16 thoughts on “FNV 2019 Week 7 Video Picks”

  1. It’s simple for Airport.. lose this game and you are probably on the outside looking in for playoffs. Even though I’ve said this every game, this is a game where you have to see how these young men respond after last weeks loss. Power football with Pac all 4 quarters. Set the tone early!

  2. There’s not any teams remaining on SMCC’s schedule that they can’t beat convincingly. That includes Snooze2you predictions in districts and regional. In fact I don’t see anyone standing in there way to Ford field and a state championship in D6. The D7 teams are better competition. Just an honest observation.

    1. Pretty bold. Plenty of strong teams in D6. A district with Blissfield and Hillsdsle is certainly possible. Not easy whatsoever.

    2. Here is a graph displaying the number of undefeated teams in each division according to snooze. (not including 8-player divisions). If you judge the difficulty of divisions solely on the quantity of undefeated teams in the division, this is a good representation. There are a variety of other factors to consider when determining how tough a division is compared with another division but I think this is a good indicator.

      O 12 X
      F 11
      10 X
      U 9
      N 8
      D 7 X
      6 X X X
      T 5 X
      E 4 X
      A 3
      M 2
      S 1
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

      According to this one statistic, D5 and D7 appear to be the toughest divisions. No road to Ford field is easy but SMCC is right where they want to be.

      ******Keep in mind this is the number of undefeated teams through week 6. A lot can change in the final 3 weeks.

    3. We have an age minimum for those who post. You have posted 10 times this year, and most of them come off like they were written by an angry child.

  3. We are going to spank SMCC. They’re going to experience a beat down for the 2nd straight year. JV too, you guys are coming to the island where your 5-1 well publicized record will be on the line. Here we Go! Shirts better be tucked in and all focus on the game Falcons. You better keep our locker room clean too. No bottles on the ground. Or there will be a PUNISHMENT!

    1. You’re crazy. SMCC will win by double digits. You are 1-5 to CC’s 5-1, taking L’s from teams like Jefferson in the process. Show some respect and humble yourself before the Falcons have to make you friday night.

      1. Must be a freshman that just got pulled up. Never heard of this kid before. Either way I doubt he will put on a show against SMCC. He didnt against us

    2. Do we really think that a GI parent would come on here and talk trash? Read what was written. Obviously someone other than a GI parent trying to stir things up. Silly, really.

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