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  1. I loved every minute of that video.. back in the day Cisco and the coaches were no different we wanted to crush Smcc. It was hatred toward Smcc.. it’s because they use to beat our asses every year.. the kids at Jefferson will play the best game of the year.. don’t be surprised if the bears beat them chicken chokers.. that’s what we called them back in the 80s

    1. So did the coaches, the ADULTS that are supposed to know better…it was PATHETIC and a complete embarrassment to the whole administration, school and community…let’s see what happens ?

  2. The difference is CC would’ve never had a guest speaker drop F Bombs, and speak about HATE, we literally couldn’t say the word HATE infront of any coach, teacher or let alone cuss. And on school property this happened, and it was posted on Facebook…the difference is, this wouldn’t happen at CC. NEVER. It starts with the coach, always does, I don’t care who he is, it’s always gonna start with the coach. He could’ve stopped it right away when the first HATE or F Bomb was Dropped, but nope, it wasn’t, and it was posted…it’s really embarrassing. CC 43-18

      1. CC has a rat trap for ya…it’ll be close for a minute, but CC will overwhelm you..not a running clock, but 21+ for sure..

  3. When did parents and fans get so soft??? Profanity has always been apart of football. SMCC FAN, don’t stay on high horse and don’t think for a minute that kipf, or his staff doesn’t use profanity in any of their pregame speeches or at practice. You’re a joke.

    Also be happy that your falcons will get into the playoffs at 3-6 after losing to Jefferson and country day.

    1. Ive coached many teams in my day… never varsity.. but I have coached up to 16 year olds.

      I have never ever spoken a word of profanity towards other parent’s children.
      I can’t speak for anyone else but until they are adults, I think profanity has no place in HS sports.
      This is just my own take. I dont expect the kids to use profanity, therefore I do not.

      One program is faith based, the other claims to be Team Jesus. Both, in my opinion, should hold themselves to the highest standards, if those are your foundation and/or claims.
      I, for one, uphold my end of the bargain. I suspect many others do as well.

      1. I agree with you to a certain point Gary. However, who’s to say that conversation didn’t take place immediately after with the guest speaker? Or that coach didn’t address the team immediately after about the language that was used? Unfortunately, you can’t control what a guest speaker says in the heat of the moment. You have to remember that this so called alumni played under the Cisco era. Back then Cisco and staff were smoking cowboy killers/ cigars at practice. That’s what the mentality was in the early to late 90s. Tough, hard nose football. And no one wanted to play Jefferson in the 90s early 2000s. The mentality of society has changed.

        To have a negative view on Beaudrie and company from what a guest speaker said about his time, in a different era, is a bit crazy. You guys all act like he wrote the speech for the speaker. Absolutely insane.

        **Disclaimer for all you liberal parents out there:

        Statue of limitations has expired, you can’t go back with an allegation of what Cisco did in the 80’s-late 90’s**

        1. I dont have a negative view on Coach Beaudrie. He has a job to do and he is doing it how he sees fit. I respect that.

          On your first point, I agree with everything said.
          However, it was posted to their facebook page. As if to say, look at this. This is us.
          That’s the part that I find confusing.

          And look, the speech wasnt that bad.. Ive heard 100 times worse.
          For me, it was just reason to give a little jab at the Bears during Bear week.
          Rivalry stuff..
          My only real hope for Friday is that the teams play it clean and enjoy what is a great rivalry.

          1. I personally love when it gets fiery between schools and they all give it there all. I’m happy and applaud Jefferson for having some fight because there program is down and they need fight to turn it around. Allot of this weeks blog is about a 1 win team similar to Flat Rock a few years ago.

            I like fiery and a battle every week amongst ourselves in league play because ultimately it will make us stronger as a league for playoffs. We have a unique league with allot of different teams representing different divisions. So the better we make each other during the season the better our league can represent in the playoffs.

            I agree 💯 that the teams should play as absolutely hard as they can but keep it clean. Dirty play simply takes from the sport as well as our league in playoffs.

          2. The talk of FR a few years ago was a much different topic. Wouldn’t you say?
            That comparison leaves me scratching my head.

          3. The comparison I was attempting to make was FR nation was blogging a few years ago they were on the rise and will some day be a contender. We got allot of jokes and laughs saying that FR will never be good. So I like to see they are attempting to have some fight for a team that’s been getting beat up pretty solid.

            I was not intending to be commenting on the language, the speech, I have no knowledge of it.

            Simply meant glad they still trying to fight like FR was doing when they were down

        2. The school is faith based. Lets not act like CC and the students have not acted in contradiction to religion. I know alumni. Played them and more. The condescension is real as is the hypocrisy.

      2. The school is faith based. Lets not act like CC and the students have not acted in contradiction to religion. I know alumni. Played them and more. The condescension is real as is the hypocrisy.

    2. I doubt SMCC’s staff claims to be perfect but they don’t post profanity laced videos on school facebook pages either, especially after an article was just published 2 weeks ago regarding an investigation into the problem smh

    3. Soft ? Are you serious ? At some point the ADULTS have to take over when they hear the word hate or an f bomb. I get rivalry, but you can’t condone them words, and especially on school property…not only that, it was posted…it’s extremely embarrassing, but that’s the image that Jefferson football wants to convey…someone needs to tell the head coach that he represents the WHOLE school and district…. It’s EMBARRASSING, obviously there’s an adult out there, they took down the video…

      1. Drinking Blue koolaid

        Are you the dad that made his kid quit because he wasn’t getting playing time and claimed to be all state???

  4. Really dumbfounded by Flat Rocks game plan. If you are not going to utilize Junge let him get in the gym and prepare for basketball season. Someone else is capable of handing off the ball

        1. I like picking on coaches too, but you have to give FR staff a break, these coaches have made Friday nights in Flat Rock fun again, by putting a competitive team on the field for the last year and a half.
          . The coaches are not the ones out there missing tackles or blocks. We will be alright. Remember all these player are HS kids age 15 to 18.

          Go Rams

          1. Stop it coach prime

            @Coach Prime. No one mentioned the kids ages 15-18 except you right after you stated how they are missing tackles and blocks and the coaches have made everything fun again? They were picking on the game plan that did not make it fun again Friday night. I think the fun in flat Rock has been watching them throw the ball all over the field which wasn’t the game plan on Friday either and cost flat Rock the game. The 15-18 year olds defense has been good against every offense except the t this year . @coach prime teach them how to tackle against the T.

  5. Great job, Gary, in calling out the hypocrisy of Jefferson’s HC and the speaker’s laughably manufactured hatred of CC. I saw Jefferson’s “motivational speaker” video (and so did the entire CC football team). Too bad the only race Jefferson football is in…is to the bottom. With that said, CC needs to be ready to play because Jefferson will play them hard.

    1. I wasn’t really trying to point out hypocrisy. I think the Jefferson grad was speaking as he felt.. truly.

      I respect the rivalry. It’s fun having a healthy back and forth.
      “Beat Jefferson” was always one of our 5 goals back when I played.. Coach Beaudrie would know this as well, as he got the
      first carry back in 1988 on 32 trap, handed off by yours truly.

      What I hope for is a well played game by both teams. keep it clean, keep it fun.

      May respect and mutual admiration shine through.

      1. I don’t get the need for a profanity-laden tirade (performative, genuine or otherwise), especially with HS kids. But enough of that – I think it’s going to be a competitive, physical game. Rivalries make HS football special.

    1. Airport has much more talent than the 4 “power” seniors that are always mentioned! Takes more than 4 to win and coaches it’s gonna take bigger play books to go far in playoffs.

      1. I e heard different thing about the Jefferson coach during his time at mason. The first game with coaches getting kicked out was not a good look. Then the news reports under investigation for a multitude of what sound like some really things that coaches shouldn’t be doing or saying.

        So now you allow something like this to not only happen, but to posted to social media. Bad look for Jefferson as a program. My guess is this could be his second to last game as administration will have to be held accountable. Not a good look for an already bad situation.

        1. The video is absolutely EMBARRASSING, the administration won’t do a thing about it..the have zero faith in them doing the right thing…

      2. Yessir. I enjoy you guys every week. Don’t have kids playing anymore so it’s not as fun for me but I enjoy this week every year. Can’t wait for AP to win and then Carlson will think it’s funny to turn all the lights off right away in an effort to get back at AP for beating them. Lol.

    1. Why so confident?? Who has AP played that Carlson hasn’t also destroyed?
      This game is going to be a classic. Carlson has many other weapons besides what they have shown.

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