SMCC 2020 Schedule Analysis

2020 Schedule Analysis: SMCC Falcons

By Frank Vajcner

It’s now time to pay a visit to the alma mater of our own Gary Hauf and Mike Lusch, as well as the home of a fan base that refers to yours truly as “Falcon Frank.” Oh, and did I mention they’re also the reigning Division 6 State Champs?

SMCC, come on down!

2020 Schedule:

Aug 28: @ Almont

Sept 4: @ Airport

Sept 11: Milan

Sept 18: @ Riverview

Sept 25: Flat Rock

Oct 2: New Boston Huron

Oct 9: @ Grosse Ile

Oct 16: Jefferson

Oct 23: open

Cakes by Stephanie

Gut-Check Game: at Almont. How will the Falcons begin their quest to defend a state title? By taking an 88-mile trek to Lapeer County to face the Division 5 runner-up in Almont. The Raiders were 13-1 last season, losing to Lansing Catholic at Ford Field. In addition, the Raiders have qualified for the playoffs in 13 of the last 14 seasons, including each of the last ten, have won their last 21 regular season games, and have not lost a non-conference regular season game since 2012. A young Falcon team will get a baptism of fire.

Trap Game: at Airport. Right after the 176-mile round trip to open the season, Adam Kipf’s squad will take another road trip to open Huron League play as they head to Carleton to play Airport. How will the Falcons respond after a tough Week 1?

Snoozer: None.

Non-Conference Challenge: See Gut-Check Game.

Notable: The Falcons do not play at home until Week 3…This will mark the second straight year that the Falcons will play an eight-game schedule.

Thoughts from Frank: A young Falcon team will have to grow up quickly, as they have arguably the most brutal stretch to open the season, with three of their first four on the road, and all four against returning playoff qualifiers. The back half is nowhere near as daunting, apart from a trip to Grosse Ile. If the Falcons want to return to the postseason, getting wins in the back half will be paramount, and possibly stealing one in the front half.

Thoughts from Chris: Typical schedule for SMCC; a tough opener followed by a rugged league schedule. I wish they could fill that week 9 date. In this new playoff era, it would help the Falcons and their league members get valuable playoff points, but you have to have a willing opponent.

Thoughts from Gary: SMCC proves again that they will basically play anyone by scheduling the defending D5 State runner-up in Almont. Three tough games to open the league will allow Coach Kipf to assess his team early. Week 9 remains open at this point, I know the Falcon brass are doing what they can to fill that spot in the schedule.

18 thoughts on “SMCC 2020 Schedule Analysis”

  1. Don’t believe the hype that SMCC will be down. They will be down from last year, but so will virtually every opponent. They will win at least 5 or 6 games depending on a 8 or 9 game schedule.

    1. Those 5 or 6 wins depends on who they find to play week 9. I got to believe the only teams left are not slouches.

      They’ll beat Airport, FR, Jefferson for sure
      Almont, GI, Huron, Milan are toss ups
      Riverview they will have to play well to have a shot

      SMCC is an interesting team because no one really knows what they have. I know their JV team had a good season but that doesn’t always translate to varsity. SMCC is usually not short on talent and has a veteran staff which will help them.

      1. I bet they beat milan and GI. just dont know who those teams have anymore. Blanzey is lost for GI, idk about his parter in crime (the other LB). Hines kid was a very gifted athlete and is now gone and was literally their entire team last year. Obviously with Almont runner ups in D5, thatll be veryyyyyy tough. Only reason why huron would lose to cc is next year is cuz huron would get out coached and not let their kids play and be better than cc. riverview is alwasy a mystery to me with being really dominant or middle of the pack. and when they are dominant, wohhhhhh baby watch out.

        1. While GI lost 2 great LB’s, they were mainly comprised of underclassman. Pizzo will be one of the best players in the league.

          1. only problem with him at slot is you got to have someone give him the ball out there. last years QB was not the most precise passer, and was careless with the football at some points. RB would suit him better with there outside zone run scheme espcially if GI continues to have big lineman coming up the pipeline.

  2. Smcc problem for non league games is going to be this. (Former coach in both Ohio and Michigan) basement teams don’t wanna play them because they wanna find wins to rebuild their struggling Programs like mason who left lcaa to soften the schedule. Then good teams in d4-5-6-7 don’t wanna play them bc playoff points and it hurts if a d4 loses to d6

    So they are left with Plymouth’s and dcc type teams which translates heavily to a Smcc loss 9/10 times so it’s better to not play then to get banged up before playoffs by a a mismatch

    1. I think Rob makes a great point. It comes down to not wanting to play games that you can’t win. SMCC will never be a presumed win for most every team D4 and below. With the new playoff format, D3 and above will not benefit in any way to play a D7 team. It could be argued that the same holds true for a D4 team.

      Here is the issue though: There are games to be played and they should happen. Teams with 8 game schedules hurt their opponents. It’s not anyone’s fault, it is simply how the point system works now. Teams have to get past a presumed loss and just play if they have games available and the team is within a division or 2 of each other. The MHSAA could step in here and force teams to play or penalize them for not playing full schedules. This won’t happen nor should it.

      My guess here is that if SMCC wants a game, they will eventually find it.(SMCC has a long history of playing all-comers, I don’t ever see them shying away from a game). There are many Detroit teams that have games available, but setting up the game is not that easy right now because of how schools are forced to operate and how the AD positions work at those schools. The AD position at many Detroit Public Schools or Charter Schools are part time positions. Simply getting a hold of someone during the pandemic can be hard. Another good way to go is to reach out to the CHSL. Most teams in that league schedule a week 9 game, but it is on a contingent basis depending on if they make the CHSL Championship game in week 9. That leaves some teams (their opponent) with a game available week 9 and gives one the ability to find a game. The CHSL writes contracts like this all the time. Sometimes they get broken or there is a misunderstanding (Chandler Park 2019), but it is done regularly.

      SMCC has a very good AD who does a tremendous job. I’m sure he is trying hard to find a week 9. It will come, but quite frankly the new playoff point system makes it harder not easier.

    2. I have always wanted a cc ida matchup. i think those would be great games. two blue collar teams, two T teams. gritty football.

  3. Gary
    Question for you since you work with the SMCC athletic department for their home games, in your personal opinion why does SMCC not have a week 9 game yet? I don’t know their AD and from all things Ih ave heard he is a great AD so how does a school struggle to find games so much? Does the new playoff system affect possible opooenents that much? I see on the michigan-football website that many Detroit Public and Catholic League schools don’t have week 9’s , why do you think is it not happening? You would think with the graduation losses SMCC is going to suffer, they would have people jumping to play them for the nxt 2 years?

  4. I hate to say it but I think this could the worst Falcons team since Coach Giarmo’s first year when they went 0-9. The COVID19 shut down takes them out of the weight room where Coach Kipf and his staff could be working with them so instead they’re likely doing nothing. I am sure Coach K & his staff will have them prepared each week but there is a lot of talent graduating. We will find out how good they really are after their first 3 games. As an alumni, I am dissapointed they don’t have a week 9 for the 2nd year in a row but it is what it is.

    1. I think not having a week 9 saves the kids legs. It keeps them healthy and not beat up. Back in 2014, the state title team, they go beat up against Lansing Catholic pretty bad. But were good enough and lucky enough to have such an easy first round game. Also, 2015 verse Lansing cc they got beat up and I think that hurt their performance in beating Clinton.

    2. That 1998 team was 1-8. But I agree, the season is unpredictable due to COVID-19. Hopefully the weight room will still be available, because if no team can lift then I do not see a season happening, because that would mean school buildings are closed more likely than not. I feel SMCC has a tough time finding week 9’s due to being a perennial powerhouse, but I thought the new playoff rules would change that. Shame.

  5. Don’t sleep on the young falcons.. they have talent they just need some experience at the varsity level!!

  6. Wow, playing at Almont week 1 is pretty ambitious, especially after graduating 20 + seniors. Hats off to the Falcons for scheduling that game in what could be a rare rebuild in Monroe.

  7. Hey Frank, Chris, Gary just wondering if you guys heard anything about the season potentially being cancelled or is it still too early to know? I need my Friday night lights!!!

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