Week 4 FNV Staff Picks

Monroe (1-2) @ Pioneer (1-2)

Chris: Pioneer 28 Monroe 27

Frank: Pioneer 35 Monroe 31

Gary: Pioneer 30 Monroe 21

Skyline (0-3) @ Bedford (2-1)

Chris: Bedford 30 Skyline 17

Frank: Bedford 42 Skyline 14

Gary: Bedford 33 Skyline 21

Hudson (1-2) @ Erie Mason (2-1)

Chris: Hudson 40 Erie Mason 36

Frank: Erie Mason 44 Hudson 32

Gary: Erie Mason 48 Hudson 42

Summerfield (1-2) @ Stockbridge (0-3)

Chris: Stockbridge 35 Summerfield 33

Frank: Stockbridge 38 Summerfield 32

Gary: Summerfield 29 Stockbridge 27

Adrian Madison (1-2) @ Whiteford (1-2)

Chris: Whiteford 36 Madison 20

Frank: Whiteford 48 Madison 16

Gary: Whiteford 40 Madison 30

Carlson (1-2) @ Taylor (0-3)

Chris: Carlson 40 Taylor 12

Frank: Carlson 48 Taylor 14

Gary: Carlson 44 Taylor 13

Airport (2-1) @ Huron (2-1)

Chris: Airport 28 Huron 17

Frank: Airport 28 Huron 27

Gary: Airport 20 Huron 13

Jefferson (1-2) @ Grosse Ile (0-3)

Chris Grosse Ile 24 Jefferson 20

Frank: Grosse Ile 31 Jefferson 28

Gary: Grosse Ile 22 Jefferson 18

Flat Rock (1-2) @ Milan (3-0)

Chris: Milan 35 Flat Rock 20

Frank: Milan 35 Flat Rock 20

Gary: Milan 27 Flat Rock 24

Riverview (3-0) @ SMCC (2-1)

Chris: SMCC 22 Riverview 20

Frank: Riverview 24 SMCC 17

Gary: Riverview 21 SMCC 14

GERWECK NISSAN Game of the Week

Ida (1-2) @ Dundee (2-1)

Chris Dundee 20 Ida 14

Frank: Dundee 21 Ida 16

Gary: Ida 21 Dundee 20

11 thoughts on “Week 4 FNV Staff Picks”

  1. Looking forward to what should be an entertaining game at Huron tomorrow. The difference I believe Airport’s offense will be too tough for Huron to stop. Huron gonna have to score alot of points to keep up. Airport by 2 TDs

  2. Riverview over SMCC by ALOT- My heart says SMCC but logic says Riverview, they’re a machine right now

    Ida by 24 over Dundee…Dundee has only scored 28 points on them in 4 years people! get real! 7 points a year on them!

    Pioneer by 14

    Carlson, Milan, Airport, Bedford, Grosse Ile all by 16+

    Stockbridge over Summerfield

    Mason over Hudson – never thought I would say that

      1. Dundee has several 3 year starters. Those kids plus the coaches have combined for a whopping total of 9 points over the last 2 years. I am not trying to put down a group of kids but statistics don’t lie. Some teams just don’t match up well with others and Ida and Dundee has been a good example of that. Ida has had speed and size that separated them from the rest of the LCAA up until last year. Ida still has great team speed, and some type of athletes that Dundee hasn’t seen with Sampson and Gianino. Those cats are on a different level and I think they are the difference makers tomorrow night.

        I’m not a Dundee hater, it would be great to see them get this monkey off their back but the statistics don’t lie. The only winning team Dundee has played is Summit Academy, a charter school! and got waxed. Ida’s 2 losses are to teams that will be playing in November. Facts are facts, best of luck to both teams but I don’t see the upset happening this year Vikings

  3. SMCC/Riveriview is a coin flip. I see SMCC jumping out quick. Question is can the put the pedal down and finish it or do they let riverview hang in the game. If they let riverview hang around, riverview pulls it out late. Also, note who ever controls the line of scrimmage and keeps the other teams defense out there wins. Tough one to call, a lot of scenarios could happen in this one I got 35 – 24 Falcons

    Milan – Flat Rock is the definition of a trap game for Milan. No slight to flat rock there as they are a very talented team. game is closer than people think 35 – 29 Milan.

    Jefferson – GI on the Island, GI hungry for a win. I think Jefferson keeps this close. 35 – 27 GI

    Monroe Pioneer – too much tradition at Pioneer, and Pioneer has owned the series for the past decade. Pioneer – 35 – 21

    Carlson – Taylor – Carlson gets back on a roll in a big way 49 – 14

    Dundee – Ida – Dundee finally gets one on Ida 28 – 14

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