Week 5 Video Picks

Watch as Frank Vajcner, Gary Hauf, and Chris Schultz make their week 5 picks after discussing some of the key games and scores from week 4.

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39 thoughts on “Week 5 Video Picks”

  1. Just a few facts.

    Flat Rock is 4-0

    Riverview Is 3-1:
    The combined records of the teams Riverview has beat 1-11

    Jefferson – 0-4 ( 3 blow outs, 1 closer blowout)
    Huron 1-3 ( 2 blowouts) and a close loss and close win.
    Renaissance- 0-4 ( 4 blowouts)

    1. Renaissance 1-3. Riverview could have scored 100 that game. The second half was all back ups with the 1st defensive unit giving up one TD. Jefferson, they probably could have scored 80 with 0 td’s against the first defense, 2nd half mostly 2-3 units. Spotted Huron 13 points in the first two minutes of the game. A loss to Airport without their top rusher and Lb, and two other starters. I’m not saying any of this would make Riverview all that, but I wouldn’t assume for one second they aren’t a good team. They are a talented young team that can score.

      1. I don’t think anything was said that Riverview wasn’t a good team. But the facts are all their wins came against teams that are not very good, and I’d say horrible. Huron was close to being 0-4.

        Did riverview have any lineman out vs airport?

        1. No linemen out, very penalty filled game. Every big gain, or major stop Riverview had was flagged for something, nearly the entire game. Airport imo is a worse version of Goodrich, but very much built to stop Riverview, which probably didn’t help with FR. Without Adams in there, Riverview lacked the explosiveness they normally have. He’s good for 2-3 long ones a game and nobody will catch him. FR is playing a much better team than the 4 starters short version in week 2. Huron came out with a passing game, but the physical play and speed of the Riverview secondary slowed that down. The difference between Huron and the other two wins is Huron is a team capable of putting up a fight. They have numbers and older guys and a qb who can hit the target. They aren’t on the same level as those other two. Riverview is mostly a young team, mostly jrs with 5 sophomores either starting or seeing significant time and a few sr’s starting. The starting qb was last years back up with last years starter, who’s a jr, Thompson only starting on defense. This team had it share of trouble early on, but things are coming together. There’s really no comparison between FR and Airport and how they match up with Riverview. Watching the film of both, they’re just two completely different style of teams. Only prediction I’ll give is it will be high scoring.

    1. I think it’s the old man suiting up and changing his first name every 3 years.
      Truthfully though, it’s an end of an era over at Riverview, ’til the Grandkids come through.

          1. In all honesty, I don’t remember that happening or how I felt. But I’ll take your word for it.

            I’m not going to change your mind why or how it’s different, so I won’t make an attempt. I don’t care if any college team plants a flag anywhere. I have no dog in that fight as I attended Monroe County Community College, they don’t have a football team.

            If you think it’s a wonderful thing that Airport did that, I’m fine with that as well. Nobody thinks the exact same.

            Good luck the rest of the way.

          2. You can’t compare the overpaid NCAA players to a local high school team when it comes to planting flags. No comparison at all. Look, I’m an Airport guy but I don’t think planting a flag is necessary at any level-especially high school. Win with class/lose with class. What are we teaching these young men if we tell them it’s ok to be disrespectful after a win or a loss?? Now I’m starting to wonder if “Jet” was the flag planter?

  2. Nice job again fellas!
    View vs FR should be a great game. I am a Ram fan however, the View has most starters back, the game is at the view and I’m not sure how well FR defends the T.
    I’m sure Coach Mac watched Dundee/FR film.
    If they press FR receivers and bring pressure on Junge, might be interesting.
    Good luck to both teams, Great Huron League game for sure!

    1. If they PRESS FR’s wr’s, they will give up 50+ points. Good QB’s and offensive coord’s love when teams press them if they have a guy who can get it out anbd wr’s that can make plays. FR has all of that in spades, and Coach Buck, ain’t scared to make them pay.
      Prediction: FR 48 View 42

      1. Question for Old Coach, where is the FR speed at receiver? Go man and bring pressure. Try and see if they can get behind you. (This is exactly how a 3-6 regular season SMCC beat the Rams while holding them to 14 points last year)

        1. Question for Shultz….

          I’m not saying your correct with your opinion on how to stop the Rams because I personally am with Gary don’t think they can be stopped in the Huron league this year.

          But assuming you were possibly correct, why would you be trying to broadcast a strategy to beat your old alma mater and invite others into the discussion to deep dive how to beat them?

          Sounds like this would “possibly” negatively affect your Mighty Rams!

          3-6 cc beat them because the rams were still learning who they were. After analyzing that game they went on a 5 game win streak.

          There was allot of self inflicted wounds in cc game that the Rams cut out of there play.

          1. Well, our show and job is to provide some commentary. Look at any color guy who does a game. They went and played somewhere, does that mean they don’t remain objective and provide opinion? I’ll root for the Mighty Rams, but I’m not going to be a “Homer”.

        2. Well then go ahead and strategize away the best you can to stop Flat Rock! Sounds like a compliment to me.

          Been saying it for 2 years! Flat Rocks on the rise. Bring whatever strategy you think will slow us down.


        3. Szalay has good speed, Breslin has good speed, plus they are big, physical kids that run excellent routes, plus Buck can scheme them open with switch releases and rubs.
          Not to Mention 6-6 Gillum out there! Slants, speed outs, and crossers in quick passing game too!

      2. I don’t think a view corner gave up a single completion in man coverage. I do think they saw this and used this as motivation. Airport fans are thankful for that. #15 is the real deal.

    2. Gonna be an interesting game at Riverview tomorrow night. I think Riverview will have a hard time stopping Junge and that FR offense. The big question will be how the FR defense defends the T. FR has a couple big hosses up front. If FR wins the battle up front it could be a long night for the home team. Should be a good game.

      1. Issue View will have is they won’t get a ton of pressure bringing 4 guys. And if they bring 5 or 6 and go man, they are susceptible to the draw and screen game. Buck has the entire playbook at his disposal with Junge. View needs to posses the ball and not turn it over. Play 4 down football when able.

        1. The view will win out. The only reason they loss was because they were missing players.. that’s the only reason they loss. They would have gone undefeated again n the Huron league. They should change the name to the view league since they have been dominating everyone. The only team that can beat the view are themselfs.

    3. Riverview only returned a few starters, they are a young team, with just a few seniors starting, but they are loaded with speed and athletes who lay wood in secondary, just ask Huron. I like this match up much better than Airport. They’ve been down Lockhart since week 1, but have Adams and Thompson back, two key players who were suspended against Airport who will be in that secondary. I’m expecting a high scoring game. At this point, this team is better than I thought they would be.

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