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  1. Riverview has a championship level offense, T and all. The question is do they have a championship level defense? Not saying they do or don’t but that is the big question going into their next games. Surprised no one is talking ab the defensive side of the ball. Giving up 30-25 pts is really playing with fire as you get deeper into the playoffs. Yes Tecumseh and DC had very good offenses but it doesn’t get any easier after regionals. Hoping they get it done.

    1. Riverview pulls most of their starters once games go on and the lead grows, it helps keep your starters healthy for the next week, 60 points or 1 point difference, at the end of the day a win is a win

      1. Great point Riverview alumni.
        Don’t kill your players early in the year.
        Train other players
        That is smart football coaching
        Huron has made that mistake the last four years.
        One ball carriers til they drop.
        Players playing both ways.
        Hats off to Riverview

        Huron fan

      2. I meant giving up 30-35 points their last 2 playoff games. I don’t think Riverview had their backups in vs DC, it was close until the end. Not 100% sure they had their subs in vs Tecumseh besides the very end. They have a great opportunity to get to Ford Field, is their D good enough to win it all is the question. I hope it is.

        1. Their defense is plenty good enough. Doesnt mean they will win however.
          They will need to play well in all areas. They have a very good shot at Ford Field as does Goodrich.

      1. Airport played a tough game that night. Riverview also had a couple of fumbles and bad snaps that bogged down some long drives.

        1. Breaded Buc.
          This is my point
          Airport doesn’t have that good of a defense. They let up to many points.
          Airport gave up alot of points this year.
          For a great team I think Riverview had a more than average number of turnovers this year.
          That being sad.
          Riverview can win this game if they don’t turn the ball over
          Chris Gray Frank. What do you think

          Huron league Fan

          1. Goodrich curb stomped OLSM, Martians looked 100% legit. This should be their toughest opponent so far no doubt. They were up like 41-6 at one point in the 2nd half and they don’t just run, they can throw it around too. Their D looks very impressive as well. Turnovers will obviously be huge as both View and Grich can score quickly. Yes View can do it….this should be a helluva game.

  2. Watching Dallas vs Green Bay game today.
    Announcer said no one in modern football today would know what the Wing T is.
    Perhaps we should get with the times.
    Win or not. These kids need to know modern offenses if they will ever go to the next level.

          1. Penn St. ran it this last Saturday.

            It is a HS offense and is effective… just like any other offense, if you block well and execute.

            Many teams would just look silly trying to run a spread. Personnel often dictates what you do.

            Teams that have won state titles on this blog:
            SMCC- Full House T
            Whiteford- Double Wing

            Teams still alive this year:
            Whiteford- Double Wing
            Riverview- Full House T

            IF you are worried about a kid getting recruited, it doesnt matter much at all what they ran in HS.
            If you have the stature and measurables, the coaches and scouts will find you.

      1. Gary,
        I’m not disagreeing with you, I just asked a question, how many college teams run the T or Wing T,
        You named 1 team. Actually they do not run either, just because the QB lines up under center does not make it the T or Wing T,
        They actually run some I and pro I.out of some sets.

        1. I watched them line up in the Full House T. They scored a TD out of it from like the 15 or so… just last Saturday.

          I havent a clue how many or who runs it.

        2. Huron fans wanted to run the ball. We would have love to run the T or Wild Cat.
          Coaches didn’t want to run the T offense because they want to pass the ball.
          I’m all about running the ball
          Flatrock did well passing the ball because they had a QB they understood football. Not like other QBs in the league
          Riverview keep running the dam ball

          Huron alumi

      1. Downriver trap house.
        Not everyone hates the T.
        I myself like the T offense with some passing.
        Running the T takes a lot of practice. Huron league Teams don’t teach or practice the T like Riverview and SMCC
        Riverview lives and dies by the T.
        Look back at the last 10 or 15 years. Riverview was not the top team in the league.
        It’s not always the most effective offense.
        Other school don’t get the support or have the coaching staff to teach the T offense.
        And most huron league Team don’t want to run the team.
        It takes a full team to run the T.
        And some teams want to just one or two players running and touching the ball and those teams never make it to the end of a 12 game season with a healthy Team.
        Most teams don’t play as a team
        Hats off to Riverview
        Riverview Keep up the great work
        Huron league fan.

    1. Pump the Brakes ” Welcome to 2022″ Less than 5% of these kids go on to play college. Less than 1% of those who play college go on to the NFL.
      I guess the solution to get more NFL players from SE Michigan is to run the spread and throw the ball 65% of the time. Brilliant.
      Who knew? Thanks for your insight.

    2. Hi, so Penn State has multiple times in multiple games pulled out the T. Air Force runs the flex bone, which you can’t tell me is much different looking than a wing T. Army same thing.

      But really the reasoning highschool teams run the T is that its much more efficient for most schools based on talent level. If a Huron league school ran a Ohio State style offense with similar run to pass splits it would look ridiculous most of the time. You can’t tell me CJ Stroud is hiding on CC or Riverview or Jefferson.

      A second reason would simply be look at the success of the teams that have run it. SMCC has historically dominated the league and since riverview has switched to the T they have done the same.

      3rd thing, Huron League has had players make it to the next level despite these offenses, players can learn new systems.

      1. I agree with most of that, however I don’t think they are dominating because of the T. A team can dominate with any offense provided they have the personnel. What matters is execution of said offense. Precision, blocking, tackling. Fundamentals.

        1. Personnel with an identity. A buy-in.
          The T has certainly been a key factor in the recent success of Riverview.
          It is not a coincidence.

          Riverview has almost always been a high caliber football program, but this recent run(averaging less than 2 losses a year since 2017) has been spurred by a few things… one of them is the switch to the T.

    3. You don’t see the T offense in a top high school football state. Texas Florida California Etc.

      Gary Chris. Does the T creat bad football habits that will hurt the players at the next level.
      If not who cares
      If not coach to win at that level.
      It like that in any sport
      And who really cares.
      Flatrock passes to win.
      Huron league fan

      1. The bigger schools mostly have the athletes year in and year out to be able to run a spread offense effectively.

        No the T does not create bad habits. Its blocking and running.

  3. I will add to the positive comments on this thread. What a great season for the Huron League with 6 of 8 teams making the playoffs. I feel that if you put Jefferson or Milan in their respective playoff divisions by week 10, at least one of them would win a game as well. 3 Huron League teams won district champions, and 1 will continue on to the state semi finals!

    Jefferson- The rebuilding process has begun. They were more physical this year but will they look different next year in more ways than 1??

    Milan- A very rare rebuilding year for Milan. Injuries hurt them but Milan will be back, fighting for a league title next year. Some things just don’t change homie!

    Grosse Ile- The wheels fell off as the season winded down on the island. Not sure what happened to the Red Devils?

    SMCC- Numerous people have already said it, kudos to them on finishing strong after a rough start. Losing Jondro, Kinsey and Borer will hurt but a talented JV team is waiting for their turn.

    Huron- Year 1 of the Hoover era showed potential. Consistency will be the key in year 2.

    Flat Rock- What a great year for the Rams! Airport, Riverview, and Flat Rock are easily the 2023 early season favorites.

    Riverview- Superior to all other Huron League programs right now. Their dedication in the weight room and commitment to the T is a dangerous combo. I expect to see them at Ford Field.

    Airport- A fairly good year for the Jets. They ended SMCC’s streak over them and likely will take control of that rivalry for awhile. The question is, when will they begin to play defense in big games?

          1. So a guy that’s dedicated the last 20 years to his alma mater only gets 1 year at the helm? Or did he resign?

          2. I have heard the rumor about Beaudrie becoming the next Head Football Coach at Jefferson to. It is interesting since he is an SMCC alumni, coached with Jack Giarmo in the 2000’s then went to Summit Academy and was let go there, but did have a successful tenue at Erie Mason running a high powered spread offense. I am assuming his son who played for SMCC’s middle school would be going with him then? He coached St Mary Elementary Schools this year so I wonder if any of those kids would follow him to Jefferson? This could make the Bears~Falcons rivalry alot more interesting! I thought Coach Tipton has the Bears on the right track, they were at least playing physical football when I saw them play SMCC and Mason

      1. Right down the road from my house! Might have to go cheer on the Huron League! I am a former Huron League parent! So I still keep up with the league….

  4. Great Year for the Huron League.

    Flat Rock played hard all year and had a great season. Ultimately we played a better team and lost. No shame in that…

    Want to wish all the luck in the world to my alma mater Riverview!!

    Great bounce back year for CC. Rough start and great finish.

    Huron and Airport had great years.

    Great League. Hope the Bucs win a State Championship!

  5. Riverview won another game against a good opponent. All year they have been very methodical and have taken a business like approach to each game. No extreme highs or lows . I would like to ask the rest of the Huron league for their support this week and at FF .

    1. Win it all for the league!!!,,
      For all the people who hate the T, 3 out of the 4 teams left in division 4 run old time offenses. The T looks simple on the outside but difficult to run it well like the view and st. Mary’s . Sorry can’t call them cc, only one cc and they are called shamrocks.

      1. Is there something wrong with my comment stating that the real CC, which is Monroe CC was founded in 1846 and Detroit CC not until the 1920s?

        1. So. SMA is the school you are referencing.
          MCC wasn’t established until the 1940’s.

          To add. “Catholic Central” by itself, is saved for Novi Detroit CC. We are known statewide as SMCC.

          1. You say “we” are known as SMCC. You are a CC guy, sorry SMCC guy. I am not a we. You are CC by the rest of the league. We always called you CC, perhaps you didn’t know that.

    2. DC fan here….Riverview you have an extremely impressive football team, especially on offense. One question, how the heck did Airport hold you to 18 pts??!
      You guys run that T with absolute precision, it was a great game, I just can’t see anyone stopping that offense, best of luck the rest of the way.

  6. Great year for Flatrock.
    First time in playoffs
    That was the hardest working team I have ever seen.
    Ever play they ran to the ball.

    Great job coach for making them earn there strips and not just giving a position to someone just because of there connection to the school. (Not like other teams)

      1. No Go Buc
        No cry baby mom hear.
        Play other players so you can have healthy players at the end of the year.
        Your own team does it.
        Weak the up.

  7. 2019 state champ CC

    Disappointed CC didn’t try to outflank Napoleon on the outside with our speed tonight…Napoleon isn’t fast sideline to sideline…straight up in the trenches, yes…hats off to them…but very disappointed like I said, we definitely had the speed advantage and wasn’t taken advantage of….

  8. Keeping it real Kevin

    In football there is always a team at the next level. Country day was just that team. Huge, huge, athletic Oline, great discipline, and well coached. I watched flat rock all season move the ball all over the field vs everyone ( including Riverview ) that game was was 21-18 going into the 4th. It literally seemed like country day had 13 players on Defense.

    Plays that got flat rock 7-12 yards a play all year were 2 yards or no gains. The passing windows were small. Tackles were made immediately. It was like Country day was in the huddle.

    Flat rock never had a chance. Country day was just that good . If country day wanted they could have won 77-7. Great season for the Rams, but they just played a better team. Hard to believe country day lost 3 times this year. I’m guessing they make it to ford field. Look out for the rams in 2023!!!

    1. I agree , too big, too strong, too fast!!!!
      Nobody in our league could have beat them, great job flat rock for fighting to the end.

  9. Congratulations SMCC on a fine season. To start off 1-3 and make a run to the regional championship is a testament to the players and coaches on never giving up. I am sure SMCC will be back.

    Hats off to Napoleon, they were physical and ran the ball well. Good luck next week.

    1. What a game in Riverview hat’s off to both teams. Jacob Shank 5 touchdowns. Should be player of the year. Congrats SMCC & Flat Rock on great seasons.

  10. Goodrich 40 OLSM 20. So it’ll be Riverview vs Goodrich winner goes to Ford Field. Keep it going Riverview!!! Hats off to Flat Rock and SMCC on nice playoff runs this year.

  11. Great game between DC and Riverview! Both teams showed up ready to play and demonstrated heart. Awesome job by the Riverview team to demonstrate grit in adverse situations and capitalize on DC mistakes. That #3 Shank has some Florida speed in him.

  12. DCD was a superior team. Congratulations to DCD and good luck.

    Super proud of FR Team.

    No one thought you would get this far.

    Great season!

  13. I’ll miss u the most scare crow

    Napoleon running clock out
    Sinking the birds
    Will end up 21-7. Route
    2 minutes to go.

    Ball on 15.

    Game essentially over

  14. What a fun first half of football this View DC game has been. That Freshman Athlete for DC is no joke but neither is Shank.

  15. Napoleon 65 yard drive. Flexing their muscle up front on both sides of the ball
    Birds overpowered Pirates having their way
    Nothing fancy. Just power

    Here comes the route Nancy

    Starting to get ugly

    Pirates. 14 Kestrels 7

    Left in 3 rd 2 minutes

    1. A one score win is hardly a route. Credit to Napolean. They played good, fundamental football. By the way, it’s spelled ‘Dorothy’.

    1. Route is on??? It’s 7-7 with 2:28 left in the first. Your prediction is about as accurate as that Red Wave we were supposed to have on Tuesday.

    2. The guy calling for a Napoleon route is probably the same guy that said Tecumseh was gonna take Riverview behind the woodshed.

        1. Nice. Liked the Wizard of Oz comment. Which one had no brain? The Huron league AD’s for letting CC stay. No win situation right there.

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