Football, What’s the Rush?

As the fall season of football is sure to come and go without a single ball being spotted on a hash mark, we need to all relax and let those we elected, do their jobs.

I was the first to come off with anger and bitterness, to what looks like a rush to a decision, or some sort of political grinder we found ourselves in. I am as mad as anyone that HS football is being stripped from us.

It’s a special thing, football. It’s dear to so many.

There is a lot of confusion out there at the moment. Rumor upon rumor that one just doesn’t know what to believe. Hysteria has set in for many. Parents have started petitions, I think I signed two myself. Many are taking to social media to make their claim in a spirited manner.

Some coaches are still holding practice, some are not. Some coaches believe that this thing can still turn around. Some are using the practice time allotted by the MHSAA, while they can.The MHSAA is allowing teams to practice until Wednedsay.

“Hard for me to believe he (the MHSAA) would open the door for practice again, if it’s not going to be good news on Wednesday” exclaimed one coach.

Some coaches don’t want to give false hope and are collecting helmets and pads as I write this.

“They are selling false hope AGAIN, in the name of mental health. We were all sold a bag of goods. No way are we going to practice and do this to the kids again” one coach declared.

I can tell you, High School football in the fall, here in the great state of Michigan, is not going to happen. I held out hope longer than anyone… but it is time to come to grips with reality… however bad it hurts.

I do feel awful for the players that have put so much time and effort into their craft and yet have it helplessly, some would say needlessly, ripped away. Players such as Noah Beaudrie-Erie Mason, Cole McElvany-Milan, Austin Myers-New Boston Huron, Joe Pizzo-Grosse Ile, Zach Patterson-SMCC and countless others. I also feel for the coaches, even those that may agree with the decision, it’s a kick to the gut.

Does it feel like we punted on 2nd down? I cant help but feel that it does.

However, I am reminded of the true spirit of competition, the true spirit of team work and all the things football is supposed to teach young athletes, by a tweet from a senior out of Sand Creek:

The zeal of youth, that many of us older folks lost a long time ago.

I trust in our leaders.. I trust in those in charge.. I trust that a season will happen… I mean it just has to, doesn’t it?

These kids just want to play.

To those out there losing their minds, relax, the players are ready now and they will be ready in the spring.

The Aggies out of Sand Creek will be ready when they finally, Spot the Ball for play.

Gary Hauf
Gary Hauf

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