Running Backs to Watch in 2023

For the final installment of our Players to Watch series, the Running Backs will be featured.

Jack Mills, Sr; Airport

Brett Moore, Sr; Airport

Lucas Gerber, Jr; Bedford

Owen Przybylski, Jr; Bedford

Izaiah Wright, So; Carlson

Avery Ortiz, So; Carlson

Trey Parker, Sr; Dundee

Brian Booms, Sr; Flat Rock

Matthew Pizzo, Sr; Grosse Ile

Ryan Anderson, Jr; Huron

Dean Thomas, Jr; Ida

Malachi Pribyl, Sr; Jefferson

Bill Gaskell, Sr; Milan

Jackson Poling, Sr; Milan

Logan Loveland, Sr; Monroe

Teegan Simmons, Jr; Monroe

Max Lockhart, Sr; Riverview

Ian Adams, Jr; Riverview

Evan Marcon, Sr; SMCC

Drew Harris, Jr; SMCC

Brock Cousino, So; SMCC

Jake Wadsworth, Sr; Summerfield

Jake Iott, Sr; Whiteford

Hunter Debarr, Sr; Whiteford

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