Week 7 Our Thoughts, Not Yours

As usual people, these thoughts are from Frank and Chris. Frank is usually serious, Chris not so much.

Jets continue to soar toward a shared Huron League Championship and a long playoff run.

That guarantees a losing season in a non-Covid year for the first time since 2015.

Carlson throttles once fierce Woodhaven.

Come from behind wins just feel better on Homecoming.

Erie Mason keeps slim playoff hopes alive with nice victory over Quincy

Rams continue to struggle with T-based offenses.

Still an odd year on “The Island”.

Chiefs manage a win over the odd-balls.

That’s probably the last mulligan for Ida.

Not surprised by that score at Cisco Field.

Milan needs to find another win, maybe two.

I’m willing to bet that Monroe will be better in 2024 for one reason.

I really think Riverview is the best team in the Huron League.

If that isn’t the definition of “gritty, gutty, and resilient,” I don’t know what is. And did I mention the Falcons are just like Michael Myers? (Obviously Frank)

Dawgs might be hitting the panic button.

I still would have liked to see a better Reading squad come to The Woods.

Bonus: So much for my “root for blog” scenario in the Huron League.

Bonus: I’m not predicting anything in this regard, but I know that a certain former head coach turned TV analyst was in this state where there is a vacancy at a school currently.

Bonus: I’m pretty sure I heard the SMCC radio play-by-play guy say, “Drew Foster, Brady Foster, he is just Foster on the carry for the Falcons”.

23 thoughts on “Week 7 Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. I got a million that airport doesn’t make it out of districts. Anyone with a solid pass game will pick apart airpot weak zone defense. Very undisciplined football team. Duffey run comes to an end with a said district championship loss. Back to rebuild. Won’t see playoffs again for two more years.

  2. Not thinking the Huron League is very weak…

    Little exercise marrying up Snooze2You’s “Week 7” Mapetology and CalPreps.com predictions for playoff games (on Neutral Field) looks like this:

    Div 3 – Riverview is predicted to win their Regional against Detroit King 35-31 and lose in the State Semi-Final to Walled Lake Western 49-31. This would be at a neutral site location.

    Div 4 – Airport is predicted to lose in the Regional Final to Harper Woods 34-26. This would be a Jets home game, not sure if the advantage would be enough to close the gap against that type of talent or not.

    Note: Goodrich would be a 31-24 favorite over Airport by the math if the Jets did get by Harper Woods.

    Div 5 – Flat Rock is predicted to lose in the Regional Final to Notre Dame Prep 48-8. The Rams would be playing on the road as a heavy underdog.

    Div 7 – SMCC is predicted to lose in the Pre-District in a nail-biter to Manchester 24-21. The two teams are in a virtual tie to determine home-field advantage.

    I think if the Falcons end up playing at home this swings the result in their direction, in which case they’d face a Rd 2 matchup on the road at Clinton.

    Clinton would be predicted to win 42-13 in this case.

      1. Survey says:

        Clinton 44-34 over Riverview
        Clinton 38-31 over Airport
        Clinton 42-22 over Flat Rock

        More Funsies:

        Clinton 35-27 over Whiteford
        Clinton 35-34 over Mater Dei Catholic (CA)
        Mater Dei (CA… the other one) 66-0 over Clinton

        1. Can we quit the clinton glazing they are not beating the view or airport or even maybe flat rock lets quit the meat lacing here

      2. Couple more for good fun with the 2019 SMCC State Championship squad…

        (2023) Airport 31-26 over (2019) SMCC
        (2023) Riverview 31-28 over (2019) SMCC
        (2019) SMCC 28-20 over (2023) Flat Rock
        (2019) SMCC 28-12 over (2023) SMCC

        1. Buddy calm down the 2019 team would run over airport and riverview. The backfield on the state championship team maybe have been the most athletic group of rbs ive ever seen touch a field. Cousino, Morgan, Worrell… not to mention that O line no team right now is stopping a 2019 smcc team

        1. All games, around 80%-83% accurate.

          In tough games, much less accurate.


          Above is a pick-em contest done for the entire season, by state wide “know-it-alls”…. like myself.

          The person who runs it, tends to pick the hardest games to predict, between 2 good team.
          There are 30-40 contestants. The leader, yours truly, is at 76%.
          Calpreps is at 69%.

          I won it last year as well… cuz you know, I got it like that.

      1. You are probably correct on the assumption that Rouge gets into the District with Southgate, Riverview and Trenton… As of now they are not in and have 3 wins against teams with a combined record of (3-19)

        Would be a good matchup with Riverview IMO. Probably a 35-32 type of game.

  3. No. MSU Don’t touch that

    Meyer isn’t going to MSU
    With the issues he’s had at UF with a cheerleader – recruiting thugs like Hernandez
    Covering up domestic violence assistant at OSu
    Bar scandal at Columbus as a pro coach

    And MSU past issues with Nassar , and Tuck taking matters into his HANDS

    MSU can’t go there

    1. They claim Tucker should be fired for morals, yet would set morals aside in a heartbeat to get Meyer. The real Truth is, Tucker was fired for not winning. They can’t have it both ways.

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