Week 1 Thursday Night Predictions

Follow along each week as the Friday Night Victors staff make their game picks and predictions.

Bedford @ Utica Ford

Chris: Bedford 34-20

Frank: Bedford 48-6

Gary: Bedford 40 -14

Dundee @ Adrian Madison

Chris: Dundee 21-20

Frank: Dundee 28-21

Gary: Dundee 19-14

Milan @ Berkley

Chris: Milan 21-20

Frank: Milan 28-24

Gary: Milan 34-24

Riverview @ Divine Child

Chris: Divine Child 28-26

Frank: Riverview 36-31

Gary: Riverview 28-21

Airport @ Ida

Chris: Airport 34-28

Frank: Ida 38-34

Gary: Airport 40-28

Carlson @ Lincoln Park

Chris: Carlson 35-6

Frank: Carlson 42-7

Gary: Carlson 49-14

Flat Rock @ Melvindale

Chris: Flat Rock 20-18

Frank: Melvindale 28-27

Gary: Melvindale 14-13

Onsted @ Jefferson

Chris: Jefferson 14-13

Frank: Onsted 34-27

Gary: Jefferson 19-15

Jackson @ Monroe

Chris: Monroe 24-14

Frank: Monroe 28-21

Gary: Monroe 30-28

Milford @ Huron

Chris: Milford 28 Huron 26

Frank: Huron 22-21

Gary: Huron 22-20

10 thoughts on “Week 1 Thursday Night Predictions”

  1. Is it too early to say that there will be a 3 way tie for the HL this year. To top that they might all have 2 losses. I’m not sure who it’ll be yet but it could almost be anyone. Airport, Milan, SMCC, Riverview, and GI are about as even as they’ve ever been. Huron might be in that mix as well.

    1. Sorry but the Falcons do not have a chance at the HL title. I would say Milan is going to own the league this year with airport right behind them. I do not have any insider sources on GI and Riverview, but my SMCC sources tell me this is definitely a down year.

      1. Please don’t listen to anything this guy says. I remember him from last year and maybe he thinks this is a soccer blog or something. As a Big Red alum and the others I talk to that follow the blog, we all wonder who this even could possibly be??? Because no true Big Red would ever think this way or talk about another program, especially SMCC, who Milan has the upmost respect for and battle every year to the end. I’m guessing this is not someone from Milan. If it is???? Please stop putting fuel on the fire when there is no reason to. Your post are not intelligent and don’t represent the values of the people and parents of Milan who respect the league and the hard work these guys do to cover HS Football.

        We should be lucky that these guys cover our league and surrounding areas of HS Football like they do. Lord knows the days of the great coverage by the old AA News, Free press, and News etc are gone. So as a former Big Red and parent, thank you guys for what you do. It’s a lost art that most areas in the state other than Grand Rapids don’t have anymore.

        Last thing. Milan Step Dad. You are not a Big Red. No one with any sense would try to set your own team up or talk about other programs negatively.

        We appreciate the work you guys put in on the blog. Some people act like this is not a hobby and your real job. Most of us know it’s because you love football and the communities around us. So thank you for making it fun and providing the coverage.

        Milan Dad

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