Week 4 Video Picks

Watch as our Friday Night Victors contributors; Frank Vajcner, Gary Hauf and Chris Schultz are joined by the founder of gossepoop.io Kanon Dean to make this week’s MHSAA football picks.

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13 thoughts on “Week 4 Video Picks”

        1. Got it.

          When you’ve got nothing else to cling to in your program, these are the routes people choose.
          When the battle cry is “ifs and buts”, you are belittling your program.
          When you are able to act like you have won before, then maybe people wont be so shocked when you do win.

          You won the game. You deserved to win the game. Acting accordingly should come next.. but often times, it does not come at all.

          1. Gary, sometimes I wish you guys would not post some of these dumb comments from people, LOL. They are a small group that make the rest of us look bad.

          2. I suppose we have become desensitized through the years. We delete quite a bit. And we do realize that’s it’s just a minute faction of the communities.

    1. It was pretty shocking but everyone on here knows the Falcons are young. I think they’ll give Airport a battle Friday night though. If they can keep Airports offense off the field it could get interesting. But they have to be able to move the ball without making mistakes…

  1. Saline’s gonna put up another 50 burger ( They beat Pioneer 56-0 last week) and hold Bedford scoreless. I like the mules, but this is the worst Bedford team in a while. Whatever they’re doing on offense isn’t working. Their defense also is looking very poor for a Bedford team. I’d be very surprised if they make the playoffs this year.

    1. If Mr Goose Poop (HAHA) calls that Ida game correctly you guys may be out of work lol. 30 point spread WOW. You guys seem to think Airport will win going away and maybe they should but there’s something about that dingy dark stadium (no offense Gary) that has been a house of horrors for Airport.

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