Final 2017 Power Rankings

1. Riverview (11-2), Pirates played well in semi-final loss to Harrison, but couldn’t punch it in the end zone.

2. Carlson (9-2), 1st year under Jack Giarmo exceeded expectations.

3. Bedford (6-4), Mules say goodbye to another solid senior class.

4. SMCC (7-5), Falcons showed many what the future looks like.

5. Ida (8-3), Bluestreaks rebounded well after huge graduation losses a year ago.

6. Flat Rock (7-3), Ram post best season in 27 years.

7. Milan (5-5), Big Reds were the walking wounded this season.

8. Huron (5-5), Chiefs lose 4 straight to closeout the season, but manged to beat two playoff teams.

9. Monroe (4-5), Trojans lacked a quality win this season.

10. Airport (4-5), Jets were better this season, but the defense couldn’t stop anyone.

11. Grosse Ile (2-7), rebuilding year included victory over 7-3 Flat Rock.

12. Dundee (3-6), Vikings were one play away most of the season.

13. Jefferson (0-9), Bears have first winless season since 1970.

14. Erie Mason (1-8), young Eagles can only get better.

85 thoughts on “Final 2017 Power Rankings”

  1. Why don't them teams want to play CC ? They lost every starter except 2 kids kid was a senior on this years team. CC will be lucky to win 3 games next year.

  2. Smcc needs to go out west and find a team..Homer,Saugatuck,Reading,springport,Quincey. Or go to the catholic league and get somebody..

  3. If that's true about Ida n whiteford, if it's true ? There plain scared and have no confidence in there program and kids .. shame on them coaches if true .

  4. If I was Ida I wouldn't schedule CC either…definitely would be a loss, remember Ida's head coach is a jefferson graduate..he learned the hard way already…boom !!!

  5. Congrats to Whiteford Bobcats. state champs today. Way to represent Monroe County area. What a great program. Best program around here, I should say. Obviously the D1's would spank any of us. Hopefully we can get them on the blog next year.

    Obviously Mr. Hauf seems to have a hard time saying good things about Jefferson since he is an SMCC guy. Maybe Chris should handle the Jefferson comments.

  6. Not sure what his record was, but average coaches rarely win state championships. I would say he was a very good coach over his entire body of work. Longevity counts a lot in my book, but that’s me.

  7. Coach Cisco has a state title, how many men who have been head coaches in the Huron League can say that…. Coach Cisco was a hell of a coach who was allowed to build a program and did a dalnn good job at it, what is wrong with some of you?

  8. It amazes me how all these BLOW HARDS know so much about coaching when they have never ran a program, game planned, watched hours of film or dealt with parents, administrators or run a coaching staff. Do people even realize how hard it is and how much work goes into just winning ONE GAME, let alone a whole season?

    Coaches can only do so much. They see the kids for 2-3 hours, the parents and outside influences do the rest. Coaches deal with the cards they are dealt. Coaches and schools that operate with UNDO INFLUENCE are not real coaches, they are sleeve bags. That is not what HS football is about.

    One day, I would love to visit a parent's or know it all's job and criticize how they are doing their job. "I can't believe how you are hanging that bumper on the rack", or "You are measuring and cutting that board the wrong way". Coaches coach, Players play and Parents parent!

    SMCC has been blessed with Sanderson and Giarmo, Jefferson with Cisco, Walentoski with Ida, Monroe with Carducci, Riverview with Lessner. All great men first and great coaches second. All the big mouths should be grateful for these men coaching their kids, especially this being Thanksgiving.

  9. @7:19 – you need to be calling out Captain Anonymous from yesterday who believes only the players matter. He is the one who called out Cisco, not Gary, after I listed him as one of the coaches who built a program. All Gary said was he wasn't great, which is a legitimate argument.

    Falcon Alum

  10. Never knocked Cisco. Just wanted to make it clear I never said he was great. He had some great teams and he was a good coach. His wing-T was tough. The Fullback power was a very hard play to stop.

  11. Whiteford is the BEST D-8 team around, not the best program around. Let's make that clear, big differences between D1 thru D8, you play to your enrollment in playoffs. End of story.

  12. I beg to differ Mr. Hauf. The talent comes, a decent coach makes the most of the talent, more talent comes. That's how SMCC survives.

    Just read about Whiteford, sounds like a great fellow. He had some talent his first year, they did ok. He made the most of it, so more kids joined and look where they are today. Without a doubt, best program around. Set the county record for points in a game/ season.

    Its like the chicken and the egg. I say the talent comes first and it evolves from there. Coach Sanderson was a very respectable coach. I would agree with that. He had some lean years, the talent pool improved and he is now considered a great coach.

    I don't appreciate your knock on Cisco. The years he had talent he spanked your Falcons. He was one of the first that ran all the offenses that many around here run today. Ever heard of the wing. Also, Jefferson was one of the first teams around here that started a tremendous weight program. Thats why they were so dominant in the late 80's, early 90's. Now everybody has a weight program, that domination is gone. I would give some respect where its due Mr. Hauf. I respect you because you were in the service, but that's about it.

    I am a Jefferson Bear and always will be. 0-9 or 9-0 When the Jefferson talent pool comes back around, we'll see who's knocking who then. Many of us were on this blog long before you and we will be on it after your gone.

    GO BEARS!!

  13. The Carlson QB has lived in the district since he was 8 years old at least. He played DJFL football for the Yellow Jackets which plays their home games at Carlson…. Don’t talk about what you don’t know….

  14. @8:01, So, you started on your soap box complaining about Flat Rock being excited about their success and the future of their program. It's the players that matter most you said. Now, you are using the old recruiting take and throwing some Mill Coleman reference in our face because you have two CC guys who differ in opinion from you. What is your alma mater if you are going to use ours against us? And btw, Herrington didn't have Mill Coleman every year he coached and he is the all time winningest coach in the state because he built a program…and yes, kids wanted to play for him.

    Then you say Knute Rockne couldn't win at some schools? They wouldn't need ol' Knute if they just had talented players according to you though, right? Again I reference Monroe High. Loads of talent over the years and most of those years underachieving. If Jack Giarmo went to Monroe High, they would win 7+ games a year.

    The bottom line is coaches who build programs are the difference between going 3-6 vs 6-3 in years where talent is down. And they don't go 2-7, 1-8 or 0-9 in any circumstance regardless of talent. They are also the ones who go 9-0 when they have talent, and sometimes 9-0 when they just have the right team chemistry without uber talented players.

    High school football is about coaching. No ifs, ands or buts.

    Falcon Alum

  15. The Carlson QB was born and raised in rockwood. Coach’s should be able to raise a kids talent level. That was not the case with some of the coaching I saw in the Huron league this year.


  16. Coming from SMCC you would know all about that stuff
    Mill Colman ring a bell, yes the Mill Coleman from I believe Flint or was it Saginaw?
    Well known how much recruitment and cover monies went to those programs.
    You think the QB from Carlson is a Rockwood boy?
    You have to know that athletes with talent win games, coaching can either direct it or in many cases get out of the way of it.
    One more question, you guys think Marc Cisco was a terrible coach for 10 years , then become a g”great Coach” for ten years then become a bad coach again for ten more?
    He smoked the same cigarettes, drank the same whiskey, ran the same offense and defense since the 1960s. Never changed a thing.
    Great Coach or was it that their population went from about 400 to 900 plus during his “Geeat Coach” years.
    There are schools that couldn’t win if Knute Rockne was brought back to coach.
    Schools that win have many reasons for it, coaching is a part of it, but coaching won’t win if you don’t have the talent to win at the level of computation you are playing in.

  17. Let me make a comment about coaching using another sport locally. Track at Monroe High
    With Dave Bork. Here was a guy that took kids & led them to great heights & established a program that consistently won.Did he have great athletes he developed them& instilled in them the desire & perseverance to become champions.

  18. Very well said!
    As for what Chris says , I have seen many good teams win with so so coaches because they had talent, numbers , et
    You really believe that the coaches at Farmington Hills Harrison or Brother Rice won all those games because they were “great Coaches”?
    You are living in a fantasy land good players, low injuries , good numbers win football games.
    Not to knock the Flat Rock coaches I only saw a couple of their games, they did not out coach or “scheme” a win.
    They just had some players this year, and a lot of trick plays. Period.

  19. Ok 3:22, I appreciate your sentiment but you are proving Chris's and my point. What you have to understand is that kids are passionate many times because of the program. Who leads the program? The coach(s). I waited my whole life to suit and play for Joe Sanderson. Why? Because of the way he led the program. Sure, I loved the game and was passionate about it, but he multiplied that passion many times over. I worked harder because of him. So did the rest of our team. We had no true superstars but we won. Again very similar to this year's Pirates. Look at how many years Monroe High has had D1 level athletes and have underachieved. Just having great athletes doesn't always do it.

    The Bears program is in transition so they are down but they will be back. Coach Kipf is carrying on the tradition he learned from Joe Sanderson and Jack Giarmo, so the Falcons are in better shape. The same teams don't contend for the league year in and year out because they always have the best athletes, it's the program and the coaching. That's why kids hit the weights and work hard in the off season. There is no "i" in team goes the old saying. Kids want to carry on the tradition their coach has helped build/maintain for their school.

    In regards to being more passionate because parents pay for kids to go to CC, sorry I don't think that applies at all. The kids aren't paying for it. I never felt that way and my parents never stressed that. It had no bearing. We played for "Big Joe" because of who he was, not because of it being a private school. Wouldn't have mattered if it was CC or a public school. That is a flat out excuse.

    I am not sure what you knowing the current coaches has to do with anything. I am not one of the people who complains about coaches. They have a very difficult job and don't get paid nearly enough for it in dealing with today's parents. Lastly, I got through this rant without having to go ALL CAPS!

    Falcon Alum

    P.S. @5:04 – I guarantee if you take the top player off of each of Hoskins's teams each year, he still finds a way to win and have successful years. I and many others would have no question about that. Not about the stars…it's about the program that has been built that helps make the stars. He has bulit a program.

  20. The coach in HS football is EVERYTHING!

    No if, ands or buts. Everything.

    I'll take a top notch coach with less then stellar talent, over a poor coach with stellar talent, all day.

  21. Milan has had the best players in the league since Hoskins got there. His first year which has been his only bad year he didn't have players. After that he has had the best players every year.

  22. Any coach in any sport is as good as his players. Happen to know the SMCC coach very well, happen to know the Jefferson coach very well. HMMM ???? Many good athletes at Jefferson did not play this year, why, program down, concussions, etc. The young men who did play, god bless them, did not live and die football, did not hit the weight room continuously, didn't practice at home, etc. GET IT. Last year Humphrey and Sovey were die hards, Jefferson got to the playoffs. No die hards this year other than maybe Thomas Eads.

    The SMCC kids have been in the weight room, working out at home, the kicker practiced non stop at a local field, and SMCC's best athletes were on the field. If they didn't play, SMCC would not have had a football team.

    I applaud all the young men who work hard and play football, its tough out there. But being passionate about a sport is what puts you over the top, not every school has that. Plus those young men at SMCC, parents paid for them to go there. Any of us are more passionate about something when you pay for it as compared to getting it for free, like public school. Your parents give you a car, are you going to take as good a care of it as if you worked, saved your money and paid for it yourself. ??

    Bottom line, Passionate Kids 75%, Coaching 25% is what makes a great team.
    Been there done that, I have coached, some years you have a bunch of great kids and do well, some years you don't.

    Lastly, if you feel so strongly that coaching makes a huge difference, I don't want to hear it next year when we all complain because a team loses because of bad coaching. After all, your the one who says coaching is the difference.

  23. I can’t wait till the all blog list comes out tomorrow! The past years blogs show everyone complaining about who was on or not on. This is going to get interesting! Also, @12:01 don’t be a jerk to Chris!

  24. Only 11 players on O and 11 players on D, this ought to be interesting to see your opinion. There are plenty of 1st, 2nd and HM players throughout this blog coverage, but only picking 11 should be fun this year! Can't wait to see the blog outsider gurus spit their opinions and open a big can of blog worms, will be interesting reads no doubt. PLEASE DON'T SCREEN THEM, let us all read them together LOL!!!

  25. I'm assuming you are referring to the All League team comment about ours coming out tomorrow?

    If so, here is my response:

    Why is there a problem with that? I've done one every year, where we pick 11 players on offense and 11 on defense and then a OPOY and DPOY along with an Overall POY. It has always been met with positive reaction. Always!

    So let me ask, why the butt hurt over that. Please explain, because I can certainly explain my reasoning for doing one. And since I am no football guru of any kind (like you would really know if I was or wasn't), then why do you read? Or are you just the blog police? Or do you just need a hug today?

    Geeez O'Petes!

  26. @ 9:46 – Chris is exactly right. Do you think Coach Sanderson or Giarmo at CC; Cisco at Jefferson; Redmond at Airport; Lessner at Riverview; Hoskins at Milan have always just had great players? No, they had/have built or continued great programs. Many of their best teams did not have star players. What they did have were guys that bought in and played as a team-much like Riverview did this year. It looks like the Flat Rock staff is doing it the right way-building the program. Don't count them out and remember great players don't always translate to great teams. Some schools covered on this blog can surely attest to that.

    Falcon Alum

  27. Wake up Chris, really?
    You are way to full of yourself today.
    Just because you run a blog does not make you any kind of football guru, because you are not.
    Most of these football coaches forgot more than you think you know.
    Run the blog you do a good job of it, but stick to track as far as your sports knowledge.

  28. You are waaaaaaayyyyyy off base. High school football has always been affected most by coaching. Do you need talent? Sure, but why is it that most coaches that are successful in one place are usually successful elsewhere. Good coaches develop talent and the coaches from FR are no different.

    As for the down year in the league? That is complete hogwash. I would argue that the league is good as ever. Look at the nice run that Riverview and SMCC made. Riverview was beat by a solid FR team which was beat by GI. Jefferson didn't win a game ,but other than a few occurances the Bears weren't really blown out. Look at Riverview beating Divine Child, that was DC's best year since the 80's. SMCC beat Pewamo-Westphalia who is back at Ford Field. The Falcons finished 4-3 in the league. I could go on, but you won't listen.

  29. Just a question. If Flat Rock only wins a couple games next year, are they still “great Coaches” ?
    Hers a bit of advice , It takes good and talented players to win.
    Don’t get all full of yourselves Flat Rock, you had 1 good year in a down year for the league.
    Let’s see how “Great” you are after next few seasons.

  30. I agree 7:58. I heard a great quote from my daughter yesterday that she heard a junior football player tell a freshman football player. "Being in the weight room isn't mandatory, but then again, neither is playing time."

  31. 1. Carlson- year 2 under Giarmo will produce even better results
    2. Bedford- Coach Wood has developed a powerhouse
    3. SMCC- a YOUNG and talented team that made a run this year
    4. Riverview- Success breeds success
    5. Monroe- Banks will only get better, they need to win week 1
    6. Milan- Coach Hoskins always finds a way to win even with low numbers
    7. Ida- The machine keeps going
    8. Grosse Ile- Injury bug and a young team hurt them this year, I look for them to bounce back
    9. Huron- They could be good but will their Head Coach go back to Ohio?
    10. Dundee- see above, I heard their JV's had a good season
    11. Flat Rock- This is a guess. They could be higher, I don't know much about their JV's
    12. Airport- – Scheduling Monroe week 1? they may return one of the best backfields in Monroe county
    13. Jefferson- They will only get better
    14. Erie Mason- If they can give their QB some weapons, I could see them winning 3 games

  32. Stop. Talking. About. JV.

    JV records and skills have nothing to do with Varsity. It is literally a whole new ball game, coming up from JV to Varsity. It is foolish to think otherwise.

    Current juniors and sophomores, your next season starts now. Get your butts in the weight room. Do cardio. Wrestle. Run track. Encourage your teammates to do the same. THAT'S what will make a difference next season, not what your JV record was. If you don't believe me, ask any of the seniors from RV who went 2 and 7 last year, to 11 and 2 this year. I guarantee you they'll tell you the same. Off season dedication is the key to success.

  33. Its great that the SMCC folk are so excited as to put their boys at the top already. I would hold on a minute. Several teams will bring back outstanding players, so to say SMCC on top is definitely jumping the gun.

    Riverview and Milan will be near the top with GI close behind. SMCC should be in the mix also, but not at the top. Maybe 2019. Many things change in a year and SMCC had to bring up several 10th graders to even make a competitive team, most schools did NOT do that, so there are 10th graders from many schools you haven't even seen yet. Just because other schools didn't have to bring them up doesn't mean there aren't some great ones out there.

  34. I don't understand how parents think because their son did amazing on jv, that will translate to the same on varsity. Eventually, maybe they will. Varsity sports in high school are not the same as jv. Just my opinion.

  35. FR loses a lot of talent but great coaching is now in place at FR! The coaching staff will continue to “ Find A Way” to put the pieces in place to stay successful. They will be young but they will be well coached!!!!

  36. Anyone that thinks Riverview is not the team to beat in the league next year obviously did not see their junior varsity team this year. They have a number of outstanding young players coming up. They will be a handful.

    You can’t ever sleep on St. Mary’s either. From year-to-year you never know what type of rlclass they will have coming in. Coach Kipf has done a good job there and if the kids will buy in and play for him, they will be a tough out for everyone.

    I still contend that the coaches at Milan absolutely do the best job of getting the most out of their kids. Very disciplined and assignment based football program. If Coach Hoskins can actually get kids to come out and play, they will also be strong contenders for the league title next year.

    I think you will see marked improvement from Jefferson, Airport and GI next season as well.

  37. Riverview had an awesome year. Can't really say it was a surprise although I didn't think they would beat DC and make semi finals. With the Senoirs they are losing it will be a tall order to repeat that. Saw same situation with another league team a few years back. Like I said well done Riverview this year and good luck in 18.

  38. 2018 Projections

    1. SMCC
    2. Bedford
    3. Monroe
    4. Carlson
    5. Riverview
    6. Milan
    7. Ida
    8. Grosse Ile
    9. Huron
    10. Jefferson
    11. Flat Rock
    12. Airport
    13. Dundee
    14. Erie Mason


  39. Riverview has 19 returning starters. Obviously your a SMCC fan. Riverview will win the league again and SMCC will not be at Ford Field anytime soon. Good to have high hopes though.

  40. 2018 Projections.

    1. SMCC- Ford field on the Horizon in 18 or 19
    2. Carlson – Downriver league will be improved
    3. Bedford – Will be #1 by end of 2018
    4. Riverview – lose a ton but QB is back
    5. Monroe- Return 2nd best player amongst teams covered
    6. Milan- Return the best player amongst teams covered
    7. Huron – Talent to win the league could win 7
    8. Ida- They just win. 6 wins in 18
    9.Flat Rock – One hit wonder.. or corner turned?
    10. Grosse Ile – Plenty of pieces return with tough RB
    11.Jefferson – Will surprise everyone in 18
    12. Airport- could be top 5 by end of year.
    13. Dundee- Vikings facing uphill task in 2018
    14.Erie Mason- Could be top 10 by week 3.

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