SMCC @ Addison Friday 7p.m.

The Falcons of SMCC(4-3 Huron, 5-4 overall) head west Friday night to take on the Panthers of Addison(6-1 Cascades, 7-2 overall). The village of Addison is located in Lenawee county with a population of 605.  These teams met on the gridiron once before, with SMCC taking that battle 33-7 for the Regional Title, back in 2004.  Addison has an overall playoff record of 11-12 and last qualified for the playoffs in 2009.  SMCC has an overall playoff record of 42-19 and has qualified for the playoffs 15 of the last 18 seasons.

The Panthers’ success is founded on the ground and pound of the full house T, averaging a whopping 40 PPG.  Addison has racked up a ton of yardage behind a stout offensive line led by, T Noah Marsh(6′ 250lb), T Luke Yackee, (5’10, 260lb) and G Bronson Clingenpeel.  Getting the bulk of the carries for the Panthers will be RB Hunter Dart, FB Dakota Kneiper and RB Dom Young.  Heading the attack will be 3 year starter QB Donovan Underwood.  Underwood can throw the ball downfield when called upon.  Defensive leaders are LB Ernie Abbot,  LB Underwood and S Kneiper.   Addison is giving up 18 PPG on defense.  The Panthers are fronted by Head Coach Joshua Lindeman.

SMCC, like Addison, finds it’s success on the ground in the full house T averaging 20 PPG.  The Falcons are led by it’s offensive line, C Jared Fleck, G Briggs Hehl, TE Bryce Iott, and T Connor Bogdanski.  Carrying the ball for SMCC will be a host of RB’s led by HB Collin Woolford, HB Nick Marino, FB Mitchell Sherrard and HB Mitchell Duvall.  At the helm of the full house attack will be QB Josh Blanchett and QB Wyatt Bergmoser.  Giving up 18 PPG the defense is led by LB Sam Cousino, DE Gus Flint, LB John Ritchie, LB Toby Huber and DB Woolford.  SMCC is led by Head Coach Adam Kipf.

This has the makings of a great game due not only to the similarities(full house T)but also the differences.   The perennial playoff power in SMCC vs the small village of Addison, who has had limited playoff success.  I think we can anticipate the folks of Addison showing up in droves on a cold and probably windy night.  Can Underwood have success through the air?  Can the SMCC front line control the game?  The answers to these questions will tell us who wins this one.  I’m going with  the team with playoff experience and who I think has the superior defense, although this one could get interesting.

*Look for our Week 1 Playoff Picks video later tonight*

21 thoughts on “SMCC @ Addison Friday 7p.m.”

  1. Wow a Clinton Fan chiming in. Someone who actually played Addison and KNOWS what he is talking about. Imagine that. I hear you Clinton. Good Luck tonight. Hope you take care of business with Hudson.

  2. All other game previews 0-9 comments. SMCC/Addison preview 16 comments. Why? Because You all love us. That's rite we know you do. GO SMCC!!

  3. It will be a close game. A team that runs the same offense, also knows how to stop that offense. Addison will have an advantage at home in the 40 degree rain. Any team can win any week, depends on who shows up. We have seen it from high school to the NFL. When teams are evenly matched, it will be who wants it more.

    You will be surprised, those farm boys from Addison are on a mission.

  4. I am a Clinton Fan. We scrimmaged Addison. It was very close. The league Addison plays in is awful. SMCC plays a much better schedule and beat the defending D7 State champs. Addison got tired of getting pounded by Hudson and scheduled some thing called a football team week 1 and then got beat in a cross-over game with a big-8 team week 9 , and the big-8 may be worse than the cascades. I always pull for SMCC to lose as they have ended so many of Clinton's runs. But in this case, it will not be close. SMCC will dominate physically and this game will have a running clock by the 3rd qtr.

  5. I doubt the teams you “trounced” are even looking at this site. With the exception of Huron, they are moving on to winter sports. I think the posts are coming from teams that seen you and “trounced”.

  6. Maybe it’s people that aren’t blinded by the fact that CC has a 5-4 record that could easily be 3-6. Beating Airport, Jefferson, GI and a plummeting Huron isn’t exactly a playoff resume. Crushed by Milan, Riverview and breaking a couple good runs on FR is tell tale of what CC is all about. These are the same stories we saw in last weeks threads about ND Prep and it seems the only ones surprised by that outcome were the Falcon faithfuls. Good luck SMCC, because I believe that’s what brought you this far.

  7. Addison is better than you think. SMCC is only 5-4 in our area, nothing stellar.
    Addison's line is much larger, yeah, yeah, old news. Not this time. Riverview line much larger, see how that turned out.

    Addison will take care of business. YOU BETTER PRAY !!

  8. This will be the tell all about the supposed stout defense of the Falcons. Addison o-line is not gonna cave to a much smaller CC d-line. And CC doesn’t have a passing game, so the lowly T offense will have to be their whole game plan and I don’t see that being the case. The Falcons couldn’t compete in the HL with the big boys, just the cellar teams. Beating the state champs in week one was just a streak of luck that the champs were looking past the Falcons and tripped themselves up. Close game, but sorry CC hopefuls. CC 14 ADDISON 27

  9. As someone very familiar with the cascade conference, Addison has a nice little team. However…… No one in the Cascade conference could compete in the Huron League this year. Michigan Center and Napoleon could keep a few games close, but I honestly don't think they could beat anyone in this league. Maybe GI or Jefferson, but not even sure about that. This will be a huge beat down.

    Hudson however is a different animal and that game should be a real battle in week 11

  10. After fighting up hill all year against Div. 3 & 4 teams, we finally get to sink our talons into something a little more our size! Go Falcons!

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