Friday Night Scores

Please submit your 1st quarter,  half time, third quarter and final scores. I will post them in between quarters of the game I’m at.

Riverview 6 SMCC 20 final

Milan 45 FR 26 final

Carlson 39 EF 21 final

Airport 47 Huron 0 final

Hudson 6 Dundee 33 final

GI 14 Jefferson 7 final

Ida 20 BCC 21 final

Monroe 20 Jackson 27 final

Bedford 40 Pinckney 20 final

Whiteford 46 Summerfield 12 final

146 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. I think Huron has moved on from the former coach. Everyone else should as well. The guy quit. Huron has a young team with a new coach, and this coach seems to be interested in building a foundation for the program. And Chris we all get it you really like Huron's former coach but move on man!
    Dan Williams

  2. In all fairness Coach Tom, I think the former coach was a nice guy and was very cooperative with us here at the blog. I would even say he was a good coach, but I would agree he was a bad fit for Huron. Corner me at a game some time and we can chat.

  3. I think the last Huron coach started finding out what was being said/done behind his back. Not saying he was a good fit (Not to mention everyone this side of the Mississippi knew he was leaving after his youngest graduated anyway) and the way he left was as unprofessional as could be but he was surely being shown the door early.

    Unfortunately it seems like these coaches have tried so hard to erase last year that it is now hurting the team. Not to mention the lack of hs coaching experience.

  4. Milan made a ton of mistakes on Friday and still won by 3 scores. One thing Hoskins and his staff excel at are cleaning things up and getting better week to week. I think they will continue to make progress.

    Milan numbers are up, but like CC, when you have under 30 kids and deal with injuries, you are gonna deal with some issues as the season goes along. After this week from what I've seen, Milan will have played the best 3 opponents in the Huron League.

    Not a believer in GI. I think they will really struggle now that the schedule gets hard, especially if they struggled to beat a down Jefferson team.

    FR/SMCC and Milan/Riverview will be great games this week. All 4 seem to be very good.

    Milan Fan

  5. I thought Mason was supposed to be some world beater from the comments people are posting? They haven't even played the 3 best teams in their league and are 1-2. Not sure they get another win this season. Possibly 1 if they can get Hudson or Dundee. Ida, BCC, Blissfiled all look very good.

  6. I can assure you that no one is scared of Huron going forward. They have plenty of talent on that team and are the biggest school along with Riverview enrollment wise in the league. They will have almost 500 more kids then FR and will lose by 40. They have the most players in the league and it's not even close. People were quick to run the last coach out, but I don't think he loses that game.

    GI beats a down Jefferson team 14-7. GI beats AP by 2 scores. Then AP beats Huron by 47? I would be very concerned with what is happening over at Huron.

    Just one persons observation

  7. You’re being disingenuous with your comment. The Riverview and SMCC QB’s go to the sideline and get the play every play as well. You saw Riverview play once this year and I’m assuming you saw SMCC last year.

  8. Well as for the Flat Rock/Milan game it was Rams once again shooting theirselves in the foot. I have never watch a high school football varsity game to where the Qb goes to the sideline each and every play. Which cause much confusion with the substitutions and really kills the momentum. Is it that difficult to send the plays in with your substitutions or with hand signals. It truly waste time and confuses the players which we seen on multiple occasions Friday night. The coaching and playing calling were fine I believe the coaches have great game plan and you can not coach those penalties. The coaches are beside themselves with the penalties which shows in the film. Once the kids get their head in the game they will be a force to reckon with…..

  9. I’ll say this about Airport that people might not realize right now. If we can get past Jefferson this week (and that’s an if because I feel this game is gonna be close) we could potentially lose the last 5 games of the year. You’re talking a 2-7 record. Don’t get me wrong here. I feel like we can compete with everyone left on the schedule. But competing and winning are 2 different things. They’re going to have to be as creative as ever with the offense against the top 4 teams in the league. Defensively we all know they’re gonna give up points in those games. We just have to outscore them.

    The Troll

  10. 9:48 Thanks to there being more than one Troll that’s exactly why nobody will ever know who I am. I’ve been the Troll for 2 years now and nobody has a clue. So thanks to the other Troll or Trolls for chiming in to keep my identity hidden even better!! Long live The Troll!! And by the way, Huron doesn’t have the talent Airport has. Sorry I just didn’t see it. Huron is extremely young and I do believe they will be a contender in the next couple years.

    The Troll

  11. Carter Scott Dundee. PLAYER OF THE WEEK- 4 catches for 133, 3 of those for TDs.
    2 for 2 on field goals of 35 and 42
    3 for 3 on extras points.
    27 points scored.

  12. Chris’s , Gary thanks for what you do with this blog! One suggestion be nice to have a thumbs up 👍 or down on people’s post comments be nice to see if others are agreeing as many won’t post a comment and sometimes it looks like a few post many. Might open some eyes when a poster sees few agree or may disagree with his thoughts.

  13. Airport was by far the better team yesterday. Their team was pumped up from the very beginning and they played strong. They wanted the win and it showed. Great job Airport!
    Huron: Both of their QB’s are sophomores. Only a handful of kids are returning varsity players (who may or may not have played last year). Four of their starters are also sophomores. All of the kids have had a new coach every year. Because of this dynamic I’d say they’re doing pretty well. Keep your heads up Huron!

  14. Huron has 1/2 a dozen sophomores starting, including a QB who hadn’t played a single snap at the position ever before and missed his freshman year with a broken leg. They’re gonna have a tough year because of youth but the rest of the league better be ready for the next couple seasons, that team will have some success because of the experience those kids are getting.

  15. You’ll never figure out who I am. I could be a coach. I could be a dad. I could be a teacher. Or I could just be one of the good ol’ Carleton people that love the program. One thing I am is a Sneaky Troll!!!

    The Troll

  16. AP fan here. I agree with Troll (still trying to figure out who you are!)
    We will see what kind of team we are in the 2nd half of league play.
    I will say that was an impressive win against Huron though. Yes, they are not the team they were the last
    Several years, but still a tough nosed Huron league school. Our offense moved ball all night and scored multiple ways, but
    To pitch a shutout was the most impressive thing. We are talking about a defense that his given up a lot of points the last few years, so that was good to see. They are small on defense, but little quicker than last couple years. Bottom line, this team will move the ball and score some points, but Defense is still going to determine how it all turns out. Keep working hard boys!

  17. Airports QB Goins threw for 196 yards on just 6 completions and 2 TDS. Also rushed for another 2 TDS. Oh and also had a pick at corner. He had a nice game. Should be up for player of the week

  18. A lot of credit needs to go out to FR last night for not giving up. Milan scored to end the half on a blocked FG attempt and to end the 3rd to go up by 2TD's both times. Both plays were team killers, yet FR some how found the will to battle back. Solid team a little undisciplined. To many flags on both teams. The refs last night thought the crowd was there to see them ref.

  19. I think Airport has found their grove. Some tough plays vs GI last week and this team was short handed and still did what they needed. We are finally seeing some results from the Duffy legacy . I think Airport will scilence the critics over the next few weeks. We are getting our identity. The rest of the league should smell the jet fuel off in the horizon. I have sources in the program that say the playbook hasn’t even been opened up.

    Jets 4 Life

  20. As an Airport guy I’m glad they got the win don’t get me wrong. Hopefully it’s a stepping stone. Next week is Jefferson but it gets brutal after that. I still don’t know what to think of them until they play Flat Rock. The upper teams in the league are Milan, CC, Riverview, and Flat Rock. Until we compete with one of them I don’t want to give too much credit for what Airport did against Huron. I’m glad everyone got to play though.

    The Troll

  21. LOL. Funny to see FR is going to be 1-3 after week 4. They're not going to beat GI either. So 1-4 going into week 6. Face it, last year was their year. It's all down hill.

  22. 10:01 People need to wake up and realize Level Pebble just ain't that good. They're 1-2, and really could have been 0-3.

  23. Milan’s win was definitely a team effort!!! I love how they all work together and get things done!!! On to the next game!!! Go Big Reds!!!

  24. Airport didn't look like the same team or same coaching staff. Airport kids responded well to having 4 starters not playing. the coaches did a nice job of mixing up play calling, the kids seemed really prepared on both sides of the ball, defense looked like they are starting to "get it", #4 is just playing on another level, DB's played better coverage, and QB looked comfortable on passes and ran well.
    Huron…don't sleep on them. they have big talented kids, QB sees the field really well, throws a good ball, mechanics are great, just not very accurate (he's young it will come)if his accuracy was even a little better, the score would NOT have been so lopsided. his receivers were open multiple times and he just missed them. backs are quick and shifty. coaches…I agree with what they were trying to do and would have had the same attack plan. they keyed on Bondy (but others stepped it up)it just didn't work out because Airport stepped up their game better than Huron and it was just their night.

    Hi Danielle


  26. Milan’s offense was quite impressive last night. So was Flat Rocks. Both teams had some great wrinkles and you could tell the chess match the coaches were playing. Flat Rock shut down 44 in the second half but that opened up Hines to make some huge plays. Hines is the biggest playmaker in the league and it was obvious last night. Flat Rock needs to punch it in in the red zone, can’t beat yourselves when you playing teams 400+ kids bigger than your enrollment. Put in the T for goaline? Idk but gotta figure that out!

  27. What is up with Flat Rock? They have the best QB in the league and should be 3-0 right now.
    They have so many coaches on the sideline, not sure why all the penalties, mental mistakes, lack of ability to score in re zone.
    They need to get it done this year, cause this is it for a while.
    I keep reading about great coaching, but have not seen it in past couple of weeks.
    Time to wake up Flat Rock.

  28. So much for Monroe getting that #2 power ranking spot by week 5. Don’t tell me you had Jackson as one of the losses Chris and Gary.

    The Troll

  29. Hats off to SMCC for a great game. I knew our boys were in for a fight when I saw that they lost and how they lost last week. It’s hard to beat a good team under normal circumstances but throw in the fact they’re coming off a tough home loss, a bunch of penalties (all legit) and a few injuries (happens to everyone) and we certainly didn’t make it any easier on ourselves.
    But who knows….it took a loss to FR last year to wake that team up maybe the same will happen here.

  30. If Milan wins next week, look for them to win out and win the league outright. No one else has a chance to beat them. RV might not stand a chance, if the team that played last night shows up next week.

  31. How about some love for Whiteford. Defending champs and just absolutely rolling this year. Best team around here right now in my opinion. Tough to get out to watch them, but worth the drive.

  32. SMCC played a great game but Riverview didn't help themselves with some big holding calls against them. They took away first downs and gave them 3rd and longs. Hard to over come that especially in the full house formation.

  33. Just like last year the championship will be decided in the first 4 games. With all do respect to GI, they are not on a level of the top their. Flat Rock can play with anyone but they are just slightly behind the big 3. Riverview vs Milan will be a great game. Milan is average in D but very above average in O.

    I can see Riverview beating Milan and Flat Rock beating SMCC but the reverse could happen as well. What a great year!

  34. Don't let someone telling you Bridgeport is not a good defense make you rant on and on about how great they are when they are clearly not a good defense.

  35. From what I saw Huron just doesn’t have the kids this year like the last few years. They have the numbers but not the players. They seemed young and they will get better each year. The QB looks promising. Not sure how GI only beat Jefferson 14-7 after beating Airport though. Then Airport beats Huron by 47 even while playing a couple 2 way players short.

  36. 11:13, where does it say that AP thinks they will win the league now?
    It’s was a dominating win tonight, against a down Huron team, but I don’t read anywhere on here where we think that. Maybe just sour grapes from a Huron fan or another fan trying to stir something up. Either way, the kids, staff and fans will take the win tonight and hopefully build From it.

  37. Who cares about Bridgeport lol.

    I will say that they have played 3 good teams so far. Alma and Milan are 3-0. Frankenmuth is 2-1 with a loss to Saginaw Swan Vally who is always really good. Don't let one dad saying they were a great team just your feelings so bad lol

    Milan Fan

  38. Milan had just as many penalties, if not more than Flat Rock tonight. The refs tried to control the game instead of letting the little things go. There were some obvious penalties by both teams, but the refs were absolutly terrible. Any 50/50 call, a flag was thrown. Exciting game with lots of big plays for both teams, but I'm guessing there were between 30-40 flags thrown in all. Game didn't get over until after 10:00.

  39. Milan is good! View is good! Hoping that View bears Milan!
    But Mostly, just that all these boys stay healthy. High school football is the best. Enjoy every minute boys.
    Falcon Fan

  40. Conditioning conditioning conditioning. View scored first and looked unstoppable on that scoring drive but it seemed by the 2nd, these larger lineman this year were gassed. CCs line was way way waaay more conditioned than the bucs it seemed. I hope this isnt perceived as bashing the team or anything as I hope they will be good and have faith in them (see what I did) Gary and Chris I know for a fact you both attended the game, I'd love to hear if you guys agree with me.

  41. Milan is good! View is good! Hoping that View bears Milan!
    But Mostly, just that all these boys stay healthy. High school football is the best. Enjoy every minute boys.
    Falcon Fan

  42. The Huron League and LCAA are shaping up for exciting seasons. As a Mason alum, congratulations to Dundee on their big win tonight but lets not crown them yet, their first 3 games were against BAD opponents, if they can find a way to hang with Ida then I will start drinking the kool aid. No disrespect to their team and coaches but Ann Arbor Huron, Stockbridge, and a young Hudson team are hardly anything to get excited about. Should be an exciting game next week in Ida. I don't think their win over Hudson is going to be the only upset of the week however, just watch and see what happens tomorrow night in Hillsdale!!!!

  43. Cc won the battle up front. I think the game was a little closer than the score but untimely holding calls and a few long off tackle runs did not help. View will still be a good team but will need to play with fewer mistakes to beat Milan.

  44. How about Dundee punking the reigning LCAA Champs 33-6? That Carter Scott kid is a BEAST…accounted for 27 of the 33 points

  45. Milan / Flat Rock had so many emotional swings. Only negative thing I can say is Milan has a lot of kids that play both ways and their D was gassed by the end. Flat Rock is not explosive, but vs a tired Milan D they were very explosive. Milan’s lack of depth could hurt them towards the end of the year.

    Flat Rock needs to get the penalties under control. They really are their own worst enemy. I’ve never seen a team on any level, including little league get so many penalties. Illegal formation, procedure, illegal substitution, 12 men in the huddle,… on multiple occasions.

    On a drive to tie the game Flat Rock had a holding, illegal formation, illegal procedure , and illegal substitution on 4 consecutive plays. And they still almost converted it.

  46. Yes Gary I agree, I just didn't understand why he kept running it ? Maybe seen something? But hey I'll take that win any day..CC played well n physical tonight…Flat Rock will be tough next week also…

  47. Well I guess this year's Riverview team isn't quite as good as last years. That's right a special team like last year really does only comes around once in a while.

  48. Huron's coaches are playing checkers while the other teams are playing chess. Those kids were unprepared tonight in all phases of the game and it showed. Bigly.

  49. I told Chris and Gary before the season that they were grossly underestimating a team in the HL. Keep picking against them boys. Gary assumed it was GI. Wrong answer JBR

  50. 11:00 I was thinking (and saying) the same thing. Coach saw something and kept trying to exploit it, to no avail. But. Whatever the case. That was a gritty gutty Victor for the Falcons over a very good Riverview squad.

  51. CC totally dominated Riverview tonight, they really did …that's a big win, I will say this kipf kept running the trap and I don't know why ? The view stopped it second half..they couldn't stop the power .

  52. Milan has a lot of offensive weapons. 44 and 7 are for real. Put 9 and 10 in the box to stop 44 and the running game 7 will eat you a live 1 on 1 on the outside. Give safety help and 44 will burn you. WOW

  53. That was a winnable game for Riverview. But penalties kill drives. Got to be more disciplined.
    Forget the million dollar weight room. Line up for some sprints.

  54. Flat Rock back to back weeks of costly penalties. Not sure what is going on. For giving up huge plays and bad penslties they still had the ball with 7 minutes left with a chance to tie or take the lead. If they played with some discipline they would be 3-0. False starts, illegal motion and offsides at key times in the game. They didn’t quit, but hard to win with that many mental mistakes.

  55. Milan /Flat Rock had to have 30 penalties called. If a player flinched… they threw a flag. The game took 3 HOURS! Both teams played very hard and the flat rock quarterback is the truth. He is one heck of a player. It was great to see 2 good teams play hard and show great sportsmanship helping each other up and patting each other on the head. While done kids.

  56. Am I missing something, why is Blosser not running the ball like he did last year. Huron wake up and please keep your composure.

  57. I think flat Rock had at least 10 unforced penalties. 4 straight on one series. I am not sure what is going on. But you will not win with 2nd and 26 being the norm.

  58. 10:19- RV licking their wounds after that asskicking. SMCC has 24 well conditioned athletes. They put the Bucs on their behinds tonight. RV has more talent, but sometimes hard work beats talent, and RV got that lesson tonight. Back to the million dollar weight room boys, you need it.

  59. Come on HURON! If you can’t stop Hold a team to 3-4 touchdowns and you can’t score one or two touchdowns. It’s time for coaches to turn around and try something else. Horrible show HURON!

  60. SMCC does its homework boys. They find predictability in your offense, they will shut you down. You must put in new material the week you play them. FILM, FILM, FILM.

    They get the lead, that's it, they will grind it out. We all know this, so why can't teams better than them stop them. Riverview should have won tonight, but SMCC had the better game plan.

  61. Great game between GI and Jefferson. Jefferson had their chances, could only get it in the end zone once. Jefferson lost starting QB for final drive or it could have went to the wire.

    GI too fancy for their own good, stick to the basics and you will beat most of the league. No huddle most of game,last second play calling, kids looking at armbands on the snap, trying to run college passing routes with high school kids. QB does have good arm, but needs a few Calvin Johnsons out there to corral those passes.

    Exciting game to watch. Well played by both. GI's defense stepped up when Bears got to the red zone.

    Hang in there bears. The wins will come. Hope the QB is alright.

  62. Milan vs flat rock great Game. Flat rock made some HUGE very costly mistakes. But hats off to Milan. Playing Milan is a chess match. Stack to box to stop #44 and #7 is lethal in one on one coverage. Put a safety over 7 and 44 finds daylight. Milan will beat Riverview. They run flat rock O but with more weapons. Congrats to Milan on their league championship.

  63. Lol… Once again Flat Rock undisciplined. With a chance to go up at half, false start at Milan 2. Forces a field goal, blocked for Milan TD. Unreal turn of events.

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