8 thoughts on “FNV 2019 Week 8 Video Picks”

  1. big red football mom

    You got to be kidding me Gary, REALLY…. AIRPORT!!!! LOL
    I don’t think so!!…. WE may have had a slightly hard time last week, but they’re definitely ready this week!!


    Besides all of our runners you totally underestimate our o-line!! Cartwright#66, Ritchie#76, Monahan#75, Pennington#58 & Lewallen#56 … Or boys WILL BE AND ARE READY to bring home the 8-0!!!

    You’ll be eating your words friend!!

  2. I can’t believe you had the gonads to pick Airport over Milan!! If Airport wins can we get Frank to interview Duffy after the game?

  3. If Airport beats Milan how does that play out for the HL title? Is it still Milan’s outright or do they split it w CC?

    It would be wild to see CC when a state title w/out winning their conference. Call it the Bama special. Either way, I’ll be rooting for both squads come playoff time. Great coaches, kids and players and any HL success just makes the league look better, right?

    I’m gonna nit pick for a second here though and “defend” my Bucs. When discussing Riverview v GI it was mentioned how young GI is being a lot of juniors. This is no slight to them (I actually spent part of my Saturday a couple weeks back talking w Pizzo’s dad who I’ve known most of my life as our youngest boys played each other in city league football) and I know Chris has mentioned it too but the Bucs are very young. Our leading rusher is just a junior and the other two starting backs are a junior and sophomore respectively. Thompson (so) is in his second year of varsity already and starts at MLB as well. O line will graduate some talent for sure but we’ve got another 2 year starter already making a difference at TE and 2 other of our starting line will be back next year.
    On defense our top tacklers are all coming back including possibly our best defensive player who is just a sophomore. Poe’s int totals will be hard to replace but there are a few guys with his speed waiting for their shot and they are just sophomores as well.

    Granted – all of this comes from a dad of a View player but I wouldn’t count them out the rest of this year or certainly not next year just yet.

  4. In Gary’s defense, I gave up trying to say “rivalry week” a long time ago. I just own it that I’m probably going to say “wivawee week”.

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