Playoffs Week 1 Video Picks.

Watch as Frank Vajcner, Gary Hauf and Chris Schultz talk about the playoff teams, teams that didn’t make it, and picks for week 1 of the MHSAA playoffs.

9 thoughts on “Playoffs Week 1 Video Picks.”

  1. East English Village will attack Airport down the field through the air and at the edges. Their quarterback is willing, but he’s not Graham Junge. Their running back is not Booms either.

    If Airport stays patient, they score 5+ times and win comfortably.

    If Airport gets in a track meet, East English will oblige.

  2. Believe me – Max’s cast will come off ASAP. The bone in his hand is typically a 10-12 week recovery and if it doesn’t heal right, the bone dies from lack of blood and needs to be removed meaning he’d have no grip strength in that han. For the sake of playing college ball next year, the doctor has insisted on the cast until it’s completely healed.
    We’ve gone back every 2 weeks since surgery waiting for the ok to put a cast on and play and now to get the cast off with full clearance.
    Not trying to break Frank’s balls here but I’ve heard it a couple times and thought I would chime in w some more info.
    Go Bucs, go HL and good luck to all the FNV covered teams! May we all make it to Ford Field.

          1. Thanks! It’s been an exciting time but no ready for all these years of the maroon and gold to be over just yet.

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