8 thoughts on “Huron League Champs Poll”

  1. With the line that riverview has it’s going to be hard to stop them and don’t know if the one kid number 3 for them is still there but if he is that kid is good and thomas gardner oh man but flat rock if davis has some help that will be hard to stop milan don’t really know yes hines is very good but does he have the help smcc will be hard to bet this year grosse ile had one good year and done week 4 is for the huron league smcc and riverview

    1. Yes Number 3 is still there, and yes Thomas Gardner has fully recovered
      There’s mutiple talented skill players there this year with a Gigantic offensive line
      This should be a very good year for the Pirates
      I do agree with you week 4 should determine the league champ
      But anything can happen

      1. always love the good cc verse Riverview battles. Two T teams going up against each other. my favorite one that I have ever watched was in 2016 season when SMCC pulled off a win 14-12 over the view

    2. From what I know about returning talent I would probably lean towards Riverview. I work with a Riverview parent and he told me the kid that was supposed to start at QB quit football to concentrate on basketball, whether that has a impact remains to be seen. I know SMCC will be in the mix as usual and never count out the Big Reds. Grossed Ile is still the champs until someone proves otherwise, not sure how many starters they have coming back. Flat Rock will be a tough out for most opponents with some good experience returning. Hopefully my Jets can stay competitive and have a shot at getting to the playoffs, they lost alot from last year. Looking forward to that opener vs Ida. Should be another fun year in the Huron League.

      1. EM yes your correct on the QB don’t know if he would have been the starter or not
        The talent returning for Riverview is a lot plus you add Gardner to it who missed last year due to injury and there deeper
        Most teams in Huron league lost a lot
        Milan is down to Hines and furtney if he plays
        Airport lost everyone
        Smcc still has a lot of talent
        GI has there 2 middle linebackers lost everyone else
        Flat Rock only Davis
        Huron I know 0 about
        Jefferson might be a dark horse
        See we’re I’m going with all these
        Smcc and View are probably by far the top 2

  2. It’s going to be a 2 dog race between SMCc and Riverview
    Who wins their match up will probably win the league
    SMCC has 3 good returners coming back
    Riverview has a Senior based O line and D line plus the return of one of the best defensive players in the area
    It will be a competitive league but these teams should be the stand outs

    1. I wouldn’t doubt Milan being in the mix. Hines is still the best athlete in the Huron league. Get that kid in space. Oh man

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