Erie Mason Eagles 2020 Preview

1990’s = 34-60

2000’s = 50-49

2010’s = 12-80

2019 saw the Eagles exhibit a high powered offense while finishing the season at 2-7. A step forward from previous years, Mason will strive to continue their upward momentum in a new conference, the TCC. In his 4th season, Rob Beaudrie will once again lead the Eagles as Head Coach. Assistant coaches will be Ken Hall, Steve Bowers, Derek Bowman, Rob Currie, Brian Hoppert and Justin Gessner.

QB Noah Beaudrie surveys the field for an open receiver

Returning letter winners: 24

Returning starters Offense : 10

Returning starters defense : 9

Players to Watch: Tyler Bates 12 T/DL, Noah Beaudrie 12 QB, Tanner Herrera 12 WR/DB, Grant Hincher 12 T/DL, Blake Hundey 12 WR, Cam Micheau C/DL, Tye Mandel 12 RB-LB, Bryce Diehl 11 WR/DB, Bryce Gardiner 11 G, Cooper Kinsey 11 DL, Aiden McMullen 11 LB, Blake Shipe 11 LB, Colin Smith 11 DB.

New Players to Watch: Zach Brown 12 WR/OLB, Trent Herrera 10 DB.

Coaches’ Comments:We expect our team to be ready to perform from first snap to the last snap on a weekly basis. Our entire starting line-up is going into their 3rd and 4th year of varsity football and that experience will be hard for other teams to match up against, we just need to execute. We are very familiar with teams in the league, we played 2 of them for the last few years and scrimmaged a few more as well since I became coach. I expect hard fought games and with all these kids wanting to get back to playing sports, it will be a very exciting season for every team. Our kids are hungry, this is the year these seniors have been waiting for, the pandemic has only made them want it all the more, they will be ready to go.

FNV Outlook: As you can see above, Erie Mason returns a majority of what they had in 2019. Faster, bigger, stronger and more experienced, the Eagles are looking to make their mark in the Tri-County Conference. I have little doubt Mason will put up big numbers on the offensive end. For me, it comes down to getting stops on the defensive end. Shore up the defense or just out-shoot everyone in a back and forth battle, I believe Mason is set for a big year.

11 thoughts on “Erie Mason Eagles 2020 Preview”

  1. I have very little faith that the coaching staff at Erie can match up with the likes of Whiteford, Sand Creek even Madison and even Britton Deerfield.

    Coach Beaudrie and his staff have given up over 1200 points in three years. and a lot of the points they have scored have been in garbage time against backups. With little to no summer time spent on defense, how do they improve there enough to shore up the glaring inefficiencies?

    In the last three years, Summerfield and BD have pushed Erie to the limits each game (and neither of those two teams have competed in the top of the TCC recently). I think Ill take a “Wait and see” approach with Erie.

      1. How have they been “Great” on either side of the ball.. Most of their points offensively come against teams 2nd or 3rd teamers. And for three years they’ve stopped nobody, How does that translate to them having a BIG year?

        1. Many returning starters. Lots of experience. In HS football that usually carries a lot of weight.

          Im not saying they will win a state title but I do think they will have a winning season at the very least.

          1. With Whiteford cancelled EM will play four conference games against teams that had losing records last year in addition to playing a team they beat by 20. Kind of hard not to have a wining season

          2. Only two of Erie Mason’s games are against teams that posted winning records last year and one of those teams they beat by 30. I’d say it’s a safe bet that they’ll have a winning season.

        2. I disagree with the premise that they are doing that against 2nd and 3rd stringers. I saw them play Hillsdale last year. Those scores weren’t against anyone but the 1st string. Also, how many teams have a 3rd string in the LCAA. Stop exaggerating! Let them play the season and see how it shakes out.

        3. Maybe you should find something better to do then bash this football team. If your that bored at work, fine something to do. These seniors on this team have paid their dues for the past 3 years and this is their year to prove it.

  2. The edition of Erie Mason to the TCC means that roughly half of the conference run spread offenses. It will be interesting to see how the defenses adapt.

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