
            FR had 4 maybe 5 possessions all game.
            Because the defense couldn’t stop anything.
            Their QB is a non factor if he is standing on the sidelines most of the game.

      2. Bills correct.
        Flatrock will be ready for the playoffs.
        I bet they are practicing this weekend. That group of kids work very hard every week.
        It’s tough to win game after game.

        They will be ready for the playoffs

        Huron Dad.

  5. Let’s stop the nonsense of attacking coach buck. The program was left for dead. Winless the prior 3 years before took the job . He will now be in the playoffs for third time since 2017.

    Flat rock is a tough job. Small, not many school of choice, no natural little league program and is surrounded by two downriver powers in Woodhaven and Carlson.

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Fool!

    1. FR got checked! That’s for sure
      too much ND prep talk.
      In 2021 they were abysmal
      It goes up and down
      FR happens to have the best QB around

      1. IMO…
        Riverview is the best team in the HL.
        Not a fan of the Airport program but Nye is the best QB in the league. He has a stronger arm and is more athletic. Mills is the best RB.
        Last night, the SMCC QB was the better quarterback.
        Credit to the SMCC coaching staff – the team was prepared and ready to play.

        1. If your a SMCC fan you got to see Nye play against you. Credit to cc keeping flat rock off the field and trying to establish the run didn’t give you much of a chance to see what Junge can do.

          I can see how you come to that conclusion

        2. How is riverview the best team in the HL when airport demolished them, the only reason airport lost to flat rock is because airport got to ahead of themselves and thought easy blowout, 9 times outta 10 if airport ran it back with FR, airport is smoking them, SMCC fan btw

          1. Lol…. FLAT Rock smoked Airport just as you smoked Riverview.

            Can’t use logic like “the only reason we didn’t beat Flat Rock”. Whatever your reason, you lost! Just like we lost the games we lost.

            If you don’t want to make a excuse for why you lost. Don’t lose

  6. A well coached CC team beats a FR team with twice the size and talent. Dundee almost did the same. FR better hope they don’t see a physical team in the playoffs…
    Stop the onside kicks and 7-2 defense vs the T
    That was good when you had the your most talented team ever in 2017
    FR panicked and got into a gimmick defense in the 2nd half
    Ohh the beauty of the T
    45 years FR. This was your shot to win the HL title
    Didn’t find a way
    Gary – FR was outcoached badly
    CC kept it simple and won a 3 phases
    CC will be a force the next 2 years
    Congratulations to CC for “ finding a way”

  7. Smcc should of never loss to GI, Flat Rock should of never loss to Smcc and Riverview should of never loss to Airport.

    1. The HL isn’t very good. ND Prep would beat FR 76-12
      The best coached teams in the league have the least talent this year
      CC, Milan , Riverview and GI
      Milan is iffy now that they don’t have their Ocoor
      Riverview “ found a way” to win another title with less talent than FR and Airport.. imagine if they play Airport with the kids they sat..

      1. Why did they sit? Kinda sick of hearing about that. Did they sit because of injury or discipline. If it was discipline then credit to there coach for doing the right thing. But unfortunately for them it cost them a shot at beating Airport and now it’s just talk. If a kid gets a dumb 15 yard penalty it hurts the team. Same scenario if he makes a mistake and has to learn a valuable but hard lesson. It cost the team. Any mistake that cost the team is still a team mistake that caused the loss.

        If they weren’t at full strength do to discipline they lost fair and square!

        That dog won’t hunt!

        1. I’ll defend Airport a little on this one:
          Even though Riverview won over a decade straight against them, most of the games were one score the last 7 years or so.
          This year, we had 2 starters (including a fantastic DB/RB) out on suspension.
          And we had our 100 tackle, 1000 yard rusher from last year out w a broken hand. He just came back last week and had 17 tackles against CC.
          Would it have been a blowout with those 3 playing? I doubt it, but I don’t think it would’ve been a guaranteed win for my Bucs either.
          But here’s where there’s a difference: Riverview has graduated a ton of talent year over year and had new faces stepping right in and keep rolling.
          You don’t win 4 straight titles with one group of kids.
          With the graduation of incredible talent like Mills, Nye and Zajack I don’t know how Airport competed NEXT year against Riverview, FR and a resurgent CC team.

    2. Amen. Good call.
      Things happen. These are young men playing and they have to show up with their best every week, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. The pros don’t even show up every week with their best.

  8. Airport is the Huron league champ. They beat the weedview head to head and both teams have 1 loss. It was settled on the field… Congrats to Duffy and the whole staff. You earned this one! Great year jets!!

    1. If it makes you feel better. But you’re still wrong. If the Pirates win next week, they will add another trophy to the case.

        1. Greybeard to be fair their was a Riverview guy saying they would beat Belleville a couple weeks ago after you guys beat FR. I would say each fanbase has people that say dumb stuff.

          1. Yikes. And I agree.
            One of my favorite commenters on here has always been the Troll. An Airport fan who knows ball and has it all in perspective.

        1. No asterisks.
          Just 4 straight titles.
          And with all the talent Airport is graduating I get why you’d be mad having to share.
          Riverview, FR and CC are poised to be the top dogs next year while the Jets try to replace a lot of experience and irreplaceable talent.

          1. Why don’t you lot just share phone numbers? You can go back and forth all day long. Send late night texts just to piss the other off. Just think of it.

      1. I think they should play again to settle it. Full team to full team. I am sure the outcome will be different than the first time.

          1. Thats the problem right there. Success has got to your head. EM you should know by how much your on here.
            Modesty and class goes far. Ask that school in Monroe.

          2. EM,
            I completely disagree. Airport gashed Riverview due to the lack of speed on defense and that home run threat Adams would have broke a few on offense. Without all the silly drive extending penalties, I’d pick Riverview in a tight ball game. The team at the moment is a much different team than the team from that ball game. It would be like pulling out Airports top LB, RB, and QB, and expecting them to be the same team they are. They got lucky that game was in week 2. Should have at least made it worth it and not overlooked Flat Rock because it won’t be anything like that next season.

    2. and Airport lost to a team that lost to an “average” D7 team. Cut it out, take your medicine, and embrace the great season the Jets have had thus far! I fully expect the Jets to be playing in at least round 3 this post-season. Congratulations to Coach Duffy and his staff and the team, he has built this program very well the last 3 years.

    1. SMCC had a rough week of practice with injuries and illnesses according to my nephew. Regardless, it was the first time this year where SMCC got back to their T way of football. Coach Kipf did a great job preparing a game plan to slow down the Flat Rock offense.

      1. I’m not taking anything away from cc. They beat flat rock outright. But Flatrock hardly threw the ball in the first half. The game plan looked like power run against a team that practices against the run everyday. The run strategy also grinds the clock which plays right into cc strategy. Flat rocks running game is so good this year because of the passing game. Every time they go away from there passing game they have a weak performance. They didn’t score in second half of Dundee game and only threw 5x in 2nd half. Cc stayed on field keeping flat rocks offense off the field. Then flat rock kept there passing game off the field with there play calling. For flat rock the pass sets up the run. Most teams it’s run sets up the pass. But this team is unique. Flat rock threw 16 times and most of them were at the end of the game or 2 minute drill at the end of the half. By then it was to late and the T offense grinded out the clock. Flat rock needs to unleash there strengths of passing and the run will continue to have success when the defense doesn’t know what’s coming at them. This one flat rock has to look in the mirror. Hats of to cc

        1. Really though, you can’t blame FR for trying to establish the run early. Had they tried harder to do that against Riverview it may have helped.

  9. Bears will beat Smcc!! We will be ready next Friday. They are our superbowl . I’m expecting a let down from Smcc.

  10. Dayummm. FR loses to SMCC??? Riverview and Airport now battling indirectly for the League Championship or if they both win or lose, CO CHAMPS.. Good Luck Hunters. Get er done.

  11. Better worry about districts instead of regionals or semi finals lol….. lost to an average d-7 team who Clinton will beat by 5 TD’s. Harper woods talk lol….. Chelsea better be on your mind if you want to win a game in the playoffs…. I can assure you. They are better then SMCC

  12. Airport is finally pretty good and they have totally lost their class. The coaches complained more in the first half than any team I have seen, except for maybe Huron. They were all over the refs big time. Got to work on that guys.

    Big call near beginning of game on a helmet to helmet by Airport. You could hear it all over the field. Airports sideline pretty much went nuts every play after that.

    Be good and classy like SMCC when they were very good and maybe you will get some respect. Control your fans too, whats this going on the opponents field and doing crap? Jefferson announcer had to chase you guys off. No more flags like at Navarre field. C’mon man!!

    1. Control your fans? If anything Airport fans usually aren’t vocal enough. What was that comment about the Jefferson announcer chasing someone off? Please elaborate, I wasn’t at the game tonight.

      1. Your fans were fine. Much to do about nothing after game on field. Announcer just wanted everyone off and made two announcements. Airport seemed like the most complete team I’ve seen and everyone expected this outcome. Quite a few personal fouls called on Airport and sounded like your kids chirped more than other teams.

      2. HatersEveryWhere

        The only person on the field when the announce “chased someone off” was one of Airports assistant in his wheel chair… nice try though there was no one running out on the field. I’m surprised with the 10s of Jefferson fans there tonight anyone was around for that.

      3. I see everyone is defensive of the fan comment but no one is saying a thing about the coaches. I would take that as its true.

        1. HatersEveryWhere

          And here we go… there was plenty of whining on the home team sideline and in the press box you could hear over the hot mic. Cmon people. Talk football, who am I kidding it’s 2023 and the keyboard warriors need their safe spaces to run their mouths.

          1. Keyboard Warrior

            You still didn’t say your coaches acted classy.
            You just said Jefferson whined too. Hmmm!
            I guess 2 wrongs make it right.

      1. Not upset at all. The Jet win was expected. The coaches were crying over every call. Of course, since you have the best team you have had in years, your coaches are always right. Come on, Duffy and company, get some class with your success. Success doesn’t entitle you to walk out to mid field complaining. Coaches aren’t even supposed to be on the field. When Airport thought the helmet to helmet was a bad call, I knew it was going to be a bad night. They continued yelling after that, that they were tackling too hard. Of course, if you keep that up, the refs are going to keep calling stuff on you. If you can’t deal with a helmet to helmet call when everyone could hear it, somethings wrong.

        1. Yeah, you are clearly upset. Duffys have more class than you would know. And the refs were bad. Maybe, instead of mud slinging learn to be an adult.

      1. Flat Rock couldnt pass like they wanted too. Especially with weather in 2nd half. QB usually passes before line breaks down. With the SMCC time of possession, run, run, run and go home at 830 offense didnt help either.

      1. Seriously?

        Time of possession was weighted heavily to CC’s side. Over 2 to 1. Falcons outplayed the Rams tonight. On the field. It happens. Coach Buck is one of the best coaches in the Region. Be glad you have him.

        1. Im sorry gary but in what world is he the best. The man is 2-15 against T teams in his career at flat rock, and has some of the worst playcalling I have seen. I won’t hate on the mans character but he sure isn’t one of the best coaches. At some point you have to look at the game and wonder what your doing wrong

          1. You have to take into account who the teams are that are running the T. You’re talking Riverview and SMCC. Most coaches are 2-15 vs them or something similar.

            It’s not like they gave up 50 points tonight.

            SMCC used the exact recipe they had to use. Ball control. Keep the Ram offense off the field. They executed.

            You can of course look at it two ways.
            Rams played bad and/or Falcons played great. If you were at the game, it would be hard to say it wasn’t the latter.

        1. Yes they did. But when the season is done what loss is worse? Losing to airport with a shorthanded team or losing to a 2 loss team. Whatever makes you sleep better at night.

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