Airport All-Time Top 10 Teams

Time to start something a little new. We are going to rank the all-time teams of each school. We will only go back as far as 1950. Obviously, this is subjective. We’re not saying that certain teams would beat others, but the picks will be relative based on the era they played in. 

1. Airport 2003, 10-1

2. Airport 2002, 11-1

3. Airport 2000, 8-2

4. Airport 1999, 7-3

5. Airport 2005, 9-3

6. Airport 2007, 9-2

7. Airport 1951, 7-1

8. Airport 2009, 7-3

9. Airport 2011, 8-2

10. Airport 2006, 7-3

Agree? Disagree? Who did I leave out?

17 thoughts on “Airport All-Time Top 10 Teams”

  1. The 10:44 poster is not exaggerating, I remember a few people calling for Redmond to be fired back then. Some people are never satisfied. EM

  2. The funny thing is, people wanted Coach Redmond gone too… some parents have gotten ridiculous, I hate saying that but it’s true. Listening to some of the stuff said at games is sickening. The Jets have potential for a very successful season but the kids have to put the work in, we will see what happens. Go Jets!!

  3. Good list Gary, seems accurate to me. Those 02 and 03 teams were definitely two of the best league teams of the last 20 years or so. EM

  4. To the 4:48 poster on April 14, Airport did hire a good replacement for Redmond. Unfortunately he was fired for something he didn't do

  5. I’d put thatc02 or 03 team up against any Huron League team all-time…. the 06 team was a Qb and a monsoon away from being a special team

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