16 thoughts on “Week 3 Video Picks”

  1. Gary my sources tell me you’re on the track tonight. Can you set up in the visitors stands? It’s a nice view from up there.

    1. Yes.. no Press box for CC radio.

      We are going to get up near the press box in the home stands.
      We need AC. Hopefully we can use an extension chord and go through a window to an outlet.

      Troll, EM, can you provide us some protection?

      1. Good luck getting a spot by the press box. You’re very brave if you do. Hell you’re brave enough even thinking about going on that side! I’d sit up there but I don’t want to blow my cover!

        1. Hey I picked the Jets to win! And Ive made them out to be the greatest team this side of Kmart. Have them ranked in the top 10 even. Cmon, I should be golden.
          Coach Redmond was my freshman Coach. I have tons of ties to Airport and will pull them all out for the sake of safety and wellbeing.

          1. I must say you guys have been pretty high on Airport this year. I guess the good thing is everyone will be wearing orange so you’ll blend right in. Get there early and set up in the press box!

  2. Any on location video picks coming soon? Zoom is great and I’m sure very convenient, just was a hoot to see you in different locations doing your picks.

    1. If you look back through our videos on youtube, we have been to quite a few places.
      Bars, bowling alleys, Nash Icon studio…

      Its harder now with 3 people to fit all that into a schedule. Chris lives in Waltz, Frank in Summerfield and myself in Monroe.

      Like many other businesses, due to the pandemic, we discovered its just easier to use Zoom.
      Zoom allows us to make what would possibly be a 2 hour deal, into a 30 min deal.

      I dont think any of us are against going to a location to record the show from time to time however.
      And we may actually be able to hear Frank.

  3. Ok thanks a lot guys for all picking Airport to win. Did Gary put you up to jinxing Airport? Lol, in all seriousness this game scares me. This is already a big rivalry, now we got an angry group of Falcons coming to town desperate for a win. Plus Airport’s D had problems with a team that runs the same offense as SMCC. That being said I’m sure the Airport kids already know they haven’t beaten CC since 2011. I am expecting a third straight nailbiter for Airport, hopefully the same outcome as the first 2 games. To answer your question Frank I do remember in 2004 Riverview (11-0) lost to a Hoover coached Allen Park (10-1) in a regional final. And it wouldn’t shock me if Huron pulls the upset Friday, sounds like they have a really good defense.

      1. Exactly right Chris, Tackett was the QB on that team. They also had a LB Josh Kaltsas, kid was an absolute beast. One of the 2 or 3 best LBs I’ve ever seen in the Huron League.

        1. What relevance does any of this have? At least 2 of SMCC’s coaches were on that team that played against Coach Flint when he was the Head Coach at Riverview. Coach Kipf was on Monroe’s staff at the time. The grass was green. The sky was blue. I assure you none of these facts nor predictions will have an effect on tomorrow’s game or any other game this season. Best of luck to CC, Airport, and the View tomorrow night.

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