Receivers/Ends to Watch in 2023

Here is a list of receivers and tight ends to keep an eye on in the run-happy FNV area.

Colin Nowak, Sr; Airport

Nolan Zajac, Sr; Airport

Nolan Laskey, Sr; Bedford

Jackson Zachary, Sr; Carlson

Drew Sikora, Jr; Carlson

Braiden Whitaker, Sr; Dundee

Korbin Herrera, Sr; Erie Mason

Adam Szalay, Jr; Flat Rock

Alex Gillum, Sr; Flat Rock

Mason Crowley, Jr; Grosse Ile

Chad Martin, Sr; Huron

Chris Sarnacki, Jr; Riverview

Buddy, Snodgrass, Sr; SMCC

Tyler Dafoe, Jr; Summerfield

Kolby Masserant, Sr; Whiteford

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