Our Thoughts, Not Yours

Sometimes I wake up the morning after the games and I literally have no thoughts. Frank decided to help me out.

That’s 5 straight for the Jets over their “Jug Rivals”.

Mules take care of business in the home opener. Dexter comes in looking for revenge

Carlson showing they are a legit contender for the Downriver League title.

The Vikings made all of us eat crow with an impressive win over Clarenceville. Is the LCAA on notice?

Never fun when your opponent cancels your game late in the week.

The Rams may be better than we all thought.

Red Devils really starting to like those even years.

Huron will not get outcoached while Hoover is in town.

First 0-2 start for the Blue Streaks since 2001. The schedule only gets tougher the next two weeks

It’s never easy opening the league schedule with the two-time defending champions.

Milan is officially 26-4 all-time against Huron.

Monroe should continue to get healthy in the program and on the field.

Does Riverview still have their famous double cheeseburger?

Have the Falcons ever started 0-2?

Dawgs hung with a good Fowler team. A Saturday matinee on the road awaits.

Bobcats shake off turnovers and get a road win. They will have to play better when Loyola comes to The Woods

8 thoughts on “Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. 2022= Falcon Tradition dies. Sorry Gary. I know this is a young team and Coach Kipf and his staff are doing their best but they just don’t have it. They could easily finish 1-8 or 0-9.

    I hope I am wrong and SMCC pulls the upset Friday night in Carleton

  2. I don’t see Bedford winning this week. They don’t seem as strong as last year, and Dexter likely improved, although it’s still a little too early to tell. What do you guys think ?

    1. If they can stop Cole Cabana then they have a chance. He makes up about 85% of their offense. Don’t count the Mules out because they can eat the clock with that Veer offense too.

  3. I’m getting word today from my sources that SMCC’s would be recruits went to Huron? Right now I can not confirm but it sounds like Huron got some big names from Florida and California. Definitely something to keep an eye on next week!

    1. They got waxed by Milford. They just were 1 point better than you last week. Don’t be salty and make things up. Kids don’t transfer from Florida and California to go to Huron. 😆

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