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Which score/result surprised you the most in week 4?

Chris: I was really surprised by the Milan/Flat Rock score of 57-43. How often do you see 100 points scored. Do teams play defense anymore or are the offenses just that good.

Frank: SMCC beating Riverview by 17. I think it’s safe to say that while Milan may be a bad matchup for the Falcons, SMCC is now Riverview’s kryptonite. The Falcons are still alive in the Huron League race, and will now be rooting for the Pirates to knock off Milan to keep their hopes alive for a Huron League Crown.

Gary: I was surprised most by the way SMCC beat Riverview. Very dominant effort by the Falcons. Doubled them in yardage and points.

Which team is trending up?

Chris: I like what Airport is doing right now. Friday’s victory over Huron was a big win, in what could have easily been a loss. The Jets now sit at 3-1 with Jefferson up next.

Frank: I’ll say SMCC is back on the upswing after defeating Riverview by 17, but I also have to go with Dundee after they defeated arch-rival Ida in an instant classic. The Vikings had struggled in close games in the past, but they were able to make the plays needed to win a nail biter.

Gary: Let’s go with the Kicking Mules this week. Hitting stride at a really good time. The Wing T is putting up some points.

Which game appeals to you in week 5?

Chris: Erie Mason at Ida jumps out at me. The Streaks while sitting at 1-3, still have an outside shot at the playoffs if they can get by Mason. Although a week 9 game against Blissfield could stand in their way of a 7th straight playoff appearance. The Eagles (2-2) need this victory if they want people to believe that they can compete in the LCAA and that they are a legitimate playoff caliber team

Frank: Blissfield at Dundee. How will the Vikings perform in this one after an emotional win? The Royals are a favorite in the LCAA, but the Vikings have put up a fight in recent meetings, as the last two meetings have been decided by a combined 11 points.

Gary: Does Milan play Riverview this week? I think so… Huron League is on the line. #1 game this week with a bang!

10 thoughts on “Questions with FNV Staff”

  1. What did you guys think of the dominate 2nd half for Milan in the Riverview – Milan game? Crappy weather but they played well.

  2. How bout that Bear-raid offense! They dug down deep and believed in themselves started slinging the ball around the island and had the best comeback win in over a decade! Go Bears!!!

  3. The Jefferson/GI score was very surprising. It was a great game to watch. You could see things unfolding, but something always seems to backfire in high school games.

    Not this one, everything played out, if your a Jefferson fan, and it was very exciting. I’m sure Jefferson had well over 200 yards passing for the first time ever. Jefferson was down 24-6 midway through the 3rd quarter and pulled it out.

    I know GI is 0-4 but Jefferson has had 1 win since 2016, so this is a major upset by Jefferson standards.

    1. We could very well have a three way tie. Even if Milan does get past the view this week doesn’t mean their road gets any easier. I would not want to play Riverview after last week. Milan controls their own destiny at this point. The one sleeper to knock of Milan may be Airport. I think that airport matches up very well personnel wise. That being said. Any team in the Huron League can win any given week. There is good talent on these teams, and can’t over look them. Airport almost caught cc looking ahead to Milan, and smacked them around in the first half. Unfortunately for Airport they couldn’t land the knock out blow. Same can happen for any other team in the league. Flat Rock and Huron are very athletic teams. Jefferson may have found the offense that works for them, and a gain of confidence.

  4. When your quarterback throws for 5 touchdowns and rushes for 1 that should be enough to win a game. It’s almost impossible to win when your defense gives up 57 points. Flat rock/Milan

    1. While Flat Rock was very good on offense, Milan was close to perfect. Zero punts and zero turnovers for the game. The only drive that didn’t end in a Milan score was when they took a knee to end the game.

      #14 for Flat Rock was formidable when he got loose against defensive backs, but Milan has to be able to tackle better going forward.

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