Weekly Power Rankings

Here are the weekly power rankings as we head into week 8 of the season. Agree or Disagree? Give us your thoughts in the comment section.

  1. Whiteford (8-0), the Bobcats are clearly one of the teams to beat in Division 8.
  2. Riverview (8-0), the Pirates have a big opportunity to seize the #1 spot again with a victory over Monroe.
  3. Bedford (6-2), the Kicking Mules are no longer a sleeper in Division 2.
  4. Carlson (7-1), the Marauders have a huge game this week with Woodhaven.
  5. Airport (6-2), the Jets have some weaknesses, but are very explosive offensively.
  6. Flat Rock (5-3), the Rams with a huge win over their rival Huron. Big game against Clarenceville this week.
  7. Dundee (6-2), the Vikings experienced the wrath of the undefeated defending Division 8 State Champions Hudson last week. Huge game with Ida this week.
  8. Huron (5-3), the Chiefs lost on a late TD and 2-point conversion to Flat Rock. They need a win over 6-2 Division 2 Crestwood to qualify for the playoffs.
  9. Erie Mason (5-3), the Eagles continue their losing streak (3 games). I believe this week’s game against Jefferson is a must-win.

Some idle playoff thoughts from Chris:

Monroe has an outside chance to sneak into the playoffs if they can knock-off undefeated Division 4 Riverview. Don’t be surprised if they do.

Look for Grosse Ile to beat a solid Detroit Henry Ford team, which should create a Division 5 District of Flat Rock, Grosse Ile, Dundee and Summit Academy.

I could see Bedford winning a regional this year. Livonia Franklin and Birmingham Seaholm will be in the way, but these teams don’t put the fear into others this year.

I’m really hoping we get to see a Carlson and Huron match-up in the playoffs. I think it would be a fun game to watch.

I’m loving a potential district with Riverview, Airport and Tecumseh. The QB at Tecumseh can really sling it, but so can Airport’s Cooper Nye and obviously you have to stop Riverview’s T offense.

I’m not necessarily rooting for Ida to beat Dundee, but I would like to see the Streaks make the playoffs and open with Ecorse in week 10.

I know many think that it is silly that SMCC will make the playoffs at 3-6 or 4-5, but trust me, they will be a handful for whomever they play in the playoffs.

As I suggested earlier, I believe Erie Mason is in a must win situation against Jefferson to make the playoffs. And it won’t be easy.

A win by Summerfield could give the Bulldogs a more favorable match-up against a Riverview Gabriel Richard team as opposed to Whiteford.

For those of you suggesting the Huron League is down this year, you’re crazy.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Power Rankings”

  1. Whiteford isn’t your normal D8 team! Obviously you’ve never seen some of Whitefords teams in the past. They could easily compete in the HL year in and year out. Hell, I’d almost like to see it happen!

  2. As they would say on 97.1, “Hey ‘No Thanks’, try another blog then. Don’t need ya!”

    I think someone may have actually crapped in his cereal and that’s why he’s so angry.

    Go to another free blog that supports local HS football, oh…there isn’t one. Or try respectfully sharing an opinion.

    As always guys, great job and appreciate what you do.

  3. I think these guys are doing a great job.
    If you think your better on a match up.
    Post it
    It’s impossible to pick ever game
    Huron Fan

        1. Easy Buc fan. It’s not like you have won 8 league titles in the last 10 years.
          So hold your Roll
          Let’s see how it works When you get deep In the play offs.
          Redford Union is looking pretty good.
          Win this week so week can all get some bonus points.
          Huron League Fan

        2. Bucs Fan
          Are you forgetting about
          2019 2018 2017 2016 …2015 2014.
          2013 2012 2011 2010 2009….

          May want to be a little humble

          Huron league Fan

  4. I understand that Whiteford is undefeated, but there’s no way that they would be the top team in your ranking if they had to play against Bedford, Riverview, Carlson etc..

    1. That’s not what power rankings are.

      And even if they were.. Calpreps disagrees.

      neutral field
      [2022] Whiteford (Ottawa Lake, MI) 38, [2022] Carlson [Oscar A.] (Gibraltar, MI) 28

      neutral field
      [2022] Whiteford (Ottawa Lake, MI) 35, [2022] Bedford (Temperance, MI) 22

      neutral field
      [2022] Riverview (MI) 33, [2022] Whiteford (Ottawa Lake, MI) 31

          1. Not sure but this is this week’s pick.

            Clarenceville (Livonia, MI) at Flat Rock (MI), 7:00pm [projection: Flat Rock (MI) 38-22]

      1. What exactly is a power ranking then? And that site is absolutely laughable if you actually think a D8 team would hang with a good D1 or D2 team. Thanks for the comedy hour 🤣 🤣

        1. Ive explained it many times on here.. check out some of the other rankings and scroll through the comments.

          Carlson is D3 and View D4.

          When SMCC won D6, they beat a very good D3 team.

          It is possible for an exceptional D8 team to beat a top 10 D3-4 team.
          It has happened several times, See Deporess of old, for example. They beat a top 10 D1 team.

          It’s common to cast off a team due to their division, but sometimes teams come along that can hang with teams 4-5 divisions higher.
          Whiteford is one of those.

          I’d like to do an experiment with both Whiteford and say Riverview(just as an example).
          No uniforms, no school colors, you don’t know anyone from any team… I bet you would guess which team is which, 50% of the time.

          1. Possible? I like how you spin your comment after basically telling me that Whiteford would beat someone like Bedford because a terrible website told you they would. And no thanks, I won’t check out your other posts about your “power” rankings. A power ranking should be who is the best team that week. I’m sorry but no D8 team is or should be above some of these other area teams

          2. Why are you so angry about this? I guess is my first thought.

            You sir were the one that brought up a D8 team being better(or not) than a D1 or D2 team, not me.

            I replied with Carlson is D3 and Riverview is D4. There are no D1 teams in play. I didn’t say Whiteford would beat Bedford(D2), I simply showed what Calpreps thought as an example, as to how you could be wrong. I added that an exceptional D8 team could beat(not would, not all the time), a good higher level team.
            You choose to ignore the only site which could play out a hypothetical game, because it doesn’t suit your position.

            RE: “And no thanks, I won’t check out your other posts about your “power” rankings”
            Then why did you ask me how they were done?

            We seem to have different opinions on whether a D8 team could beat a good D3 team. Which is fine, happens all the time on here. Welcome to the blog.

          3. Terrible website? Have you ever looked at it? They have been around since 2001. Last week they picked correctly at over 85% on every high school football game in America. Their stats are used nationwide and they are a multi million dollar company.

            Sometimes I wonder if people wake up in the morning, pour themselves a box of Dumb*ass Cereal, consume and go about their day.

          4. I agree with Gary. A good D 8 team could beat a good D3 team.
            These guys are doing a great job.
            This is not easy week in and week out.
            Huron Fan

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