MHSAA Playoff Scores

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Riverview 26 Goodrich 51 final

Whiteford 44 Everest Collegiate 6 final

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  1. They just don’t even know what it is. 99% of this blog wouldn’t know a T from a spread from a hole in the ground. They just read about the T on here and make uninformed comments. Some of these clowns still call it a wing-T because that’s the only word they know.

  2. Proud Riverview Fan

    This Riverview senior class only lost 1 regular season game in 4 years of high school and that was their freshman year on jv against cc. They were a special group and all of Riverview is proud of them.

      1. Another question. When’s the last time Riverview had a D1 player? 20+ years ago maybe? They have played a lot, and beat a few too

  3. The rumors in Newport are that we have a new Head Football Coach who actually comes from our rivals across town!?!?!?

    Excited to see if this is true because he does bring a great pedigree on offense and success from his time at other schools

    1. The job is still posted as open and they haven’t even done interviews lol how can y’all have a coach and not even interview anyone

  4. For all you T haters. If the T is so bad, then why can’t none of you stop it? You have had years to prepare. If it is so trivial and little league, then what does it say about YOUR defense if you can’t stop it? Shush, let the grown-ups know when you want to talk again.

    1. See, nobody really hates the T. They just don’t even know what it is. 99% of this blog wouldn’t know a T from a spread from a hole in the ground. They just read about the T on here and make uninformed comments. Some of these clowns still call it a wing-T because that’s the only word they know.

      1. I’m just sitting back and watching all the vitriol usually saved for SMCC now being thrown at Riverview.

        If you have success, the haters will come out. Just never mind it.

        1. I agree, and it’s sad.
          Congrats to Riverview on a great run!
          Thank you Chris, Gary and Frank for doing this thing each year!
          Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Riverview is a good team in the downriver area but when they went up against a quality opponent this was the outcome. I see them doing the same next year and probably the year after. Personally I don’t like honk they have what it takes to beat a quality opponent.

    1. You need to start watching football. Riverview won 8 quality games this year. In case you didn’t know the MHSAA only crowns one champion. Only 1 team is left standing. That doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t quality.

    2. Agreed. Riverview wins 40-0 every game against their own in the HL but when they play a solid team from afar they fold. This has been trending for years now and yes will continue next season likely. HL champs, districts, maybe regionals/semis, and that’s it. SMCC historically and statistically are league and state contenders.

      1. HL champs, districts, maybe regionals/semis, and that’s it. Yeah, so better than 95% of the schools in the area. I’d say that’s pretty solid. Stop hating.

          1. I agree. Still in the stone age. An impressive program would use a modern offense and win with it. Using a 60 year old offense and win with it is chicken sh*t. Too scared to try anything new in fear of having a losing season. Watch the other Division championships at Ford Field. Exciting spread offenses, different formations. Nobody around here even changes their formations. We are behind around here in all aspects of academics and sports. Many kids going to Woodhaven, Huron, and Gibraltar. Look at the numbers.

      2. Getting beat by a better team is not folding. There’s only one winner. It’s called football, try watching it sometime.

  6. A lot more people piling up on Riverview this week…. Gee, I wonder why that is. Maybe because their team is already in basketball practice?

    1. To many Buc haters

      Everyone jealous of the best team in Huron League. Old school football – discipline – talent –

      Great job – enjoy the hate – that means u r great

    2. I don’t think people are piling on.
      I think there just giving there opinion. Great job Riverview.
      Keep up the great work.
      If you want to run the T run the T.

      1. They would have never beat Trenton.
        You only scored 18 point in the airport game.
        Sorry Trenton would have stopped
        Your offense

        1. First good year Trenton had in a decade and alll of a sudden their world beaters. Lol. Sorry bud, View is on a different level. Trenton played a pretty soft schedule this year. Maybe 2 other good teams, and Chelsea was way down. Glad to see the Trojans back, but trust me they wanted no part of Riverview. Not this year.

    1. River rouge or MLK would be in our district or region and it is very hard to beat teams like them where their o line averages 270 lbs + and average 6’2, not a single team on this blog would be able to defend against that plus all their numerous division 1 talent that just happens to go to their school

      1. Ok so tell me how Flatrock beat bigger stronger faster teams.
        The RPO offense
        It’s not rocket science.
        Riverview has no one the can teach a QB the passing game.
        If you huron league coaches are not using flatrock 2nd have of the season as your model. Your not a coach

    1. Your opinion only. I’d suggest looking into the 1997 and 2002 teams. And if you’re more scholarly, the 1968 team. Those are the best teams Riverview ever fielded.

        1. Don Lessner coached those teams CC grad. Old school

          Michigan coaches HOF

          His name same played at UM

          Great family. Great Coach

          1. The Cat even Wonders

            Had Lessner for algebra at CC…one tough guy for sure…he didn’t take any BS from any of us lol.

        1. They lost to Flat Rock and the score was 17-0. Scored twice on that game but was called back on penalties. All in all it didn’t matter cause no one in the state of Michigan was beating Muskegon that year

  7. Say what you want about this team. But this team did amazing things this year! These boys played for each other, their coaches & their fans. They never quit! Being down at halftime by 33 points most teams would have just quit. Not this team they attempted to rally back. Giving everything they had left in them. Did they make it to States? No, but you had near record breaking stats from players. Goodrich is a great team, they had that “player”. The future of Riverview is bright & they will now live in the shadows of 2022! Thank you for amazing season!!

  8. Keeping it real Kevin

    Once Riverview went down 20-7 it was over. Being 1 demential against elite talent is almost impossible. After the first drive Goodrich went from a 4 man front to a 6 man front and riverview couldn’t do anything. It was 34-7 at one point. Goodrich fumbled the opening kick off of the second half. If not, could have gotten even uglier.

    Riverview D gave up points all year and Goodrich was just a next level type team. It’s hard to win a D4 or D3 with a 1971 offense. Maybe D8 or D7 you can.. but not at the bigger divisions. What surprised me was there were plays were the Goodrich running back didn’t get touched for 20 yards.

    1. You’re right. They should run a pass offense even though they don’t have a decent passing QB so numbskulls on the blog are happy.

    2. Kevin, since you watched the game you should know Goodrich also runs a “1971 offense” a they have a really good running back that has the toughness of a fullback, it is completely possible to win a high division with a older style offense, it takes commitment to have success with it. Canton is a division 1 school that runs the T and shows they have had success with it

      1. Keeping it real Kevin

        You realize the run / pass ratio for Goodrich this year was 51 /49… they were balance.. run / pass was 50/50 they threw and run. It’s not the formations, it’s what you do
        Out of the formations.

    1. Just wanted to say thanks to
      Chris Frank and Gray for the football coverage.
      Maybe you guys could do something with basketball and even wrestling.

  9. This is the best defense View has seen all year. Yet some low sports knowledge fan out there is blaming it on the offense they run. Only one team scored more than View did against Goodrich, and that was Frankenmuth, another outstanding program, who is also in the finals. Bucs just had a terrible first half against a better team. The mental gymnastics that these people use to take shots at Riverview is laughable, because their own team got rolled.

    1. Hey Riverview had a great year.
      Pounded everybody in the huron league and districts.
      Can beat that.
      Great job coaches and players and supporters

      Go Huron League

  10. We knew Goodrich was legit after how they beat OLSM. I doubt many saw this complete domination against View coming. I had concerns their d was giving up too many points and it finally caught up to them. Great run for Riverview. Goodrich is a scary good.

      1. That what river has been saying for years. Live by the T die by the T.
        I think they should a little more passing in there offense.
        Look what Flatrock did mid year when they start passing more.
        They beat teams that where bigger faster Etc.
        Just saying.

        Great job Riverview players and coaches.
        See you on the wood.

        Huron league Fan

        1. The T offense is boring. It can win a team a bunch of games in the regular season but it doesn’t get a team to Ford Field very often

    1. What offense does Whiteford run?
      They play teams in their division all year long and seem to be in the running every year. Very respectable.
      Just curious on their offense.

      1. The T is offense it has nothing do to with defense, if anything the T should be praised for how effective it is, judge the defense because it let up 51 points not the offense

          The T works against non athletic low level defenses. What do you think Gary Chris Frank.
          Keep running the T if you just want to win league titles and Div 3 district titles.
          T is not going to bring you a State title

          Huron League Fan

          1. “T is not going to bring you a state title.”

            I have SMCC on Line 1, and they have TWO state titles running the T.

            Your argument is invalid.

          2. You have absolutely zero credibility. That’s total BS. There are dozens of schools that won MHSAA titles running a T.

          3. Here are some more fun facts for the anti-T guys, I’ll give you just 3 teams, Detroit cc, Detroit Deporres, and Menominee. Roughly 36 trips to state championship game, and the last teams offense was older than the T, they ran the single wing. Please do more research.

          4. We can give all the evidence and stats that the T works at ALL levels, there are just thick-skulled, low-attention span people who won’t respect it no matter how many games it wins. They just want flash.

          1. Riverview’s defense is the reason, not the T. Again, great run by View but a state title seems far away at this point, unless maybe they drop to division 5. No disrespect to the Riverview, it is what it is. If it was OLSM they would have lost big too. Great team, just not “State shampion” good.

          2. Riverview’s defense is the reason, not the T. Again, great run by View but a state title seems far away at this point, unless maybe they drop to division 5. No disrespect to Riverview, it is what it is. If it was OLSM they would have lost big too. Great team, just not “State champion” good.

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