FNV Week 3 Playoff Picks:

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Division 1

Hudsonville (8-3)  at Brighton (9-2)

Chris: Hudsonville 27 Brighton 24

Frank: Brighton 34 Hudsonville 31

Gary: Hudsonville 30 Brighton 28

West Bloomfield (10-1)  at Belleville (11-0) 

Chris: Belleville: 21 West Bloomfield 10

Frank: Belleville 42 West Bloomfield 38

Gary: Belleville 35 West Bloomfield 26

Utica Eisenhower (9-2)  at Davison (9-2)

Chris: Eisenhower 20 Davison 17

Frank: Davison 28 Eisenhower 27

Gary: Davison 23 Eisenhower 20

Detroit Cass Tech (7-4)  at Sterling Heights Stevenson (7-4) 

Chris: Cass Tech 28 Stevenson 27

Frank: Cass Tech 32 Stevenson 21

Gary: Cass Tech 28 Stevenson 24

Division 2

Muskegon Mona Shores (9-2)  at Portage Northern (10-1) 

Chris: Mona Shores 21 Northern 17

Frank: Mona Shores 28 Northern 27

Gary: Mona Shores 35 Northern 31

Livonia Churchill (7-4) at Walled Lake Western (10-1) 

Chris: Western 34 Churchill 28

Frank: Western 33 Churchill 28

Gary: Western 34 Churchill 29

 Detroit U-D Jesuit (8-3) at Detroit Martin Luther King (9-2)

Chris: King 32 Detroit Jesuit 24

Frank: King 42 Detroit Jesuit 29

Gary: King 38 Detroit Jesuit 17

Port Huron (8-3)  at Birmingham Seaholm (8-3) 

Chris: Seaholm 17 Port Huron 14

Frank: Seaholm 37 Port Huron 28

Gary: Seaholm 34 Port Huron 21

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Division 3

East Grand Rapids (8-3) at Muskegon (11-0)

Chris: Muskegon 34 East Grand Rapids 20

Frank: Muskegon 40 East Grand Rapids 20

Gary: Muskegon30 East Grand Rapids 21

DeWitt (9-2)  at Edwardsburg (11-0) 

Chris: Edwardsburg 34 DeWitt 21

Frank: Edwardsburg 38 DeWitt 32

Gary: Edwardsburg 28 DeWitt 27

Allen Park (9-2)  at Chelsea (11-0) 

Chris: Chelsea 28 Allen Park 14

Frank: Chelsea 38 Allen park 34

Gary: Allen Park 28 Chelsea 27

River Rouge (10-1)  at Orchard Lake St Mary’s (10-1)

Chris: River Rouge 28 OLSM 27

Frank: OLSM 37 River Rouge 34

Gary: OLSM 14 River Rouge 10

Division 4

Cadillac (7-4) at Grand Rapids Catholic Central (10-1) 

Chris: GRCC 38 Cadillac 17

Frank: GRCC 34 Cadillac 20

Gary: GRCC 40 Cadillac 14

Hudsonville Unity Christian (8-3)  at Paw Paw (10-1) 

Chris: Unity Christian 21 Paw Paw 20

Frank: Unity Christian 27 Paw Paw 20

Gary: Unity Christian 20 Paw Paw 14

Flint Powers Catholic (9-2) at Pontiac Notre Dame Prep (10-1)

Chris: Notre Dame Prep 28 Powers 26

Frank: Notre Dame 28 Powers 25

Gary: Notre Dame 18 Powers 16

Milan (11-0)  at Detroit Country Day (11-0) 

Chris: Country Day 27 Milan 21

Frank: Country Day 31 Milan 26

Gary: Country 24 Milan 20

Division 5

Freeland (9-2)  at Kingsley (11-0) 

Chris: Kingsley 31 Freeland 28

Frank: Kingsley 33 Freeland 24

Gary: Kingsley 30 Freeland 14

 Kalamazoo Hackett Catholic Prep (7-4)  at Lansing Catholic (10-1) 

Chris: Lansing Catholic 38 Hackett 28

Frank: Lansing 28 Hackett 22

Gary: Lansing Catholic 30 Hackett 28

Saginaw Swan Valley (8-3)  at Almont (11-0) 

Chris: Almont 37 Swan Valley 28

Frank: Almont 43 Swan Valley 35

Gary: Almont 24 Swan Valley 21

Dearborn Heights Robichaud (9-2) 76.486 at Detroit Denby (9-2) 

Chris: Denby 32 Robichaud 20

Frank: Denby 32 Robichuad 28

Gary: Deby 28 Robichaud 13

Division 6

Maple City Glen Lake (10-1)  at Calumet (10-1) 

Chris: Calumet 21 Glen Lake 20

Frank: Calumet 26 Glen Lake 24

Gary: Calumet 34 Glen Lake 30

Sanford Meridian (8-3)  at Montague (9-2)

Chris: Montague 34 Sanford Meridian 26

Frank: Montague 31 Sanford Meridian 29

Gary: Montague 28 Sanford Meridian 20

Onsted (9-2)  at Hillsdale (11-0) 

Chris: Hillsdale 32 Onsted 30

Frank: Hillsdale 42 Onsted 28

Gary: Hillsdale 27 Onsted 24

Montrose (10-1) 83.556 at Monroe St Mary Catholic Central (9-1) 

Chris: SMCC 30 Montrose 28

Frank: SMCC 31 Montrose 28

Gary: SMCC 28 Montrose 26

Division 7

Traverse City St Francis (8-3)  at Iron Mountain (11-0) 

Chris: Iron Mountain 17 St. Francis 15

Frank: Iron Mountain 35 St. Francis 29

Gary: Iron Mountain 21 St. Francis 20

Pewamo-Westphalia (11-0)  at New Lothrop (11-0) 

Chris: New Lothrop 27 Pewamo-Westphailia 21

Frank: New Lothrop 42 Pewamo-Westphalia 38

Gary: New Loptrop 20 Pewamo-Westphalia 17

Schoolcraft (10-1) at Jackson Lumen Christi (10-0) 

Chris: Lumen Christi 21 Schoolcraft 20

Frank: Lumen Christi 33 Schoolcraft 32

Gary: Lumen Christi 21 Schoolcraft 14

Detroit Loyola (6-4) at Cass City (10-1)

Chris: Cass City 13 Loyola 12

Frank: Cass City 27 LOyola 18

Gary: Cass City 14 Loyola 12

Division 8

Ishpeming (9-2) at Beal City (10-1)

Chris: Beal City 27 Ishpeming 26

Frank: Ishpeming 34 Beal City 28

Gary: Beal City 18 Ishpheming 16

Saginaw Nouvel (7-4) at Ubly (9-2)

Chris: Ubly 20 Nouvel 14 

Frank: Nouvel 35 Ubly 27

Gary: Ubly 22 Nouvel 19

Fowler (10-1)  at Royal Oak Shrine Catholic (9-2) 

Chris: Fowler 34 Shrine 20

Frank: Shrine 28 Fowler 20

Gary: Fowler 29 Shrine 26

Adrian Lenawee Christian (10-1)  at Reading (10-1) 

Chris: Reading 27 Lenawee Christian 19

Frank: Reading 28 Lenawee Christian 16

Gary: Reading 27 Lenawee Christian 6

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4 thoughts on “FNV Week 3 Playoff Picks:”

  1. Great slate of games across the state this week. New Lothrop and PW would be a great one to see. I think the winner of that one more than likely will take the crown in D7 this year over Lumen Christi.

    West Bloomfield and Bellville is sure to be a great one too. Loads of talent on that field.

    We have some great ones in our area. Milan and Country Day is going to be a tight one. Milan has a real shot at this one. Just can’t turn the ball over against country day or they will make you pay. I think Milan takes this one in a close one.

    SMCC and Montrose should be another close one. Can SMCC get over the regional hump this year? This game comes down to who ever can control the line of scrimmage. Montrose will remain CC fans a bit of Clinton from last year upfront. Cousino and company will need to set the tone on defense, and just be physical. On offense who will be at QB for the falcons? Will the three headed monsterback there be able to break loose? Look for a good one at Navarre. Falcons get over the hump in yet another thrilling Regional Final.

    1. SMCC baby. that will be a heck of a fight. Harrington has felt better this week so he should get the call for QB1. but Bergmoser looked good on those keeps, maybe Kipf will bring him in and run him a little more there. I think cc passing games has to be on point to beat these guys. they will stack tons of guys in the box trying to stop the run, especially trap with Morgan, who has torn by people this year. Cousino and company like you said are going to have to play another great defensive game like they just played. also another one like the View, cuz the view was big and physical upfront. should be a good game on Saturday afternoon. I got my falcons winning on a field goal, just like out at ol Hudson.

    2. Will CC rotate Qb’s? Early winter weather may not be the best throwing weather and conditions. This is when spread teams struggle if they are not strong running teams. Wyatt B. Brings speed to the QB position and keeps defenses from stacking the box with his outside threat. On the flip side you may need to throw if they bring more than 8-9 men in the box. Harrington is said to be the better passer. CC has a plethora of RB’s and Worrell’s performance last week with Cousino and Morgan makes for dominate backfield with other players ready to step in. If Montrose can’t run the ball consistently they will struggle. CC tends to grub on the DL against bigger OL they face, for example Milan and Review games. This may give the Montrose bid bodies problems. Turnovers will play a big part. Whoever can get take aways or 4th down stops will have more opportunities to score of them. Special teams will play a huge part in field position. A short field will benefit both offenses. Navarre field is true home field advantage! Go Falcons!

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