Official Playoff Pairings and Times

Division 7
SMCC (5-4) @ Addison (7-2) F 7pm
Clinton (6-3) @ Hudson (8-1)

Division 5
Ida (7-2) @ Denby (6-2) F 6pm
AAGR (7-2) @ Algonac (8-1) 

Division 4
Milan (5-4) @ Chelsea (8-1) F 7pm
Flat Rock (7-2) @ River Rouge  (7-2) F 7pm

Division 3
New Boston Huron (5-4) @ Carlson (8-1) F 7pm
Trenton (5-4) @ Riverview (8-1) F 7pm

Division 2

Bedford (6-3) @ Wyandotte (9-0) F 7pm
Woodhaven (7-2) @ Ypsi Lincoln (7-2)

69 thoughts on “Official Playoff Pairings and Times”

  1. Flat Rock has at the most 2 players who do not actually live in the district. With no knowledge on the subject, I would bet $10,000 that half or more of Rouge's team does not live in River Rouge. Tough draw. I am not trying to make excuses now because both are public schools and if FR wanted to beat them, they should be doing the same thing. Obviously it is allowed so everyone should do what Rouge is doing. And if they are all, do a better job of it if you want to win.

  2. I agree with rouges schedule not that strong , however Flat Rocks combined schedule record is only like 32-49. That’s not overly impressive either.
    Rouge brings in a lot of their players from areas like Detroit, etc. It’s not really fair but Flat Rock has players who are from other school districts also.
    Difference is Flat Rock doesn’t recruit them like other schools do.
    Good luck Flat Rock , will probably need it Friday night.
    School of choice sucks, allows public schools to do what Catholic schools have been doing forever.

  3. Just a hint on how to beat Rouge; don't get into a shootout playing in space against them, too many quick athletes. Grind it out, up the middle. Slow the game down. That's your only chance!!

  4. Rouge may have some impressive margin of victories but their schedule is poor. They played 3 teams with winning records. They played a lot of DPS schools, but don't be fooled it wasn't Cass or King. Still solid good team, but this will be the first well coached team that they play.

  5. First week of playoffs and no news on Monday or Tuesday anywhere in the league or area ?? Chris you saw me at farmers on Sunday and did a double take. I know I'm not a head coach but you could have said hi . LOL

  6. Woodhaven vs Ypsi Lincoln
    Both teams finished with a string of victories Woodhaven after 0-2 start has reeled off 7 wins in a row and trust me Dotte and Carlson are thankful they played them in weeks 1 and 2.
    Phil Short gets the most out of the woo kids offensively great coach Ypsi Lincoln home game and also seem to be hitting on all cylinders-this one will be a shoot out.
    Do not underestimate the Czar and Coach Segedi at Trenton vs View
    Offensively Coach Czar will give the View all they want and then some-very creative will pull out all the stops-Hook and Ladder -toss passes – screens and that funky punt team !!!
    Coach Segedi defensively will be challenged but this aint his first rodeo in the playoffs
    Should be a great night !!!!

  7. I just watched rouge vs Cody game. Rouge has lots of talent. Their special teams are terrible and their D is very talented,but undisciplined. I think they can get outschemed for a few series. They flow hard and fast, but if anyone has the plays to counter that it's flat rock. It will be interesting to see flat rock strategy. Uphill battle but flat rock does bring their D every week.

  8. I think most would agree that Carlson vs Riverview would be a great game, but it's not a forgone conclusion. You better worry about this week's opponent first, Huron and Trenton are both capable of pulling an upset. EM

  9. Positive vibes to FR.. You are the more disciplined team. I hope you use your tricks early and often! Have fun and enjoy! No matter what, your community and alumni have always supported you!!

  10. I haven't been up there in a while, but I'm almost certain that Chelsea has turf. They typically have some speed themselves, so we'll see if there is an advantage. We know it won't be muddy, but some types of turf get slick in the rain.

    Chelsea DE Ronnie Buford is a Western Michigan commit and the matchup between him and our young Mr. Furtney was fun to watch the first time around. Now with Furtney moving to H-Back and Milan running more check-with-me plays, Buford can't be shifted away from Furtney. I expect those two to be locked up against each other on just about every play.

  11. @10:42, don’t lump all Riverview fans together. The majority of us have been nervous this whole season taking each game as it comes. Any team is beatable, including Riverview and most of us know that. That being said, if you only saw the aflat rock game, then you have no idea what kind of team Riverview is this year. I’m sure Chris Schultz would agree!!

  12. @7:23

    Huron and View played first time in 2014 and Huron won by a 4 pt spread.. They matched up again first round and Huron wiped Riverview by a 19 pt spread.. Second round matchups are toss ups.

  13. Gary, I do not think that the Downriver League is great but they do have two very very good teams in Wyandotte and Carlson. You can't really trust Calpreps with any matchup for any game they play because they don't play any game out of league.

  14. Riverview fans are a bit too confident. I saw with my own eyes flat rock time and time again stop Riverview and hold them scoreless in the second half. View fans brush it off as a fluke game. Flat rock could have won by more but their qb missed the whole first half, Riverview is beatable and they mostly beat up on schools that were smaller than them. Flat rock stuffed their run and they have no passing game.

    Carlson is Riverview with D 1 big ten kids at the skill positions.

  15. Riverview spank Roosevelt? Uh I really don't think so, they better be able to throw the ball, because that offence won't work against Wyandotte. Ask Southgate

  16. 8:10am Totally agree with you that the Big Reds have just been out of gas by the 4th quarter most of the year. The first Chelsea game was close until the end of the 3rd quarter, and the through the 4th when Chelsea's 67 player roster started to wear them down. If Milan can control the ball and put together some long drives, it may put the Big Reds into a possible upset position in the 4th. If you have seen the Milan kids play this year, you know they will not just go away.

    Good luck to all the Huron League teams. Upsets happen……whether your the underdog or the favorite coming in. Strap'em up and go play. The see what happens.

  17. Let's not worry about Riverview Carlson until next week if they are both lucky enough to win. Week by week. No looking ahead.

  18. Why would you want to see the View and Huron again? The first game wasn't close so what makes you think that the rematch wouldn't be the same?

  19. Sounds about right, Riverview will beat Carlson by double digits. Carlson will not stop Riverview's running game at all.

  20. The one thing the mhsaa has to look at is the way they set up the districts. I know that they set up everything geographically, but in Division 1 Region 2 district 1 has 3 5-4 teams and a 6-2 team. In the other district they have Belleville at 9-0, Canton at 8-1 vs a Saline team that is 7-1. So a team that suffers their 2nd loss goes home, while 2 5-4 teams. the largest travel distance if you were to move a couple teams around would be an hour. They need to go to some kind of seeding system and do a regional not district set up

  21. Found this Interesting.

    Your source for high school football scores, standings & rankings


    neutral field
    [2017] Riverview (MI) 35, [2017] Carlson [Oscar A.] (Gibraltar, MI) 22

  22. Yeah I guess there might be something wrong with taking a sarcastic shot at such a silly post. Flat Rock got a horrible draw, not Huron. Let’s just say that Huron goes 8-1, wins the Huron League, beats Riverview according to many preseason predictions. They still have the same path to winning the district. They would have to beat Carlson and Riverview, just in a different order. So, other than hosting a playoff game, Huron has a similar path to the region at 5-4 or 8-1. Crying about first round opponents and playing the league is down card won’t change that. Most blog predictions are View will struggle with Trenton and Carlson rolls. Why is that? I guess that’s why we play the games. I personally would love to see a RV vs Huron matchup. We will work on our part,

  23. Whoever is saying the HL will see just our good they are this weekend, needs to back off a bit.

    2 of the teams are going against 2 of the best teams in all of SE Michigan. I don't think losses in those games will tell you how down the league is.

    Huron was 5th in the league and is up against the DRL #2. Nearly #1.

    Milan was tied for 2nd and has a rematch vs Chelsea. I think they have a good shot there.

    FR ties for 2nd and just got very unlucky play Rouge. At Rouge. Rouge is a favourite to get to FF. How many teams would beat them?

    View and CC have a good chance to win. However Trenton and Addison will compete.

    The true test if you want to gauge just how good the league is will be View vs Carlson. If it happens.

    But to say the league is bad because Huron, FR and Milan may lose… well take into account the matchups.

  24. I actually feel bad for Flat Rock. They go 7-2 with a pretty good total number of playoff points looking at other districts around them and get matched up with one of the best teams in the state regardless of division. I will be impressed if they keep it competitive.

  25. Huron just recently played in a game that would have put them on Ford Field if they had won. While you are “smh”, maybe some sense will also get shaken up as well. They are 5-4 and most likely the last team that qualified for the playoffs. You should be thrilled that they are practicing today in the rain. They will be heavily favored as the underdog because of their record and not the injustice of the playoff system. By the way, when they made their run, they had a home game vs Riverview, I mean , where was the fairness in that? We got screwed.

  26. If Huron wants and easier draw, they need to be a higher seed. To do that, they need to win more games. At 5-4, they should be happy they are in the playoffs. When I was a kid, a team could go 9-0 and still miss the playoffs.

  27. It's just my opinion, but if you get into the playoffs at 5-4 I don't think you can complain about being screwed. You're gonna be a 4 seed likely matched up against the strongest team in your area.

    Sure, I'd prefer that Milan not go up against a team that's scouted and played them already (plus, I'd rather not play that game at the site of the infamous 2008 Lights-Out game), but I can't complain about it. I'm happy the Big Reds were able to make the playoffs this season and I hope they make the most of the Bonus Ball opportunity they've got.

  28. Huron keeps getting screwed in the first round of the playoffs, they played a 9-0 regional runner up Allen Park last year and now they’ll play an 8-1 Gibraltar Carlson… smh

  29. Lets go Chiefs. Time to put that offense to work and get on the board. Move the ball and work hard, and you can win. Defense just show up like you have been and hold them back.


  30. I think what hurts Milan the most is that by the 4th quarter them boys are tired after having played almost the whole game for a lot of them!!! Whatever they did for the GI game would be awesome for them because they played extremely well !!! Good luck to all the teams in the HL!!

  31. Milan is a different team now versus when they first played Chelsea. Milan had a 2 QB attack with pass vs. run back then. Now is more line up and run it at you from different sets. Might bode well for Milan. The thing that's been hurting Milan lately is they can't stop anyone. Gotta do something different on D.

  32. 910 youre correct. I dont know alot about it. I do know however CC has one of the toughest D7 schedules around and when they make playoffs anything could happen.
    View faithful

  33. Shout out to all area players and coaches .
    Whether you were 9-0 or 0-9. You all work hard and put out a great effort.
    Hats off to all of you for making Friday nights special in the fall.
    Nothing better than high school football!

  34. The thing that hurt Flat Rock the most is the fact Tecumseh got pulled into D3. Once that happened it set up the district the way it is. Snooze had Chelsea in a district with 3 Lansing area schools. Good luck to all the Huron League schools this week.

  35. Don't forget, Milan beat Adrian the 1st game last year and then lost to Adrian in the playoffs. Milan lost to Chelsea 1st game this year and know what's coming at them. Anything can happen in the playoffs.

  36. I like the match up for SMCC. Ida will have their hands full. FR got a terrible draw, but the Rams may "Find a Way", a Milan win wouldn't surprise me, Riverview can't sleep on the Trojans, Carlson should beat Huron, but the Chiefs play solid defense, Bedford will have a hard time scoring on Wyandotte.

  37. CC may win that district but you probably know nothing of this region of football. My kids play in the Clinton schools system and I watch and I played for flat rock so I follow it all right now. Hudson is a great football/wrestling school. Addison is good this year, and clinton is young with 16 juniors. This 6-3 Clinton team will be the worst one for the next 4 years at least so watch out cc. lol

  38. Dont listen to the hype boys. If The chiefs show up to play they aint gonna get man handled. Hopefully some changes on offense but we shall see. David beat goliath with a stone. Lets go to work chiefs

  39. Looking at the Huron league draws Riverview should be favored to move on, FR Milan and Huron all underdogs. Not sure about the SMCC/Addison game because I know absolutely nothing about Addison. Gary or Chris, any insight? EM

  40. My thoughts on the drl and huron league games.
    D7 CC could win the region guys. I think CC, that beat PW, is better now than it was than.
    D4 Milan and FR got terrible draws. Probably both done after this game but who knows with Milans coach and his talented but small team. They may be coming out for revenge after week 1. I dont see FR beating Rouge any way. Also could Chelsea/Rouge be game of the week in the state for week 11???
    D3 Huron fell apart at the end of the season and they may be worse than they were at the start of the season. Carlson gets an easy week 10 IMO before the showdown of T's. Trenton got manhandled by Carlson and I see the same thing happening again against Riverview.
    D2 Wyandotte, while undefeated, better not sleep on Bedford. Cause everything ive read on this blog says they're very very talented.
    View faithful

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