Hope and Concern: Monroe Trojans

Let’s move on over to the Southeastern Conference’s Red Division and see what’s up with the Monroe Trojans.

Biggest reason for hope: The Trojans have their man, Kyle Reed. A veteran coach of the game, who is a Monroe man. With the turnover at the head coach position in recent years, it has to be a good feeling to have somebody who wants to be nowhere else. Monroe football is his passion. Coach Reed will leave no stone unturned, to bring the Trojans back to a perennial playoff-caliber program. Player-wise, the cupboard is not bare whatsoever. To name a couple, Senior Logan Loveland(RB/S) returns as a 2-way starter and newcomer Myles Nestor will be a force on the line of scrimmage.

Biggest reason for concern: As mentioned above, it would seem with all the turnover in the coaching staff, from year to year to year, some sort of step-back has to take place. This however is not a rebuild, this is a reset. Back to basics, simple over complex. I expect this “concern” to turn into a positive as the season moves along.

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