9 thoughts on “Saturday Semi-Final Scores”

  1. Just checking back in on my buddies here at FNV. Happy thanksgiving, and happy holidays.

    By the way gentlemen, when is all blog coming out?

  2. I would like to know if any of us can take our high school sports teams down
    to Ohio and the whole team play together and also have our high school coach, coach the team. I think that would be a great advantage come the regular season.

    1. I prefer consistent. They do well every year. Very impressive for a public school. Last school standing in Monroe County, definitely deserve some praise.

      Great season Whiteford!!!

  3. Jackson Lumen Christi is the best football team in the state. They have D1 size and they could beat anybody in the Huron league and the Downriver League. They could be any D1 school also. They have the greatest coach ever in high school football here in the state of Michigan. Does anyone know how they did today, asking for a friend

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