2018 Week 9 Picks

Carlson (7-1) @ Lincoln Park (0-8)
Chris’s Pick: Carlson 42 Lincoln Park 0
Gary’s Pick:  Carlson Many Lincoln Park Few
Frank’s Pick: Carlson 48 Lincoln Park 6

Whiteford (8-0) @ Britton-Deerfield (1-7)
Chris’s Pick: Whiteford 100 B-D 0
Gary’s Pick:  Whiteford 68 B-D 0
Frank’s Pick: Whiteford 54 B-D 14

Summerfield (4-4) @ Morenci (2-6)
Chris’s Pick: Summerfield 27 Morenci 14
Gary’s Pick:  Summerfield 28 Morenci 7
Frank’s Pick: Summerfield 34 Morenci 14

Ida (6-2) @ Blissfield (5-3)
Chris’s Pick: Ida 28 Blissfield 27
Gary’s Pick:  Ida 30 Blissfield 24
Frank’s Pick: Ida 28 Blissfield 14

Dundee (5-3) @ Hillsdale (7-1)
Chris’s Pick: Hillsdale 27 Dundee 21
Gary’s Pick:  Hillsdale 29 Dundee 28
Frank’s Pick: Dundee 17 Hillsdale 14

Onsted (2-6) @ Erie Mason (1-8)
Chris’s Pick: Onsted 42 Erie Mason 34
Gary’s Pick:  Onsted 40 Erie Mason 21
Frank’s Pick: Onsted 21 Erie Mason 14

Lake Orion (4-4) @ Monroe (6-2)
Chris’s Pick: Lake Orion 24 Monroe 21
Gary’s Pick:  Monroe 28 Lake Orion 21
Frank’s Pick: Monroe 35 Lake Orion 21

Coldwater (3-5) @ Bedford (4-4)
Chris’s Pick: Bedford 32 Coldwater 17
Gary’s Pick:  Bedford 38 Coldwater 19
Frank’s Pick: Bedford 35 Coldwater 14

Redford Union (2-6) @ Riverview (6-2)
Chris’s Pick: Riverview 38 Redford Union 12
Gary’s Pick:  Riverview 40 Redford Union 14
Frank’s Pick: Riverview 42 Redford Union 14

Ypsi Lincoln (4-4) @ Milan (6-2)
Chris’s Pick: Milan 28 Lincoln 27
Gary’s Pick:  Milan 31 Lincoln 27
Frank’s Pick: Milan 34 Lincoln 28

Notre Dame Prep (4-4) @ SMCC (6-2)
Chris’s Pick: SMCC 30 NDP 28
Gary’s Pick:  SMCC 21 NDP 18
Frank’s Pick: NDP 27 SMCC 21

Tecumseh (2-6) @ Airport (3-5)
Chris’s Pick: Airport 28 Tecumseh 21
Gary’s Pick:  Airport 34 Tecumseh 28
Frank’s Pick: Airport 28 Tecumseh 21

Ann Arbor Huron (0-8) @ Flat Rock (3-5)
Chris’s Pick: Flat Rock 31 A2 Huron 18
Gary’s Pick:  Flat Rock 30 A2 Huron 21
Frank’s Pick: Flat Rock 21 A2 Huron 16

Huron (1-7) @ Garden City (6-2)
Chris’s Pick: Garden City 22 Huron 17
Gary’s Pick:  Garden City 24 Huron 19
Frank’s Pick: Garden City 23 Huron 7

Royal Oak (4-4) @ Jefferson (0-8)
Chris’s Pick: Royal Oak 14 Jefferson 13
Gary’s Pick:  Royal Oak 29 Jefferson 22
Frank’s Pick: Royal Oak 35 Jefferson 13

Gerweck Nissan Game of the Week
Grosse Ile (8-0) @ Crestwood (8-0)
Chris’s Pick: GI 30 Crestwood 21
Gary’s Pick:  GI 33 Crestwood 24
Frank’s Pick: Crestwood 28 GI 24

Overall Predictions
Chris: last week 11-0, overall 77-14
Gary: last week 10-1, overall 75-16
Frank: last week 10-1, overall 72-19

18 thoughts on “2018 Week 9 Picks”

  1. Muskegon won on luck last night. All of the breaks went our way, for once. The biggest play, besides the fumble recovery with 30 seconds left, was the sure touchdown on 4th down that was dropped by King in the end zone. Muskegon got outplayed, something I haven’t seen very many times. As much as I love my Big Reds, the better team did not win the game. With that being said, I hope they pick up their passing game. As we get deeper into the playoffs, we’re going to be too predictable, stack the box, and force the pass. EGR should be a good game next Friday.

    this from a Muskegon fan.

  2. I wasnt there. I talked to a few Musky people and they all said they were very fortunate to win. I think King fumbled going in for the winning TD. Something crazy like that. Ill see if I can find out exactly what happened.

  3. Gary, what do you mean Muskegeon shouldn't have won? you can't just make a statement like that and not elaborate. Were you there?

  4. Huron League born and raised…Now live and coach high school football on the west side of the state…coached against Muskegon earlier in the year and I have never seen a high school team like them ever…I will take them against anyone in the state. Best of luck to the Grosse Ile Red Devils tomorrow.

    – RedDevil10

  5. I see all the so called experts in the Detroit news are picking Crestwood over GI come-on devil's do the Huron league proud.

  6. New projections have GI in D4. If I had to guess as to who has the best shot to win a regional it would be GI.

    King could very well end up in D3, that would put a big damper on Carlson and Views's chances. King is maybe the best team in the state.

    SMCC would have to get by Whiteford(and vice versa). The winner of that game could very well have RG-Richard in the Regional. Which would be a much easier game, however Richard is pretty good.

    October 18, 2018 at 6:28 AM Delete

  7. Was just looking on snooze2you and they have Grosse Ile abck up in Div. 4 in a ditrict with Milan. Could be interesting

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