Week 9 Our Thoughts, Not Yours

This week we each have thoughts on all teams. Frank is usually serious, Chris not so much.

Franks is first:

Airport: Will the Jets keep soaring after their best season since 2011?

Bedford: Mules end on high note. It’s now on to hoops season.

Carlson: Playoff matchups pending, it’s not a stretch to say the Marauders could hit double-digit wins for the first time in school history.

Dundee: The transitive property need not apply in rivalry games. Vikings will be looking hard at three games lost by a combined 11 points.

Erie Mason: Run-heavy teams were the Eagles’ kryptonite.

Flat Rock: Brian Booms just scored again.

Grosse Ile: I’m not sure what can be done to exorcise the odd-number year jinx.

Huron: I’ve heard that the Chiefs have some young talent coming through the pipeline starting next year.

Ida: When the chips were down, the Blue Streaks did their job. Can they do it again in Week 10?

Jefferson: Da Bears finish strong. Now to build off of it for next season.

Milan: Big Reds were carried by Downhill Bill to the playoffs.

Monroe: Trojans just seemingly ran out of gas after putting the fear of God into Saline.

Riverview: Keep serving the double cheeseburgers in the playoffs!

SMCC: Gritty. Gutty. Resilient. Need I say more?

Summerfield: It’s rare to see a team with a winning record go winless in conference play.

Whiteford: Bobcats are more than capable of running it back. Especially if Ryin Ruddy continues to do everything but sell popcorn.

Welcome to the second season!

I will still demand that the Backyard Brawl remain in Week 9.


Airport: Nice regular season Jets, now go get something more!

Bedford: I feel like Mules underachieve. When can we expect another season like 2013 or 2010?

Carlson: The Marauders have a very good program, look for a jump to great over the next 24 or 25 months.

Dundee: The Vikings need to play a Division 4 team in the non-league and missing the playoffs won’t happen at 5-4.

Erie Mason: The Eagles defense wasn’t good enough this year.

Flat Rock: Is there such a thing as a 60 Burger?

Grosse Ile: Peculiar, anomalous, incongruous, mystifying? No just an odd year (2023)

Huron: You can’t use a Division 7 team on your schedule as an excuse, especially if you lose them. Beat them and you were in.

Ida: I wouldn’t be surprised if the Blue Streaks win a playoff game or two.

Jefferson: The Bears definitely got better over the course of the season.

Milan: Smart scheduling pays off

Monroe: Do any Trojan fans read our stuff?

Riverview: The only team that has benefitted from the Pirate/Trojan match-up over the last 3 seasons is Riverview.

SMCC: Apparently the future is now with this youngish Falcon squad.

Summerfield: Peculiar, anomalous, incongruous, mystifying? Yes, this was an odd year in Petersburg. Nothing bad, just odd.

Whiteford: Just win, baby!

State Stinks

Let me know which playoff game I should go to in week 10?

Photo Credit: Monroe Football Mothers Club

26 thoughts on “Week 9 Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. Thanks Chris, Frank and Gary for all your great coverage again this year!

    Good luck to all the Playoff Qualifiers (except for MSMCC if they play Clinton).

  2. These playoffs need some tweaking or something, Too many losing records hosting, 8-1 teams on the road. Etc.
    Milan is in at 4-5 loses to Huron and Huron isn’t in at 5-4.
    Need to start looking at how they district teams in other states like Texas, etc.

      1. Yes I know that, to get by this yearly problem of who gets in and who doesn’t, many states like Texas, don’t have leagues. Your team is assigned a district in which every team in your district is the same size or division.
        You can play 2 games out of your district regardless of division and those games do not go against your playoff seeding. (Example would be scheduling a strong opponent to help prepare for the tournament without the fear of losing seeding if you lost).
        If mhsaa is serious about getting the state tournament right, this is a possible solution.
        Downfall is leagues would be a thing of the past.
        The emphasis is all about the state tournament in states like Texas, Pennsylvania, etc.
        Worth a look anyway.

        1. My older brother lived in Texas for 20 years and I have written about the Texas platyoff system numerous times. It is a much better system. Districts aren’t all the same size. Many teams play 3 or 4 non district games which don’t count towrads the playoffs. THat is why you regularly see the top teams play each other week 1 of the hs season.

        2. Don’t have to kill leagues…

          Pair all teams into Regions of 8. Play three districts opponents in week 8-9-10. Playoffs start week 11 with a Regional Championship.

          Leaves first 7 weeks for league games if teams want to go that route.

      2. I still stand by my statement a couple years ago (sorry don’t remember which name I was using then) that, if this playoff system stays the Huron League will change. D3 – D7 League cannot support the top student-count teams. If I was Riverview I’d get into the downriver league as fast as I could for D3 playoff points, every other sport would fair well and compete. Look at Carlson and Allen Park…

        Still holding out for a league with Huron, Trenton, Rouge, Southgate, Carlson, Allen Park, Riverview, (maybe) Airport or similar.

        Football is the only sport where Iron doesn’t sharpen iron

        *Haven’t had kids in the Huron League in 4 years

        *Biased against Flat Rock

  3. Love Chris calling out the New Boston Huron reference. Too many people make excuses instead of just getting better. Win more games or schedule more difficult teams. The answer can’t be “kick school A out of the league” or “MHSAA needs to do X” .

    Thank you, Gary , and Frank for your coverage all year. We are spoiled here in south east Michigan with your dedication to high school football. I have yet to find the same amount of coverage anywhere else in the state.

    1. Chris Schultz Burner Account

      See I would sorta agree with you about this, however Huron was better. They pulled together a shocking win over their rival, in their house, and ended the season on a run that deserves a playoff bid. If they lost to a d-4 team or d-5 team instead of 5 win d-7 team they very may have made the playoffs. Gary I wonder what the playoff points would look like if there was a 5-4 d-5 team instead of smcc? Would Huron have made the playoffs if they played a d-5 team instead of smcc? To your point cc alum, they can’t schedule a “harder” opponent because smcc is a game they HAVE to play. They scheduled a Churchill team that has 1300 kids, and a similar sized school compared to Huron in Henry Ford. Can’t really blame their scheduling there.

      Smcc not even close to having the facilities that the rest of the league has I.E a track, pool, gym with more than 4 rows of bleachers, a football field that has appropriate parking/press box/stands/field conditions, ETC ETC ETC is not very ideal for the rest of the league that does have sufficient facilities. Please do not whisper promises of boysville to me when is no money and land is still not plowed.

      An addition of a Dundee or Trenton would be fantastic in multiple sports for the Huron League.

      Unfortunately, the reality is this won’t be the last time that SMCC’s size hurts a league members playoff chances. They just beat country day, why don’t they go play in the catholic league?

      1. But they lost to the D7 team. You lose me when that’s the case. If you can’t beat a D7 school who went 4-4, not counting the Huron game, that tells me the D4 team isn’t all that great.

        Your record vs the D7 team is 4-51. You really don’t have a leg to stand on when the record is that lopsided. I’d imagine that is the most lopsided matchup in state history, with that many games. Sounds like I’m pouring on here but most of the answers are found when you look inward. Blaming other schools or trying to find other reasons for your inadequacies or failures, are reasons some teams can never get over the top.

        And no if they lost to a 5-4 D5 team, that would not have gotten them in. It would have gained them .445 extra points. They would have still needed .666 more points.

        The better question is, if we would have beaten the D7 team, would Huron have made it in… that answer is, yes.

        Calpreps ranks Huron the 38th best team in D4. Maybe Huron didn’t deserve to be in?

        1. It appears that only SMCC alum defend the concept that SMCC doesn’t hurt the rest of the league.
          And yes SMCC has a 4-51 record against Huron, heck they probably have a lopsided win total against most if not all Huron league teams. I believe SMCC has won the Huron league title more than any other team since they joined the league 52 years ago.
          So what does any of that have to do with the current playoff system?
          SMCC just has far superior athletes and greater coaches, right Gary?

          1. My comments were directly in reply to the “Burner Account” post.

            How can a D4 team complain about not earning enough points from a D7 team, when the D4 team loses?
            You do see the issue with that, no?

            If they would have beaten SMCC, they would have made it in.

            Get better is the answer.
            Like the other 4 teams that made it, not including SMCC.

            I am fully aware that a D7 team does not provide more points than a D4 team.
            But 4 other teams from the HL, made it to the playoffs.
            Riverview – 3 home games likely, if they continue to win.
            Airport – 2 home games, 3 possible
            Flat Rock – 2 home games, 3 possible.
            Milan – opens with a Huron League team.
            SMCC, the great benefactor of it all – 1 home game.

            Call me what you will, but somebody has to keep things in perspective around here.

          2. Not true.
            I agree with Gary.

            I’m a Huron Alumi.
            Win some games.
            Stop crying
            Huron only beat CC 4 times in 60 years

            Huron Alumi

      2. Being 5-4, they have a lot more than SMCC to blame. 5-4 really shouldn’t be in the playoffs anyhow. Playoffs used to be a reward for a great season, not mediocrity.

        1. Blame the MHSAA for that.

          I think the more teams in the playoffs the better.
          Im not an advocate of an all in system.
          But I would be more in favor of that than 8 or 16 per division.

          In other words, I’d rather have 3-6 to 5-4 in, than 9-0 out. Which used to be the case.

      3. Chris. The huron win over Flatrock just shows everyone that the football in this league is garbage football. Lower level teams can win on any Friday night.

        Huron Alumi

    2. Ok
      Chris = Flat Rock slappy. Be careful what you say at home games, never know when the guy doing FR apparel hears you
      Gary = SMCC slappy. The fact that he wrote a paragraph on the wrong reply should speak volumes

      I’ve been a part of this blog since 2009, my kids have played for Flat Rock and Huron. Don’t really care much outside of the laughs and this is the only place to track scores while I work the back turns
      I’m burning time lol

      The parts that have always made me giggle:
      Chris pretends to care about Huron
      Gary pretends not to care about SMCC

      SMCC parents: 1) something about prey when the season dictates 2) clutches pearls because we’re small 3) humility when ‘let us prey’ doesn’t work 4) clutches pearls again because someone said mean things. Must be exhausting which way to pivot every week

      FR parents clutch pearls unless they win. See above because y’all are exhausting and petty

      Huron parents are absent unless there’s a chance

      Airport and Riverview top the list of worst fans ever.

      Jefferson sidelines while I was working the chains at Flat Rock might have been the funniest but anything at home was the most Homer ever. At least you rolled with it.

      GI well, I’ve never seen more Homer calls from Jr football on. Every other years of coarse lol

      Milan honestly the best away games besides the terrible drive. Extra refs, fair calls. Good job. Got better refs than home games

      It’s funny to see Gary talk when the only thing that matters now, as far as the MHSAA is concerned is *play up*. The only team in the Huron League that benefits from that is SMCC. Guess he doesn’t like being left out if a D3-4 league forms. Rouge has been looking for games for years but SMCC hasn’t scheduled that one lol

    1. The map snooze has looks good to me.

      It can be done with Airport going north.
      That would probably involve Haslet dropping south, replacing Airport.

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